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Best 5 Service Order Software To Have On Your Radar

Best Service Order Software To Have On Your Radar will be described in this article.

Step back and consider: Without the services you offer, what would your field services company be? And without your staff, how would you deliver those services? You need a system to empower your field service crew and increase productivity because you rely on them so much to keep your business running. Service orders are the foundation of any field services management system. Service orders serve a number of purposes in your company.

  • Provide important details.
  • Maintain organisation in your job.
  • Serve as your team’s point of reference.

Because service orders serve so many purposes, handling them can get challenging without the proper framework in place. Fortunately, service order software assists you in this regard.

Learn how service order tracking software improves your operations and helps you stay organised by reading on. Additionally, locate a list of software options to assist you in selecting the ideal one for your company.

The basics: What is a service order?

You must comprehend what a service order is before we can dive into the world of service order tracking software.

Service orders, as you might expect, list the duties (or services) that your team completes during a workday. The majority of the time, service orders are utilised for maintenance and repair jobs, like plumbing repairs like washbasin leaks.

Service orders typically cover labour, supplies, and any other supplemental expenses. They ensure that everyone is on the same page by precisely outlining the tasks for your field tech.

The cycle can be divided into the following five steps:

  1. A service request is made by a client.
  2. After assessing the request, you produce an estimate.
  3. Once the assessment has been approved by the client, you prepare a service order for dispatch.
  4. A field technician has been issued the service order.
  5. Once the task is finished, you email the customer an invoice.

Although there may seem to be a lot of processes involved, you can use optimal service orders to streamline the process.

Software for tracking service orders can help with it.

Why is service order software important?

It is simpler to produce, deliver, and manage your service orders when you use service order tracking software.

To reduce time and boost productivity, a lot of field service management software solutions incorporate features that automate each step of the service order process.

Using software for service orders, you can:

  • Put your service orders in an automated manner.
  • Track the development of your service staff.
  • Create bills from your completed service orders.

Let’s examine more closely at the benefits that this programme can offer your company.

Benefits of cloud-based service order software solutions

Service order solutions enhance your overall business operations and simplify the process of managing service orders in a number of ways. First of all, after the task is assigned, the appropriate software continues to function.

With the help of service order tracking software, you can easily transition from estimate to service order and, after the job is completed, to an invoice. There is no need to repeatedly manually produce a new document when using a web-based work order management system.

This efficient workflow frees up your time so you can concentrate on chores that bring in money and cultivate client connections.

Additionally, tracking the progress of jobs is made simple by service order software. You can keep track of each job’s progress and stay in touch with the vendor in case of any problems with service order monitoring software.

These systems’ numerous features make these advantages achievable. Let’s examine a few of them.

The top service order software features

The top field service management software has capabilities that boost all aspects of your company’s operations and increase revenue.

When selecting service order tracking software, keep an eye out for the following key aspects.

Create invoices with a few clicks

The majority of the data you want for billing is contained in your service orders, if not all of it. Even with this knowledge, doesn’t it feel repetitive to copy and paste data from a service order to an invoice?

A service order can be easily turned into an invoice with the correct software, requiring only a few clicks. Even better, by turning estimates into service orders, the greatest software programme helps early in the process.

This function makes it possible to create invoices as soon as the work is completed, which expedites payment to you.

A self-service portal for instant payments

More expedient than generating invoices in a flash? receiving payment quickly!

The ideal solution uses an online customer interface to centralise your payment procedure. Customers can use the portal to do invoice-related tasks like:

  • Make a copy and print.
  • Remit payment.

Customers would have less reasons not to pay you on time if you use internet portals to streamline your payment procedure. However, service order software has you covered just in case they do.

You can monitor the rate of your invoices and programme your favourite forgetful customers to get automated reminders.

What more need must you do? Remain calm and observe your income increase!

Stay organized with service order tracking software

Monitoring the status of your jobs is essential to managing your service requests.

Select a solution that updates you on the status of the job. To ensure that your field technicians follow the most effective path possible, it’s a bonus if your software solution also offers optimised routing.

Which method works best for monitoring job progress? Get updates from your designated field technician in real time.

Use a mobile app for information on-the-go

Field service companies depend on mobility to complete tasks. Even while you have complete faith in your field technicians to complete the task at hand, they are aware that having the option to periodically check in gives you piece of mind.

