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Top 11 Best Dedicated Trading Servers For Trading

These 11 Best Dedicated Trading Servers for Trading are a must-have if you want a hassle-free trading experience. With a dedicated trading server, you may trade with ease and gain an advantage over other traders. Dedicated trading servers are made up of specialized computer systems. Financial institutions and traders need these dedicated trading servers to carry out HFT (high-frequency trading) and algorithmic trading tactics. These dedicated trading servers’ low latency, speed, and reliability ensure efficient and speedy trading.

What Are Dedicated Servers?

A dedicated server is a powerful and specialized computer system with resources specifically devoted to one customer, company, or application. Dedicated servers provide high computing, storage, and communication levels, allowing users to connect and respond quickly, in contrast to virtual or hosted private servers. Dedicated servers are often used for trading platforms since they provide users with complete control over the resources.

The unrivaled performance of dedicated servers makes them ideal for resource-intensive operations or high-demand workloads like trading apps. Other factors that attract many users to dedicated servers are reliability and scalability. Even during busy trading hours, these servers are highly accessible, and users may easily increase their resources to handle heavy demand. Typically, a backend provider runs them from a distant location. By subscribing every month, you may rent these servers. It is worth noting that businesses do not exclusively use dedicated servers. Private servers are available for those who like playing World of Warcraft!

Dedicated Trading Servers Benefits

Investing in a dedicated trading server has many advantages that can enhance your trading experience and results. Benefits of the Dedicated trading servers include.

Low Latency

Low latency is unquestionably the most significant benefit when a trader shifts to a dedicated server for trading. Data centers are often located in big cities of a nation or area to ensure everything runs smoothly while completing trades, particularly high-frequency trades.

Better Security

Given the prevalence of assaults and data breaches, online trading security is paramount. Service providers safeguard dedicated servers against cybercriminals and other dangers by building them with strong security features and access restrictions. The service providers further guarantee the security of all trading data by following industry standards.


Dedicated servers offer additional advantages for traders. They offer the highest uptime and reliability, reducing the likelihood of server outages during trading hours and allowing traders to seize trading opportunities when they arise.

Unparalleled Performance

Dedicated trading servers offer unrivaled performance with enterprise-level hardware support. This makes developing and implementing sophisticated trading strategies easy.

Complete Access To Server Resources

With dedicated servers, you have access to all of the server’s resources. This helps you optimize the server based on your trading strategy and application. Last, the server resources may be scaled up or down to meet your demands.

Data Backup & Redundancy

Significant monetary losses may occur in financial trading during data loss or system breakdown. To mitigate these problems, dedicated trading servers are set up with automatic data backup and redundancy methods, which help boost trading security.

Factors To Consider While Picking A Dedicated Trading Server

A few factors must be taken into account when selecting a dedicated server to ensure a hassle-free trading experience.

Hardware Support

Since many trading programs are resource-intensive, you must evaluate the hardware support before purchasing the server. Verify that your computer’s central processing unit (CPU), random access memory (RAM), and storage space are sufficient for the trading application you want to use.

Customer Support

Choose a dedicated server provider that offers efficient, round-the-clock customer support. Having dependable customer support allows you to swiftly resolve any issue that might affect the result of your trading.

Data Center Locations

If you want to trade on major financial exchanges or marketplaces, you should choose dedicated trading servers with nearby data centers. When the data centers are located near the financial exchange’s data centers, you may perform speedy and profitable trades. This will ensure minimal latency.

Support Scalability

A dedicated server that can be expanded without overwhelming you with technical details is a great option to think about. The server should be able to scale its resources and assign them as required so you can meet your trading needs as they expand.

Disaster Recovery

Ensure your dedicated server has a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan. The server provider should perform regular automatic backups to ensure that all trading data can be restored promptly in the event of an unexpected failure.

Top 11 Best Dedicated Trading Servers For Trading

The best dedicated trading servers on the market are listed below.


