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How To Fix Telegram Live Location Not Updating? iPhone & Android

Telegram is one of the finest messaging apps, with billions of installations. Telegram is constantly introducing new features to make things easier for the users. There are a lot of features in the app that make it easier for users to use. Live Location on Telegram is one of them. It is one of the most advantageous features that allows users to share their current location. You can quickly share your location with friends, relatives, and others. On the iPhone and Android, however, users who have shared the Telegram Live Location have stated that it is not updating. They cannot see the actual locations, which is causing them problems. You can fix the issue with the Telegram Live Location list by following the instructions in this guide. Therefore, let us commence our engagement with it.

How To Fix Telegram Live Location Not Updating? iPhone & Android

There are many messaging apps that function flawlessly on both Android and iPhone. Additionally, Telegram is regarded as one of the easiest apps to use for communicating with and maintaining relationships with loved ones. Nevertheless, as the app continues to expand, you will probably encounter a multitude of flaws. The developers make sure that the users don’t have to face any issues, but based on various factors, some problems can still arise with the users.

Users have reported that the Telegram Live Location on iPhone and Android is not updating. There are many potential reasons for this issue. We are going to list some straightforward methods that you can easily follow to assist you in fixing it. If you want to resolve the iPhone and Android Telegram Live Location Not Updating issue, please check out the solutions listed below.

Check The Internet Connection

You must first ensure that your internet connection is operational before you can share your live location via Telegram. Even if shared, the Telegram Live Location will only be updated without a persistent connection. A consistent and fast internet connection is necessary for the Live Location feature to function properlyThe location must be continuously updated in the background, and the coordinates must be shared by modifying the location to match the recipients.

Check Location Access

Additionally, to share the location with family, friends, and relatives, it is vital that you grant Telegram Live Location access. The feature where you must select which apps you want to grant permission to has been added to Android’s recent updates. In the absence of granting Telegram the Location permission, it is probable that the location will not be updated.

Telegram Live Location Not Updating

To avoid such issues, you should check Telegram’s permissions on both your iOS and Android devices. Additionally, if you discover that Telegram lacks Location Permission, select that option and click Allow All The Time. This option can be modified when not sharing the location with other users.

Check Battery Optimization

Telegram Live Location Not Updating

The iPhone and Android are equipped with a feature that optimizes battery life. This feature restricts the use of apps in the background. The chances are that it will prevent Telegram from running in the background if it is “Turned On” on your device. Therefore, check whether battery optimization is turned onIt must be turned off, or the app must be removed from the battery optimization process if it is running.

Don’t Close Telegram From Background Apps

Telegram Live Location Not Updating

Many users terminate all background apps. However, when sharing a live location via Telegram, you must ensure that the app is not closed. Telegram must run in the background to provide timely and accurate live location updates. As you have closed the app, the live location may not be updated. As a result, you must perform all of its background services. Therefore, whenever you share a Telegram Live Location, ensure the app has not been closed.

Enable Unrestricted Data Usage

The not updating the Live Location on Telegram may be causing issues if you have restricted the amount of data you use for mobile data. Verify that the restricted data setting has been turned on. If it’s turned on in your iPhone and Android, you must turn off restricted data use. Check to see if the Telegram Live Location updates after completing this.

Update The Telegram App

The Telegram developers are making every effort to make the app the best it can be for the users. There is a possibility that the developers are aware of the Telegram Live Location update issues, and they have begun working to resolve them. When the developers have fixed the problem, they will issue an update to resolve the issue for the users. We suggest you continue checking for Telegram updates on the Play Store. Download any updates for Telegram that become available.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

Numerous Telegram users who shared their Live Location with friends or family have reported that it was not updating. They could not share the location due to the issue and were looking for fixes in the guides. The methods to fix the problem are listed in this guide. We have listed the various methods to fix the Telegram Live Location Not Updating issue because there are numerous reasons why you might face this problem. It will assist you in finding a solution to the problem. Share your solution with us in the comment section if you have fixed the problem differently.


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