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How To Fix MySubaru App Not Working Easily? Best Fixes

Well, schedule a service appointment, view the vehicle’s history, locate it, and receive roadside assistance 24/7 with the MySubaru app, allowing you to start, unlock, and secure your Subaru remotely. Subaru has been at the vanguard of this trend with its innovative Starlink platform. However, as with any technology, problems can occur, and the “MySubaru App is not working” issue is one of the most common ones Subaru owners encounter. This article will investigate the potential causes and offer troubleshooting measures to assist you in resolving this issue. Therefore, if you encounter the MySubaru App Not Working issue, you must read the entire guide.

MySubaru App Not Working Reasons

Numerous factors can cause the MySubaru App to not work as intended. The most common causes are listed below.

  • A consistent internet connection is necessary for the MySubaru App to communicate with your vehicle. If the smartphone or vehicle’s Starlink system is not working properly, apps may malfunction due to poor connectivity.
  • It is not uncommon for vehicles with the most recent firmware to encounter compatibility issues with outmoded app versions. Ensure that the MySubaru App is current to ensure seamless functionality.
  • Accessing certain features, particularly remote services, may require a subscription to the app. If your subscription is inactive or expired, it could cause problems.
  • As with any software program, the MySubaru App may experience technical difficulties. Subaru’s technical Support may be needed to resolve a more serious issue or minor defects.
  • Certain functions might not work if the app doesn’t authenticate successfully due to security measures implemented by Subaru.

How To Fix MySubaru App Not Working Easily? Best Fixes


These are a few solutions that may assist in resolving the MySubaru App Not Working issue.

Restart Phone

If the MySubaru app is not working, you must restart your phone. This will reboot your phone’s operating system, resolving any transient issues associated with the app. When a slider appears on your iPhone screen, press and hold the Power icon (typically located on the right side of the phone) until your phone resumes. To turn off your phone, drag the slider.

Press and hold the Power icon again for a few seconds after seeing the logo on the screen. Then, press and hold the Power button (typically located on the right side of the device) until a menu appears. Tap Restart or Power off to restart after that. Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until the Android logo appears.

MySubaru App Not Working

Connect Phone Correctly

Ad adhere to the subsequent procedures to establish a connection between your Subaru and your smartphone.

  • Turn on Bluetooth on your mobile device as the first step.
  • Refrain from accessing the multimedia screen of Starlink.
  • Navigate to the “Setup” menu, select “Bluetooth,” and then select “Add.”
  • The new screen will display the name and pin of the Starlink system.
  • The Starlink can now be identified.
  • Select the Starlink system from the available Bluetooth devices.
  • Connect by entering the pin.

Clear Cache Data

Whenever the remote start app fails to function, it can be manually turned down and restarted to resolve the problem. However, the following steps should be taken if the problem does not go away.

  • Close the app and return to the phone’s home screen.
  • Additionally, it is possible to tap and hold the icon of the MySubaru App.
  • Select the option for storage.
  • The app’s settings present an option to delete its cache and history.

MySubaru App Not Working

  • Your phone must be restarted.
  • Reopen the app and login once more.

Force Close The App

Occasionally, the app may become stalled or halted due to a transient error or malfunction. In this instance, it may be advantageous to force-close and reopen the app. This will result in the app’s cache and memory being purged, as its data will be refreshed. Therefore, to force close an app on an iOS device, one may swipe upward from the bottom of the screen and halt in the center. Swipe left or right until you find the MySubaru App, then close it. Tapping the Recent Apps button (typically a square icon) on Android devices makes it possible to force an app to close. Swipe left or right until you find the MySubaru App and close it.

Reload The App

Reloading the app is also feasible to resolve the MySubaru App Not Working issue. Once this is completed, you will be able to update the app’s data and its connection to your products. Tap Settings (the gear icon) in the bottom right corner of your screen to reload the app. Wait for the app to reload before tapping Reload.

Uninstall & Reinstall The App

If none of those procedures work, the MySubaru app may have to be uninstalled and reinstalled. This will remove corrupted or obsolete files, which may cause the app to malfunction. Well, iOS users can uninstall the app by tapping and holding the MySubaru app icon until it begins to vibrate. Tap the X icon in the app’s upper left corner, then tap Delete to validate the deletion.

On Android devices, tap and hold the MySubaru app icon until a menu appears. Select “Uninstall” and then select “OK” to finalize. After the app has been uninstalled, you can obtain MySubaru from the App Store or Google Play Store. Tap Install, then wait for the download to complete. The app should be closed and reopened after logging in with your Subaru My Account email address and password.

Contact Subaru Support

You might need to contact Subaru’s MySubaru support staff for additional assistance. The Tesla support staff can be contacted via phone, email, or messaging from either the app or the website. Tap Settings (the gear icon) at the bottom right corner of the screen to contact MySubaru support. After you have selected Support, you can select the method of contact that is most convenient for you.

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The Bottom Line:

That is how to resolve the MySubaru App issue that is not working. The MySubaru app has been resolved, and we trust that the adjustments have benefited you. For additional information, please leave a comment below and inform us.


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