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Top 13 Best YouTube To MP3 Converter In 2024

YouTube To MP3 Converter: Join the 90% of people on Earth who broadcast music at least 32.1 hours per week if you like listening to music and watching videos for long periods. More and more individuals are searching for downloadable music from MP3 downloaders to MP3 to listen offline while exercising, traveling, playing, eating, and much more, with the estimate that the worldwide music streaming business is increasing at a 17.8% TCAC. Besides music, the demand for downloading videos, games, live streaming, lessons, and podcasts from YouTube is also on the rise. The difficulty in converting any video from the Internet into an MP3 file for recording reflects the high demand for music and downloaded videos from YouTube.

You’ll need to do a thorough online search to find the right YouTube link. To alter the format to MP3, you may find many websites when you search for conversion options. You may need help finding many downloadable music videos on certain websites. Although you’re working on it, some of them may not take care of the browsing. Downloading audio files from certain websites may be slow, while others can severely reduce audio quality. Even signing up for their fee-based services may be required by certain websites. To help you avoid this difficulty, we’ve compiled a list of the best YouTube to MP3 Converter Tools.

Top 13 Best YouTube To MP3 Converter In 2024

1. 4K Download

YouTube To MP3 Converter

Well, the 4K YouTube to MP3 Converter is the best choice, offering a simple user interface, fast search results, and hassle-free music download. With only a few taps, you can use the app’s efficient services and high-quality music recording capabilities. Additionally, it supports downloading videos from well-known websites, including Facebook, Metacafe, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Flickr, Twitch, Instagram, Dailymotion, and YouTube.


  • The “Look Later,” “My Mix,” and “Worted Videos” areas of YouTube are supported for conversion and downloading full playlists.
  • Accepts MP3, MP4, and OGG as valid formats.
  • Ability to download videos from any of the most popular video-sharing websites
  • Maintains the audio, video, or music quality
  • Depending on your Internet connection, it lets you adjust the download speed.
  • Simple setup of a proxy server to bypass censorship by your Internet service provider or company IT department

2. Y2mate

YouTube To MP3 Converter

Y2mate is a free, high-speed YouTube to MP3 converter that lets you copy and paste the video URL you want to find or search through YouTube to convert it more manually. If you’re interested in downloading videos from sources other than YouTube, their new version, which is now available, also allows you to do so. You can listen to MP3 on your phone or laptop with or without online access, thanks to the high-quality MP3 files that Y2mate produces.

3. YTMP3

YouTube To MP3 Converter

Our free online YouTube to MP3 converter can convert both audio and video files. It converts YouTube video content into downloadable formats for desktops, smartphones, and tablets without sacrificing quality.


  • The audio and video quality is preserved.
  • Just take a few minutes to download it in any format.
  • Downloading the device is not restricted.
  • There is no need to register for any service.

The conversion takes a few minutes, and the only restriction is that this downloader only supports videos up to 90 minutes in length.

4. OnlyMP3

YouTube To MP3 Converter

Converting the video choice of your YouTube video into an MP3 is simple and easy with our online service. To convert a video from YouTube, copy its URL and paste it into the site’s single text area. In a matter of seconds after clicking Convert, your video will be converted into a file that is compatible with any device. When you find the link to download the file, you may easily save it to your computer.


YouTube To MP3 Converter

The free YouTube to MP3 converter lets you download limitless song MP3s from cloud sound. You may find any song by searching by entering the artist’s name, genre, kind, or style.


  • Superior acoustic band quality
  • Nothing to register for or pay for
  • Latest chart-toppers and other late-night music may be found on the cloud.
  • Simple user interface and easy website navigation
  • Allows for the use of Downloads in HQ MP3 format

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use this downloader to get videos in formats like YTMP3, MP3 Juice, FLVTO, etc.


6. ClipGrab

YouTube To MP3 Converter

Except for the Opera browser, which you can easily avoid if you don’t want it, ClipGrab is a wonderful software for converting YouTube to MP3. Throughout our testing, ClipGrab did a great job of making everything simple. Thanks to the marvelously simple UI, you can tell right away how easy things are going to be. When you paste a YouTube URL into ClipGrab, it will allow you to download the relevant video.

