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How To Fix PS5 Green Screen Of Death? Easy Fixes

Sony’s PlayStation 5, abbreviated PS5, is the subsequent home video game console following the PS4. Belonging to the ninth iteration of video game consoles, it provides an exceptionally fluid gaming encounter. Undoubtedly, its gaming performance is impeccable. However, users occasionally encounter various issues when attempting to access the PS5, with the PS5 green screen games being the most prevalent example. Continue reading this guide until the end if you are among those unfortunate individuals. It will teach you how to resolve this PS5 green screen of death issue.

How To Fix PS5 Green Screen Of Death? Easy Fixes

Because you can sometimes lose control of your device, the PS5’s green screen is a significant problem. Fixing the issue will be considerably simpler if you have authorization to operate the PS5. Since it is impossible to identify a single cause for the PS5 green screen of death issue, it is advisable to try each solution individually before attempting to eliminate the problem entirely. Follow the instructions below to resolve the PS5 green screen of death.

Reset The HDMI Cable

The PS5 is linked to an external monitor via an HDMI cable; therefore, the green screen issue could result from an improper connection. Connect the device to another HDMI port after unplugging the current one from the television if it has multiple. HDMI cables may also be defective; therefore, replacing the existing one with a new one is preferable. If the HDMI cable is causing the problem, the PS5 green screen problem will surely be resolved.

Disable HDR

HDR is renowned for providing a wider spectrum of colors and contrast; the green screen issue on the PS5 could be an example. To eliminate the problem, you should attempt disabling HDR. To turn off HDR on your PS5, follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu first.
  • Head to Screen and Video after that.
  • Select HDR from the list of options, then turn it off.

Disable Rest Mode

Numerous users have observed green screen issues on the PS5 when the console is closed without entering rest mode or while amid a game. While rest mode aids in the offline download of game updates and new games by consuming less power and operating at a reduced level of intensity, this may be causing the green screen issue. It would help if you attempted disabling that, and you can follow these steps.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu on your PS5.
  • Head for the System after that.
  • Select Software Update from the list of options that appear.
  • Click Power Saving right now.
  • Select Set Time Until PS5 Enters Rest Mode next.
  • Tap Currently During Media Playback.
  • Choose the option labeled “Don’t Put in Rest Mode.”
  • Click While Playing Games to continue.
  • Select the option labeled “Don’t Put in Rest Mode.”

Check For TV Problem

The PS5 green screen issue could exist because of any issues on your TV’s end. You can check if the problem persists by connecting your PS5 console to a different television. If not, a problem with your ancient TV’s green screen is causing the problem. Check to see if your television is running the most recent firmware; if an update is available, obtain it. If you unintentionally changed something causing the issue, you can attempt restoring your TV’s settings; that will surely remedy the problem.

Restart PS5

You can eliminate the green screen of death problem with a straightforward reload of your PS5. In this context, you should be aware that it does not delete your data; however, any unsaved data will be lost. To accomplish this, press and hold the power button for a number of seconds, or until a ding appears, on your PS5. This will close down your PS5; press the power button to reactivate it.

Delete Corrupted Files On PS5

Along with the PS5 green screen issue, if any of the game’s files are corrupted, this could lead to several other problems. Eliminating all corrupted or unnecessary files can, therefore, surely resolve the problem. Check out the steps below if you have never done that before and are uncertain about the procedure.

  • To begin, click the menu icon in the upper right quadrant of your television screen to open your PS5 Settings.
  • It will display several options; click “Storage” at the bottom.
  • Select Saved Data on the right after clicking Console Storage in the panel on the left.
  • Please select any of the two options, “PS5 Games” or “PS4 Games,” that you believe is causing the problem.
  • Select the game most likely causing the green screen issue from the list of available games.
  • Finally, in the bottom right corner, select the Delete option.

Disable Resolution Mode

If you’ve set a higher resolution than your PS5 or TV can handle, your devices will surely overheat, causing the green screen press to collapse. Follow the steps below to attempt to disable the resolution mode:

  • You must initially navigate to the Settings page.
  • Head for the Saved Data and Game Settings menus.
  • Game Presets can be selected from the available options.
  • Select Resolution Mode or Performance Mode at this time.
  • Select Game Default when you are finished.

The audiovisual settings will now be by the game. To help the game operate efficiently without causing any issues, notably the PS5 green screen game meltdown, go to the video settings menu and select the basic one.

Contact PlayStation Support

PlayStation customer support should be contacted if none of the above solutions work. To communicate with them, please visit the official PlayStation website (https://www.playstation.com/en-in/support/) and select the appropriate options to express your concern. The professional customer service representatives will surely assist you in figuring out how to eliminate the problem.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

Thus, the aforementioned solutions resolved the PS5 Green Screen of Death issue easily. You should now be able to eliminate it. Nonetheless, feel free to reach out in the remark section if anything concerns you.


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