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Top 13 Best Call Recording Apps For Android 14

Call recording is occasionally required. Even though Android phones can record phone calls, most do so through voice commands. The other person will know you are recording them, even though you can record voice calls. You can use a record call app on your Android phone to prevent this from happening. However, the inquiry pertains to which app can be relied upon regarding call recording. Not all call recording apps for Android are functional, and most only record your side voice. The 13 best call recording apps for Android 14 are listed in this article.

Top 13 Best Call Recording Apps For Android 14

The best call recording apps for Android 14 are listed below.

1. Call Recorder – Cube ACR

Call Recording Apps For Android 14

Cube ACR, which begins our list, is among the most downloaded call recording apps for Android 14. You can record phone calls and calls using other apps like Skype, WhatsApp, Signal, Slack, Telegram, and others. Both incoming and outgoing call recordings are possible. This app records calls automatically whenever you make or receive one. Additionally, you can exclude individuals whose calls you do not wish to be automatically recorded. Unlocking additional features such as cloud backup, saving to SD card, multiple audio formats, and more is possible despite the app’s free status.

2. All Call Recorder

Call Recording Apps For Android 14

All Call Recorder offers a user-friendly solution for recording phone calls, facilitating the effortless storage and management of critical conversations. This app has a straightforward interface and facilitates playback, note-taking, and cloud synchronization. A comprehensive repository of recorded phone conversations can be effortlessly compiled in calendar and list formats.

3. Call Recorder – CallsBox

Call Recording Apps For Android 14

An automatic call recorder app for Android 14 is available. This call recording app for Android phones has significantly more features than the standard app. You can block incoming calls by pressing the volume down button on your phone. Additionally, it detects spam calls from incoming contacts. A caller ID is present to identify all incoming calls. In addition, this app supports both manual and automatic call recording. Choose between MP3 and WAV audio formats to record calls. It is possible to record phone calls while wearing the earpiece or using the speakerphone. It is possible to record both incoming and outgoing calls. Additionally, recorded calls can be played directly from the app.

4. TapeACall: Call Recorder

Call Recording Apps For Android 14

One of the best call recording apps for Android 14 is TapeACall, which you should check out. Using this app, you can effortlessly record incoming and outgoing phone calls on your Android device. One of the best features of this app is that there is no restriction on the number of calls that can be recorded. Additionally, you can program the call recording for crucial phone calls. You may also obtain the transcriptions of the recordings. Recording voice memos is possible with TapeACall. Social media apps and cloud storage are additional methods by which call recordings can be shared.

5. Call Recorder by Lucky Mobile Apps

Call Recording Apps For Android 14

The best Call Recording Apps For Android 14 include Call Recorder by Lucky Mobile Apps. It is a conventional, old-fashioned recording app that operates automatically in the background and does not interfere with your dialer. Given that it requires accessibility permissions, it is puzzling why Google has not removed this app from Google Play. You simply set the extensive list of permissions, and you walk away. Simple settings and a clean user interface are present.

6. Truecaller

Call Recording Apps For Android 14

A widely used app on Android 14 for recording incoming and outgoing calls is Truecaller. Although this app is best known for its caller ID feature, it can also record calls without difficulty. They initially had this feature, but it was later removed; however, it has since been returned to the app. Call recording with Truecaller is only functional when the dialer is set as the default on the phone. When you make or receive calls, the call screen will display a record button that allows you to capture your conversations. Truecallercan facilitates the organization of call recordings through subjects, converts voice recordings to text format, and provides call recording summaries.

7. Automatic Call Recorder Pro

We suggest you use Automatic Call Recorder Pro, a well-known call recorder app. As its name suggests, this app will automatically record incoming and outgoing calls. The recordings will be saved depending on the contact name or phone number. If the calling party’s number isn’t saved on your phone, this app also includes Caller ID to help you identify them. This app manages your calls and lets you delete unwanted and playback call recordings directly from the app. Additionally, recordings can be located via search and marked as favorites. Additionally, the numbers whose calls you do not wish to be recorded can be excluded.