Dedicated Trading Servers

Whether you’re a new or experienced trader, you may use a dedicated Forex server from to execute sophisticated trading techniques. This is a fantastic option for traders with highly individualized trading needs. The platform enables high-frequency trading through the use of several terminals. This dedicated server provider offers a fully configurable setup that includes top-tier FX brokers, an Intel Xeon processor, and an Nvidia A4000 graphics processing unit.

With a consistent 10Gb/s tier-1 bandwidth across all servers, your trading calls will be uninterruptible. Because it offers a workable answer with its redundant power setup, you won’t have to worry about power outages. To ensure the lowest latency of up to 1 ms, the servers are located close to all major stock markets, from Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo to Los Angeles, New York, London, and Frankfurt.

2. FXvm

Dedicated Trading Servers

FXvm might be a good option for your dedicated trading server if your trading application needs a lot of computational resources or you have many servers. You may run whatever trading application you need on top of its powerful hardware, which includes top-of-the-line options, including Xeon CPUs, 16GB RAM, and 960GB SSD storage. The top-notch performance is supported by blazing-fast network coverage, ensuring you may place trades without delay.

FXvm ensures minimal latency worldwide with data centers located in Chicago, London, Zurich, New York, and other top financial capitals. This trading platform adheres to enterprise-grade security requirements since security is always concerned with dedicated trading servers. Every plan includes both automatic backups and auto-startups for MT4. Since not all platforms support the older Windows Server, you also receive a choice of operating systems with this trading server, including Windows Server 2016, 2019, and 2022.

3. AccuWeb Hosting

Dedicated Trading Servers

The best dedicated trading server providers, like AccuWeb Hosting, ensure that your trading sessions go smoothly. This cheap Forex VPS hosting package, which comes with a 1 Gbps port connection, allows you to run MT4 or MT5 virtual servers with ease. Your dedicated trading server will also have lightning-fast performance thanks to an E5 or Gold series CPU, an enormous 256 GB of RAM, and a server-grade SSD driver.

The servers are secured by Windows Firewall and ClamWin antivirus at no extra cost, so you don’t have to worry about their security. Our plans come with round-the-clock technical support and a state-of-the-art monitoring facility, so you don’t experience any latency when trading. All 16 of this service’s server locations are near the top broker’s server.

4. ChartVPS

Dedicated Trading Servers

ChartVPS makes it easy to trade on every platform from any device, thanks to powerful hardware support and exceptional low-latency servers. Many retail and professional traders rely on ChartVPS for various trading needs, including making manual trades and creating complicated automated trading algorithms. This dedicated server provider is designed to service traders and can run any platform thanks to its Xeon CPUs, DDR4 RAM, and NVMe SSDs.

With a staggering 10Gbps network speed, HFT compliance latencies, and a redundant internet connection, ChartVPS offers a guaranteed 100% uptime. Canada, the UK, Germany, France, India, Japan, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Israel, and portions of the US are just a few of the many nations where ChartVPS’s data centers are located. If you have any queries or concerns, this hosting provider has stellar customer support and is happy to help.

5. HostVenom

Dedicated Trading Servers

If you are seeking a bare metal dedicated server that may assist you in achieving your trading objectives with continuous performance, HostVenom is a good option to explore. The server’s hardware may be adjusted to suit your application needs. The platform offers an E3-1230V2 CPU, 128GB of RAM, 1TB of NVMe storage, and a 100TB transfer solution.

HostVenom provides minimal latency for trading on exchanges in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Mexico, and Canada despite its data center being located in Chicago, Illinois. Thanks to our on-premises DDoS protection and 1GBps port connection, we guarantee you will never experience an outage during trading hours. To ensure a smooth trading experience, the hosting service monitors your hardware and gives you full root access. Additional support is provided by an onsite support crew that is always accessible to assist you with any difficulties.

6. Trade Futures 4 Less

A dedicated trading server service called Trade Futures 4 Less helps you advance your trading and gain an advantage over the competition. This platform may run everything you need to accomplish your trading objectives, such as deploying complicated techniques or performing high-frequency trading. All servers are installed in top-tier enterprise-level hardware, including a Quad-core Xeon CPU, 1TB SSD, and 8GB RAM. This way, you know the performance will go off without a hitch.

