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Zoho CRM For Exceptional Business Growth In 2024

Zoho CRM For Exceptional Business Growth will be discussed in this article. Suppose your business is being run with the use of Zoho CRM for seamlessly managing sales, customer support, and marketing under one roof. In that case, it is time to add an exceptional feature to it for scaling your sales rate even further.

Seek Zoho CRM integration with Findly, which is one of the most popular prospecting tools. Upon seeking this integration, you will be able to allow the users to explore a large database that has more than 70 million organizations and 265 million contacts.

Using this tool alongside Zoho, you will be able to acquire new prospects and leads for your business. To help you understand the efficacy of Zoho’s integration, let’s dive deeper into the scope of opportunities that Findly brings in with its features.

What Business Needs Does Encourage the Use of Findly App with Zoho CRM?

For every business, it is quite important to acquire new prospects and leads to ensure substantial growth. However, it often becomes difficult for the companies to succeed in the pursuit, as matching prospects based on specific locations or criteria within a geographical region.

When a company misses out on the skills to efficiently find prospects, it might result in missed opportunities and will also be slowing down the growth. But, if you have the right CRM support with you, there’s an evident solution to overcome this challenge.

If you have been taking the help of a Zoho consultant, he/she shall recommend you to use Findly for finding, filtering, and exporting relevant data of prospects to your Zoho system.

Findly is one of the most lucrative apps that is available for Zoho CRM integration, meant to help you overcome prospecting challenges. If you are seeking Zoho CRM development anytime soon, do consider adding this solution right from the start to give your business the right path of approach.

Some of the ways in which Findly can help budding businesses utilize the true perks of Zoho CRM are:

1. Look Out for the Local Businesses Using Map Search

Findly comes with a very innovative Map Search feature. Using this, you will be able to pinpoint all the local businesses, derive AI insights, and leverage enriched data. This way, identifying prospects in the local circle will be easier!

To use this feature, you will first have to type some of the specific search terms or prefer leaving the space blank. Now, you must type out a particular address, and you will start to see some results over the embedded map.

All the results you see are the list of prospects you can pitch with your business offerings. If you want to acquire more details about specific prospects from the results, click on the ‘Details’ button.

The process is absolutely easy, but if you need any help, do connect with your Zoho CRM developer or consultant. Once you have the details in hand, you can also export the prospect directly to your Zoho CRM platform by clicking on the given ‘Export’ button.

Once the export is completed, you can now see the prospect in your select Zoho CRM modules, stored as a new record. In case you aren’t aware of how to use the platform, do seek help from your Zoho consultant for the same.

2. Implement an In-Depth Company Search Feature

With Findly, you will be able to access a strong database of several companies, which counts to more than 70 million. Upon using this feature, you will be able to find new organizations as your prospects based on filters such as revenue, location, industry, number of employees, etc.

In case you are new to the use of this app, your Zoho CRM consultant will help you with the all-around process. Once you are done selecting the filters, you will just have to click on the ‘Search’ button, and the potential results will be displayed. Go to the ‘Details’ section, and review if the prospect is considerable for you.

Once you have verified the same, click on ‘Export’ and bring the prospect details to your Zoho CRM portal in the select module. In case you want to export the prospect data of multiple companies in one go, download the CSV file of the same, and then manually import the same to your CRM platform.

Take the help of Zoho CRM development experts to understand how you can manually import CSV files to your platform.

3. Run Curated Contact Searches

There are more than 265 million contacts over Findly, and when you seek Zoho CRM integration with the app, you will be able to find your potential leads from this ocean of data. Moreover, you can customize the searches with the use of industry, title, keywords, location, and others.

The process of searching for the prospects and exporting the data remains the same for contact search as well. Once you are done with your Findly integration, your Zoho CRM consultant will help you go through all of these features and will guide you on how to use them.

What are the Benefits Associated with Using Findly Integrated with Zoho CRM?

Now that you are done with your Zoho CRM development to streamline most of your business operations, don’t you want to scale it to bring in more sales and revenue? Just like every other business, your answer to it will be ‘Yes’!

So, you must always be in quest of finding the best apps to integrate with your CRM platform. For that, you must take the help of a Zoho consultant to get timely recommendations on what new apps or features can be integrated into the platform.

For now, let’s shed some light on the efficacies that Findly brings to the table when added to the platform alongside Zoho CRM development:

  • When done with Zoho’s development, you must not just look for global opportunities but also emphasize acquiring local opportunities for increasing sales and revenue. And Findly can help you with the needful!
  • Run tailored map, company, or contact searches using AI insights and diverse filters for matching the prospects precisely, and streamline your sales pitching process. Take the help of your Zoho CRM developer to understand the usability of these Findly features.
  • By taking the help of a Zoho developer to create your platform and integrate Findly, you will be saving a lot of time, as there will be no need for manual data entry of prospects.

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Bottom Line

This is a clear elaboration on how efficient Findly Zoho CRM QuickBooks integration is for your business! Finding prospects couldn’t have been any easier, and you will also be able to leverage the full potential of the Zoho CRM platform.

If you have plans on starting a new business and are looking for a feature-rich CRM solution to manage customers and sales, hire a Zoho developer and integrate apps like Findly to be ahead of your competitors at all times!


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