Your field technician can send you real-time job progress updates if they have a mobile app. This feature allows you to be the first to know when a task is finished and to be informed when there is a problem.

Alternatively, you can offer suggestions that will help your tech get back on track.

Additionally, a mobile app enables your field technicians to instantly create invoices. You can now get paid before your technician even departs the job site thanks to this!

It’s time to consider your options now that you are aware of the capabilities of service order tracking software.

5 best service order tracking software

Businesses that provide field services are depending more and more on technology to stay in business. But with so many software options available these days, choosing the best one can be a daunting task.

Here are the top 5 service order software options with essential characteristics to propel your company forward in order to assist you.

1. Method: Field Services

Regarding service orders, there is a gap for QuickBooks users. For companies whose operations depend on service orders, QuickBooks Online’s lack of a work order or service order capability poses a workflow challenge.

Method:Field Services

The two-way sync between Method and QuickBooks eliminates the need for human data entry. Method: Field Services creates a service order by importing your customer and job data from QuickBooks, saving you the trouble.

Once you have the data, you can modify the service order form to meet your company’s requirements. Method: Work order software customisation for field technician services is also made simple by CRM. Simply drag & drop to build the service order of your dreams.

The power of mobile service order tracking software

The power of mobile service order tracking software

Tracking service orders is simple with the Method smartphone app. Get updates in real time from your maintenance staff, and use automatic routing to make sure they arrive at each work promptly.

Once the job’s done, your field tech can transform the service order into an invoice for your customer to pay using your online customer portal. In-person e-signature capture for customers is also possible. Also check Dispatching Software For Small Business

Naturally, Method:Field Services is more than just an online work order management tool. With extra capabilities like these, it’s a field service management system that enhances every part of your company.

  • Capabilities for scheduling jobs.
  • Orders for recurring services.
  • Custom fields.
  • tracking of employee time.
  • Integration with commonplace programmes like Google Calendar and Gmail.

2. Jobber


Many of the features required for effective service order administration are included in Jobber’s field service management software, including:

  • an app for mobile devices.
  • Push alerts.
  • tracking of service orders.

You can quickly convert a service request into a service order using Jobber, streamlining process and reducing downtime.

In addition, the data about your customer is combined with notes and service items to generate a thorough service order that your field technicians can use.

Jobber’s service order software provides the tools you need to finish the task, whether you’re in the field or at the office.

3.Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS is the next programme on our list of the top service order software. With Limble, you can arrange your service orders whichever best fits your company’s needs. From there, you can make sure that your staff stays on task while managing them remotely from any device.

To start and finish jobs fast, as well as to update your service orders with comprehensive instructions, images, and comments, use Limble’s service order app.

Are you looking for cleaning company time tracking software? Limble has everything you need.

Other important characteristics of Limble are:

  • an agenda perspective of the things that are due soon or today.
  • the capacity to monitor productivity of assets.
  • A simple drag-and-drop interface.

4. Field ProMax

Field ProMax

Our next selection is Field ProMax. Service order administration is made easier by Field ProMax’s capacity to:

  • Transform service requests into orders for services.
  • Create recurring jobs automatically.
  • Connect service orders and employee time sheets.

With Field Pro Max’s customisable service orders and the option to group jobs according to your favourite calendar view, dispatching is a breeze.

In order to assist service orders fit into your workflow, Field ProMax is yet another service order software option that connects with QuickBooks Online. Also check Handyman Software

5. Field ProMax


ServiceMax is the final service order software option on our list. ServiceMax’s mobile app gives users access to more than just basic service order information since they recognise how important mobility is to the field service sector.

ServiceMax is the ideal solution whether you require work order software for your construction field service or for your home service business.

Utilise the ServiceMax mobile app for:

  • Obtain asset data.
  • Make a to-do list.
  • Explain service directives.

Even better, ServiceMax makes scheduling easier for your dispatch staff by providing one-click recommendations that are based on the details of the service request. By doing this, you may save downtime and enable your field personnel to start working sooner.

Wrap up: Important considerations for your service order tracking software

You may design, deliver, and oversee your work orders at every stage of the procedure with the help of service order software. To boost your bottom line, the greatest software likewise improves other areas of your company.

Your team can accomplish more and feel more secure working together if you provide them with the appropriate service order software.


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