Above all else, these servers are powered by backup generators and batteries. Your trading session will continue unabated in the event of a power outage. Trade Future 4 Less offers the lowest latency during trading hours thanks to all the data centers near the top trading exchanges. It is also easy to carry out a range of trades in real-time thanks to its dedicated server’s infinite market data access. Many people find this platform to be the best because of this.

7. MyTradeHost

Professional traders now have access to a fully automated trading platform that is reliable and secure with MyTradeHost, a one-of-a-kind dedicated trading server. Thanks to high-quality data centers located close to top stock and broker exchanges in major cities such as Chicago, Hong Kong, New York, London, etc., it offers a remarkable latency of 0.5ms.

You may connect to COME, ICE, NASDAQ, LME, and other markets using this server provider, which improves the speed of order execution and data services. MyTradeHost offers the right platform to start your trading experience with stable hardware support, high-performance bandwidth, and quick remote access. Supporting multiple monitor connections and mobile devices makes trading a breeze for contemporary traders. Any issue you could have during trading hours can be resolved by the data center workers or high-level management at any time.

8. TradingFXVPS

With its top-notch performance and support, TradingFXVPS stands out among the other popular dedicated trading servers worldwide. It ensures that your automated trading techniques run around the clock thanks to lightning-fast hardware setup, super-fast SSDs, and upgraded GPU-based Forex VPS.

Never worry about latency again with TradingFXVPS. Several of the world’s most important financial hubs—New York, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and others—host data centers for this trading server.TradingFXVPS also enables you to connect to the platform you want and offers you a cheap Forex VPS. You may host up to 64 MT4 on this dedicated trading platform, which employs top VPS technology and offers cross-connection to the CME Futures market.

9. VPSServer

Once you start using VPSServer as your dedicated trading server, you won’t ever need to shift to another server. In the lightning-fast world of foreign exchange trading, this dedicated server gives you the hardware you need to stay ahead. It includes a high-end CPU and quicker RAM, allowing you to engage in high-frequency trading.

Virtual Private Servers from VPSServer are top-notch since they employ KVM virtualization and give you OS templates that are ready to go. Because the data centers are located in significant nations worldwide, you won’t have to worry about latency when doing critical trades. Its data centers are mainly located in the following countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and Japan. With the comprehensive web hosting control panel that comes with the hosting service, managing the server will be a breeze.

10. RakeTrades

Anyone can become a consistently successful trader with the help of RakeTrades, a community dedicated to that goal. Jake Ricci, a full-time day trader who has been trading for more than six years and has coached over a thousand traders worldwide, is the brainchild behind it. RakeTrades houses its core crew and sometimes offers trade ideas from other analysts on top of Jake’s extensive knowledge.

Is this your first year trading? Worry not! RakeTrades subscribers have access to more than 300 recordings, ranging from live trade evaluations and premarket analysis to psychology courses. Knowing that is powerful, even if it’s not something you frequently see. Along with their comprehensive technical analysis and trading floor, RakeTrades offers daily and weekly watch lists to ensure you’re always prepared.

11. EzTrades

Another of Whop’s best-selling trading groups is EzTrades, which claims to be “the #1 trading group and indicator.” When you sign up for EzTrades’s group, you’ll get access to their trading indicator “EzAlgo,” which concentrates on algorithmic trading. Financial independence is the end objective of EzTrades and the other solutions on this list.

EzTrades ensures that everyone in their group may become experienced traders by giving each user their personalized 26-page PDF and videos, even though “algorithmic trading” may seem intimidating. We have compiled these resources to get you started and help you choose the right techniques. Also, EzTrades brags about their amazing forex signals, which they say have a 94% victory record. Pretty wild, right?

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Final Thoughts:

With so much competition in today’s internet trading world, keeping ahead of the curve is crucial. As you receive lightning-fast speed, market-leading security, and outstanding customer support, having a dedicated trading security server helps you on your trading journey. Depending on your demands and budget, pick the best dedicated server provider for your business to start your trading experience.


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