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Top 21 Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas To Try

The purpose of Minecraft survival houses is to protect you from the dangerous world of the game itself. These buildings have many types, from simple wooden houses to very complicated homes or castles. Beds, storage places, magic areas, and garbage disposals are all common features in these homes. If you want to build your own virtual survival home in Minecraft, you can use your imagination and what you already know. This guide gives you some Minecraft survival house ideas.

Top 21 Best Minecraft Survival House Ideas To Try

We’re here to offer advice today to help you build the best Minecraft survival houses to protect yourself in the game. Please keep these Minecraft survival house ideas safe; we think you’ll like them. Let’s look at some of the best Minecraft survival house ideas.

1. Simple Survival House

A simple survival house is one of the best houses for people new to Minecraft. Such houses are typically two-story, with a bedroom and materials on the first floor. These houses are realistic, with a barn for animals and a homey feel. This pack is great for people who want to build their own Minecraft house. This is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas.

2. Stone House

In Minecraft, stone homes are a great way to stay alive. They give them good defense against aggressive gangs because they are strong and difficult to break. They require only a few simple tools and stone blocks to construct, and they are also very simple. Stone houses are often built to be quite large, giving you plenty of space for all of your needs. Many players find them to have a particular aesthetic draw.

3. Large Oak Survival House

The Large Oak Survival House is a building that has been purposefully built in Minecraft and is inhabited by Evokers and vindicators. It has plenty of room and is well-defended from enemy groups, making it a great place for players to establish their fortress. It also has a lot of rare items, valuable resources, and loot-filled boxes. This is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas.

4. Large Spruce Survival Mansion

Big Spruce Survival Mansion is a Minecraft house design that is popular. It has a big, complicated base with lots of resources and comforts. The land consists of a main house with a living room, kitchen, and sleeping rooms, a barn with animals, a field of crops, a storage area, and a small yard. This design is ideal for people who want a haven with lots of supplies and comforts in the Minecraft survival mode. This is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas.

5. Ultimate Survival Farmhouse

The Ultimate Survival Farmhouse is another one on the list. It’s small but nice-looking. It is a building that was purposefully built and is inhabited by mobs such as evokers and vindicators. The building has a library, a secret cave, and many rooms on different floors. The front door is very grand. Players can find various rare items and valuable resources in the house, which also has several loot-filled boxes.

6. Fantasy Cottage

The Fantasy Cottage style, which has a pleasant and playful appearance, is a popular Minecraft home design. These homes are known for their flower beds, soft colors, and other features that give them a fairy-tale appearance. They offer a haven with many supplies and comforts and are frequently built in Survival mode. This is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas.

7. Mansion

A mansion-style survival home is a specific kind of building made of quartz, wood, and other elements. They are frequently made luxurious and pleasant while offering defense against dangerous mobs. Often, these homes have multiple levels, large windows that let in natural light, rooms that can be used for different things, and a protected perimeter. This is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas.

8. Modern Survival House

This unique one gives your survival houses a more contemporary look. This is the best Minecraft survival house you should try if you prefer something other than wooden houses. A reinforced exterior to protect against dangerous people, numerous rooms for different uses, and large windows for natural light are typical elements of a modern survival house’s architecture. Modern survival houses also have elements like mob traps and automatic crops to improve their usefulness.

9. House inside the Nether

The Nether is dangerous in Minecraft, but it also has some of the most beautiful and interesting designs. One of the most amazing and mind-blowing structures is the Bastion Remnant, a building of numerous towers and bridges that can be discovered in the Nether. Inside the Bastion Remnant, players can find a variety of loot boxes and other things, as well as some rare blocks like the Glow Stone and the Nether Brick.

10. Piglin Shaped House

The Piglin Shaped House is a well-known Minecraft house style based on the Piglin mob. Giving your Minecraft world some personality with this construct is fun and unique. It’s a Piglin-shaped house with a unique door. Inside, there are lots of halls and rooms, and there’s a secret basement. This is ideal for gamers who want to give their Minecraft world a little personality and those looking for an interesting and unique personality to build and make things in.