8. Boldbeast Android Call Recorder

This is a well-known Android 14 app for recording phone calls. Manual and automatic call recording are supported; nevertheless, the automatic call recording functionality is restricted to the Pro edition exclusively. In addition to MP3, MP4, WAV, AAC, and AMR, the recorded files will be saved in 3GP. You may also encrypt the app with a password to prevent unauthorized access to your recordings. The best feature prevents unauthorized access to call recordings from music players other than the app. Additionally, Boldbeast permits automatic backups of call recordings.

9. CallMaster: Blocker & Callerid

You can also obtain this well-known call recording app for your Android cell phone. In addition to call recording, a call filter is included to block spam calls. If you receive calls from unknown numbers, you can also see the person’s name, thanks to caller ID. This app safeguards against fraudulent calls by providing the capability to record critical phone conversations and signaling and automatically block such calls. Unlike most apps, the app supports call recording from both ends; you can record both your own and the other person’s voice. This mobile app supports both incoming and outgoing calls.

10. Call Recorder – callX

One of the most favored call recording apps for Android 14 is callX. Like the other Android 14 call recording apps on this list, calls can be recorded from both perspectives. The phone number or the contact name will save the call recording. Additionally, numbers can be added to an exclude list to be removed from automatic call recording. To conserve space, you can record audio at standard or high quality. The calls recorded by this call recorder can be played back on a player. Sharing calls via social media apps such as Viber, Skype, and SMS is also possible, or uploading them to Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also set filters for automatic number recording, such as whether to record all calls, calls from unknown numbers, or only saved numbers.

11. Call Recorder Automatic

The app functions for both outgoing and incoming phone calls. A high-quality recording of the call will be saved. Additionally, you receive the Caller ID, which displays the caller’s information if the number is unknown. Additionally, this app allows you to back up your call recordings. Social media apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, SMS, and others allow you to share the recordings with whoever you want. Additionally, a spam blocker is included to filter out unwanted phone calls. You can set up an ignore list for the calls you don’t want recorded. In addition, it is possible to organize the recordings by the names or dates they were recorded.

12. RMC: Android Call Recorder

Android phones are equipped with the versatile call recording app RMC. You can choose whether the calls will be recorded automatically or manually when using the automatic and manual call recording modes. You may store your recordings in two folders, regardless of their priority. Additionally, you can choose the custom channel, bitrate, and sample rate when you record audio. This app’s automatic cleanup function will remove unsorted recordings after a specified time. Additionally, you can require authorization for unauthorized access to your call recordings by setting a 4-digit passcode. There are numerous additional features, including automatic deletion, automatic filtering, advanced filtering, and more.

13. ACR Phone

ACR Phone is a dialer app developed by the company that created ACR Call Recorder and is available on the Google Play Store. It includes call recording, caller ID, a call blocker, and auto-dialing, among other features. APH, an acronym for ACR Phone Helper, is an extension that enables the recording of phone calls by circumventing the Google Play Store’s accessibility policy. Both must be installed for it to function. You don’t have to pay anything to make call recording work because it is free—at least during our testing.

What Phones Come Without Google Dialer?

Although the Google Dialer is included on most phones, a few still include the manufacturer’s dialer app. Practically all brands of budget smartphones include an absence of the Google Dialer. Aside from that, all Samsung phones have their dialer, allowing you to record calls without needing additional apps. You can record calls without alerting the other person on Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, and iQOO if you install ODialer, their official dialer, and set it as the default dialer. You can install this ODialer from the Play Store, where it is available. It would help if you used the above apps to record calls from the remaining brands, including Motorola, Google, Xiaomi, and others, including Google Dialer.

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We suggest you use these best call recording apps for Android 14. If your Android phone does not include Google Dialer, you should use the brand’s default dialer to record calls instead of these apps. We trust that you will find this article informative. Furthermore, please inform us in the comments section regarding the call recording app you select.


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