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How To Fix Audi Apple CarPlay Not Working? Best Fixes

Audi produces extremely opulent and athletic cars. The engines and technology in these cars are top-notch. Being an Audi Car, having Apple CarPlay not working is strange, even if minor dings and scratches are usual for all vehicles. Many parts of any other car may stop working and then be matched back together. Audi Apple CarPlay is not working in a premium vehicle at this price for no apparent reason.

If you have the same problem with your stunning Audi, it’s time to fix it. The issue can be noticed in every Audi, from the A series to the Q series and RS. As a result, these fixes will work with whatever Audi model you own. This guide to fixing Audi Apple CarPlay not working is ready to begin.

Why Apple CarPlay Not Working In Audi?

Almost every car has an Apple CarPlay issue that prevents it from working. When an Audi is not working, it’s embarrassing when Apple CarPlay is not working. Audis are known for their high level of craftsmanship and dependability, so there are seldom any complaints about these cars. In certain cases, the USB cable is to blame, while in others, CarPlay is restricted. Over-the-air upgrades have also encountered problems. You’ll have to take your car to the service facility to update it.

How To Fix Audi Apple CarPlay Not Working? Best Fixes

Here are some of the best fixes you may attempt to fix your Audi Apple CarPlay issue if it’s not working. Be careful not to skip any steps and to read the whole guide.

Restart Car

Since you are attempting the wired option, restarting your car and reconnecting it again is the simplest way to fix Audi Apple CarPlay not working. In contrast to the wifi version, the cable CarPlay often doesn’t create any problems. As long as the issue is minor, a restart should solve it. Go outside, lock your car, and then unlock it again after a few minutes to check whether the smile restart is working. Follow up with the next fix if necessary.

Check The USB Cable

That is only achievable with a USB cable when using Apple CarPlay with a wired connection. You have your choice of USB Type C or USB Type B cables. Possible end damage depends on the kind of cable you have. Unknowingly, your USB cable may be broken at any given time, but you keep trying in the hope that it works. Check your USB cable for rips or wrinkles before you attempt to claim that Audi Apple Carplay is not working. Move on to the next fix if everything is well.

Clean The USB Port

Dust may get in and create issues occasionally since it is a car. There is nothing to be concerned about here; the USB port is the only culprit. You’ll need a small brush that fits into the tiny USB socket to clean it dry. Ensure that no water is added. Isopropyl alcohol or another screen cleaner can do the trick, however.

Check iPhone’s CarPlay Is Enabled

Your phone’s CarPlay settings can sometimes be the root of the problem. So, check your phone and see whether it needs fixing. The user may sometimes attempt to connect their phone when CarPlay is switched off. Wired CarPlay in your Audi won’t work if that’s the problem. The steps to enable CarPlay are listed below if you need to learn how to do it right now.

  • Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Find General.
  • Tap CarPlay.

Audi Apple CarPlay Not Working

  • Check whether CarPlay is enabled by tapping on the name of your vehicle.

Audi Apple CarPlay Not Working

  • Toggle the CarPlay switch if it’s not.

  • Turn it off once before turning it back on if it’s already turned on.

Try connecting your phone to your car’s infotainment system once inside. Move on to the next fix if it connects, otherwise.

Check Whether CarPlay Is Restricted

CarPlay may be restricted at times when you are not aware of it. This can be due to low power mode or other factors. If Apple CarPlay is restricted, your iPhone won’t connect to your Audi, and Audi CarPlay won’t work. Thus, checking for and fixing the CarPlay restricted error is crucial. Follow these steps.

  • Move to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Follow that by tapping General.
  • Keep going by tapping Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • The next step is to check whether it is turned on.
  • To enable CarPlay, go to Allowed Apps.

Once you’ve finished these steps, turn on your car and make sure the USB cable is connected correctly. Check now to see whether your car can pick up your phone. If it can, you’ll need to continue using the following approach.

Forget Car And Pair It Again

If you’ve been using wired Apple CarPlay in your Audi for some time now, it’s conceivable that the cache has become corrupt. Corruption is beyond your control, and cache is almost everywhere. Therefore, the possibility exists. To fix this, you’ll need to make your device reconnect after forgetting it. The issue becomes more noticeable when a third party connects to your car. Put your car on forget mode and pair it again by following these steps.

  • Take a look at your iPhone’s Settings.
  • Proceed to General.
  • Tap CarPlay.
  • In this Audi, click the name of your car.
  • Select Forget.

When you’ve finished, restart your car and try connecting the audio system once again. This time, it should work. If the issue still exists, move on to the next fix.

Contact Support Center

If none of the previously mentioned fixes to make Audi Apple CarPlay work for you, it is now in your best interest to contact the support center. To rule out a problem with your phone, you should first visit an Apple Service Center. Getting an Apple fixed will be less expensive than fixing an Audi, so you should tackle this second.

If everything with your iPhone is OK, you may now turn toward the Audi Service Center to get your entertainment system repaired. Updates are sent to Audi infotainment systems wirelessly. If you still need to bring your car in for maintenance, issues like these can arise. Audi CarPlay will resume working normally after your car has been fixed.


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Apple CarPlay requires iOS 12 or later to use Google Maps on an iPhone. Make sure location services are activated, check the date and time settings, and then restart the program to troubleshoot Google Maps on your iPhone.

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When using Apple Music, you may disable Autoplay by opening the current song and tapping the Autoplay icon (the infinity sign). Autoplay may be turned off by disabling Bluetooth.

Which Cars Have Apple CarPlay?

According to Apple, CarPlay is supported by several cars and is compatible with over 600 models from dozens of global manufacturers.

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That concludes our coverage on how to fix Audi Apple CarPlay not working. We hope you found this helpful guide. Make sure to leave a comment below if you still have any questions. Let us know what occurred to your car or iPhone right now as well.


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