11. Skull Mountain Base

Like the last one, Skull Mountain Base is an amazing Minecraft home. The entry is a huge skull that serves as a doorway to the base. The inside is very complicated. Players will find a complex base with several rooms, halls, and tunnels. Check out this work to give your Minecraft world some personality. It’s also ideal for people who want an interesting base to explore and do things in.

12. Underground Base

An underground castle is one of the best places to live in Minecraft for life. It offers a safe and secure place to store resources and things in addition to offering protection from dangerous gangs. Tunnels, caves, and even man-made rooms are just a few examples of how to construct underground bases. Accessories and building materials like obsidian, iron bars, and doors can make these homes even stronger.

13. Underwater House

Since it offers a safe and secure setting while enabling you to avoid being discovered by unfriendly mobs, an Underwater Home is a great choice for a survival Minecraft house. Underwater houses can also be quite stunning and visually pleasing with the addition of some coral blocks and other underwater constructs. To create an underground home, you must first construct a water-tight building before filling it with various resources and building blocks. You can begin building your home’s walls, floors, and other features once the water is in place.

14. Two Player House

There is a Minecraft survival house plan called the Two-Player House that works for two players. It’s a small, squished house with only two rooms. Each has a bed, a desk, a fireplace, and a closet. The basic sitting room has a chair, a table, and a cooking station. The Two-Player House plan is well suited for survival mode because it is simple to construct, needs little maintenance, and offers enough room for two players to survive and build a base.

15. Survival Tower Base

A shared base built for life This is the survival tower in Minecraft. Building a tower out of stone, cobblestone, or even obsidian blocks is a common component of this kind of base building. Once the tower is full of them, the player will need these resources, tools, and other things to survive. The tower should provide security from hostile creatures and other players and offer a great area view.

16. XL Base

The XL base is frequently a great option when creating the best Minecraft survival house ideas. An XL base is a size that is much bigger than a regular base, enabling more expansive buildings and more creative and original designs. XL bases are also easier to use because they offer more workspace and can be decorated with various materials, such as blocks, items, and other simple things.

17. Extremely Large Oak Survival Base

Extremely Large Oak Survival Base is the name of the Minecraft home that YouTuber Folli built. A very complex and beautiful house was built using dark wood logs, boards, and signs. It has a big main hall with several smaller rooms. The grounds have a pond and a farm that is still used. The house’s façade was built with dark wood logs, giving it a rough, unfinished look. It also has a big tower that offers an excellent neighborhood view.

18. Japanese House

A Japanese house in Minecraft is a specific kind built using modern and traditional Minecraft building techniques. A door in the middle of the front of these homes is common. They also have small windows and a low, sloping roof with curved eaves. Japanese traditional furniture and decorations are often used to make the inside of a home look nice. Some of these homes have a koi pond and a Japanese-style yard.

19. Ravine House

Built around a gully, a ravine house is one of the best Minecraft survival house ideas, typically offering an eye-catching and unique view. This type of house is well-liked in survival mode because it can offer a haven from dangerous groups and provide a great view of the area. A gully house is a great way to give your survival home style and uniqueness while creating a safe place to live.

20. 3rd Floor House

In Minecraft, building a third-level house is a great way to maximize your space and offer extra safety in an emergency. If you add a third level, you can build higher and add more rooms and amenities, like extra beds, heaters, workbenches, and storage. A third level also gives you a place to hide if needed and an additional defense against dangerous mobs. Third-story houses can be decorated with various materials and building blocks to give your home a unique and individual character.

21. Desert House

A desert house is a great design for a survival Minecraft home because it offers a unique and interesting look and keeps dangerous monsters away. The open landscape offers a good view of the surroundings, and deserts are typically rich in resources like sand, coal, iron, and diamond rock. Building a desert house, however, requires some extra planning due to the extremely unfriendly nature of the environment and the need for greater defense against dangerous animals.

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The conclusion of the Best Minecraft Survival House ideas is now available. When it comes to houses, you have a lot of options. The best survival house in Minecraft is one that you can change to fit your wants and tastes. But these three are our favorites: the Japanese house, the Fantasy Cottage, and the Stone House. In the comments, please let us know which one you like better.


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