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How To Fix Something Went Wrong Outlook Error

How To Fix Something Went Wrong Outlook Error will be described in this article. If you utilize Outlook as your email client, you have probably run into situations where something went wrong. For instance, you can experience a problem where some of your emails cease coming in or are delivered unsuccessfully. Your Outlook account will consequently show an error notice that reads, “Something Went Wrong.” This post will help you quickly correct faults and resume regular functioning without any problems. The “Something Went Wrong” error notification that appears in Outlook when a new email cannot be delivered because the recipient cannot be found or reached is explained in this article, along with its causes and fixes. It covers the following two main scenarios:

How To Fix Something Went Wrong Outlook Error

In this article, you can know about How To Fix Something Went Wrong Outlook Error here are the details below;

1-If your contacts are synchronized with Google, Exchange, or any other outside service:

2-Once you stopped syncing with any provider, Outlook may have inaccurate contact data.

Reasons Behind Something went wrong outlook Error

There are several reasons why Outlook may display the message “Something went wrong,” including:

  1. Windows Search Service is corrupted or damaged.

2- An antiquated or older operating system.

  1. Add-ins may result in issues.

Delete browsing history

4-Outlook data files are damaged or corrupted.

How to fix something went wrong outlook error?

Wipe Out Browser’s History, Cache & Cookies

Cookies, browsing history, page visits, and other relevant data are stored by our browser and may eventually impact logging. Consequently, it’s a good idea to delete the cookies and history from your browser when you are unable to visit websites.

  1. Open the web browser Google Chrome.
  2. Now, hit the “three vertical dots” icon in the upper right corner of the page, and choose “More tools” from the drop-down menu that appears.
  3. Click “Delete browsing history” at this point.
  4. Something Went Wrong “Clear browsing data” will appear as a window. Choose “Advanced.”
  5. The option labeled “Time range” is located at the top of the page. Please click the arrow sign to the right of the selected time to choose it.
  6. Check the boxes next to “Cookies & other site data,” “Browsing history,” and “Cached pictures and files.”
  7. Next, select “Clear data.”

Clear data

LookOut For Microsoft Servers

If you are unable to connect to Outlook with any browser, there is probably a problem with Microsoft’s servers. You have to wait for Microsoft’s servers to come back online if they are unavailable in order to access your Outlook account. You can verify whether or not all Microsoft services are up and running by clicking on this page. Also check Steam Error Code E84

Repair The Outlook

You can experience issues with correctly utilizing Outlook if its software files are corrupted. To remedy an Outlook error that went wrong, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows key, type “control commission” into the search bar, and then select “Open.”

control panel” in the search field

  1. Something Went Wrong Now look for “Program and Features” and hit it.

Program and Features

  1. Something Went Wrong You’ll see a list of apps shown. Once you’ve found “Microsoft Outlook,” right-click on it.
  2. Click on “Change.”

select “Change

  1. Something Went Wrong Choose “Repair” from the list of options when a window opens.

A window will open

Verify Windows search Service

1 – To open the “RUN” dialogue box, concurrently press the Windows and R keys.

  1. Type “msc” and hit Enter.

nd press the Enter key

  1. The “Services” window will come up on your computer.
  2. Verify whether the “Windows Service” option is active by checking it. If there is an issue, the service is not operating.

option and determine whether or not it is running

  1. Right-click on it, and when the menu opens, choose Start.
  2. This could be the solution.

You have to start the service over most of the time. To finish the work, adhere to these procedures.

  1. Double-click the “Windows Search” entry in the drop-down menu of the “Services” box.
  2. Click “Stop” in the newly opened window. Then, select “Disabled” from the Startup type drop-down menu.

In the newly opened window

  1. Restart the computer.
  2. Click “Delete Now” on the following files.


The path is “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Temp.”

Remove Third-Party Add-Ins

The error message “Outlook something went wrong” may occasionally appear when an add-in prevents Outlook’s search feature from functioning properly. This specific add-on can be found and removed to resolve the issue. Also check HBO Max Not Working

  1. Open Outlook and choose the File tab.
  2. From the left sidebar of the website, choose “Options.”
  3. Click the “Manage” drop-down menu in the Add-ins section of the Outlook settings wizard. Next, press “Go.”

In the Add-ins section of the Outlook settings wizard

  1. Select the available add-ins from the “COM Add-ins” page, then click the “Remove” button to get rid of them.

 select the available Add-ins and click


This is an easy way to resolve an Outlook mistake that went wrong. With the remedies listed on this page, the problem can be resolved quickly. Clearing the data from your browser is a wise move if you are unable to access Outlook or another email provider. Tell us which tactic worked for you in the comments section. Don’t forget to distribute it to your loved ones as well.



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