7. 9Convert

To easily and freely download music from YouTube or video podcasts, you may use the 9Convert YouTube to MP3 converter.


  • No limits on free downloads or conversions
  • Registration is not necessary.
  • Video and audio quality are unaffected.
  • Quick and easy conversion

This downloader is also compatible with Macs, PCs, and iOS or Android mobile devices.

8. Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter accomplishes exactly what you’d expect (converting YouTube videos to MP3 format) and is completely safe to use. But once it’s installed, you’re going to love it. You may skip the options menu and download the music you want.

Paste the URL, choose the audio quality and format you want to save, and click Download. In a single operation, files may be stored and converted. Simple, straightforward, and uncomplicated—that is the charm of Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. Its only objective is to do that one task as effectively as possible. Given our confidence in your satisfaction, we think it’s worthwhile to try it.

9. AmoyShare AnyMusic

AmoyShare AnyMusic is a helpful music download service that allows you to search for songs from over 1,000 websites, including YouTube. You can find your favorite song by searching for its title, artist, band, or lyrics.


  • Uses the song’s lyrics as a search parameter
  • It encompasses various musical styles, including jazz, rock, hip-hop, classical, and EDM.
  • Works with over a thousand video hosting platforms
  • Downloads of 320 kbps in HD quality
  • Zero pop-ups or malware

This very quick website also allows you to bundle up to 350 tracks for simultaneous download.


10. Any Video Converter Free

Well, if you’re looking for a good, fast, flexible YouTube to MP3 converter, this is the service for you. Any Video Converter Free might be mistaken for a tool for converting videos from one format to another based on its name. This is true, but it can also download videos from YouTube and save them as MP3s, which we need!

Although the app is bigger than you may expect (though take care not to install the optional adware during setup), YouTube to MP3 conversion is not its primary function. As we found, you should be able to find your way around it in no time since everything on it is structured logically.

11. Download MP3.

To enjoy music whenever and wherever you want, this YouTube to MP3 Downloader & Converter allows you to easily download any MP3 video of your choice.


  • Compatible with any web browser or mobile device
  • The YouTube URL is not required.
  • Gets the video in a downloadable format in no time at all
  • No cumbersome software is required to function.


12. YouTube for MP3

This MP3 Downloader to YouTube supports high-quality MP3 files up to 320 kbps. It also allows you to search for songs by name and provides options for various platformer streams across the web, so you can easily find the music you love.


  • Permits as many free and unlimited downloads of videos as you want.
  • Accurate results for searches on Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, and YouTube
  • Preserves the video and audio file’s quality
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Mac OS X, and Windows
  • Supports downloading files straight to your Dropbox or Google Drive account


13. YT1s

YouTube to MP3 converter and downloader YT1s is another high-tech service that lets you watch videos offline.


  • Quickly and accurately download videos of the best quality
  • Free of charge, permits unlimited download
  • Questions and answers that do not require registration


How To Pick The Best Free YouTube To MP3 Converter?

The number of videos you want to convert should be one of your primary considerations while seeking a free YouTube to MP3 converter. If you’re just going to do it once or twice, it could be worth considering using an online tool. However, if you want something more extensive, it is worth downloading a specialized desktop program and, if you can afford it, purchasing a membership.

Desktop software will also be quicker because the data isn’t handled on a distant server. Additionally, certain apps can simultaneously convert several YouTube video formats to MP3 formats. However, it is important to take care of viruses since they might be easy to find while browsing for YouTube to MP3 converter software. We have tried all the tools in this tutorial extensively so that we can make confident suggestions.

Are Free YouTube To MP3 Converter Tools Safe?

Unfortunately, there are many unsafe free YouTube to MP3 converters out there. You can find safe converters, but they come with bloatware and a website full of annoying pop-ups. Some of these pop-up advertisements may link to dangerous or fraudulent websites, and they may attempt to steal your personal information or money.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

Use one of these MP3 downloaders to get all the music and videos you want from YouTube. You can record audio files from any location on your device and listen to them offline. You can listen to anything from music and podcasts to classes and more while on the go. Then why sit around? If you want to download endless MP3 music, choose the one that works with your device.


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