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Best 17 Handyman Software With The Highest Ratings

Best Handyman Software With The Highest Ratings will be described in this article. The top handyman apps, as rated by users, are discussed in this post. Since running a handyman business can be challenging, you should think about everything that will make it run more smoothly and profitably. Fortunately, there are many of apps available to assist you in doing just that.

To help you manage your handyman business more effectively, we’ve compiled a list of the best handyman programs available. The best handyman apps for iOS and Android are compiled here to help you run your business, discover new projects, and expand your digital arsenal. These apps cover everything from lead generating and accountancy to client administration and stud finders.

It shouldn’t be too hard to manage and structure your business. Among other things, you can use a range of apps to manage administrative and financial duties, schedule jobs, record mileage, and interact with clients.

Best 17 Handyman Software With The Highest Ratings

In this article, you can know about Best Handyman Software here are the details below;

1. Handyman Job Kit

Handyman Job Kit

Handyman Job Kit Free is a mobile-friendly desktop web utility. Jobber’s handyman toolbox was developed to help you manage and expand a successful handyman business. For startups that are still in the early phases of development, it is quite advantageous. Professional handymen use Job Toolkit to:

  • make estimates more quickly and accurately;
  • schedule projects and assign workers or contractors;
  • issue invoices and collect payments;
  • maintain job and client information in one location (CRM).

Obtain a free handyman invoice template.

2. Jobber


Jobber For iOS, Android, and PC, Jobber starts at $29 a month.

If you’re searching for something a little more involved and you’re a more seasoned business owner, try Jobber’s handyman software.

If you haven’t utilized field service software before, consider it your go-to handyman for all things related to managing your company, from getting new work orders to keeping track of client information (CRM), scheduling services, sending invoices, and being paid. You can work from anywhere using the Jobber mobile app, which makes running your business easier.

Organize customer information and history (CRM) and schedule jobs and crew members using Jobber’s handyman software. Reschedule while on the go using the Jobber mobile app.

Automate follow-ups and contacts with customers Utilizing GPS tracking, route jobs and dispatch your crew to the next job

Add thorough comments and pictures to tasks and customer accounts. Remind clients of appointments and to send them on your way texts.

Receive payments online and in person, and maintain a record of unpaid invoices.

3. Quickbooks


With QuickBooks, an accounting software tool, you can monitor your expenditures, payments, payroll, and a number of other financial operations. Handymen with established enterprises who need to monitor client payments, contractor or employee payments, and financial reports will find it very useful. • Gas, materials, or component expenses associated with handyman services and home repairs

You can use Quickbooks on the web and on iOS and Android devices, such your iPhone or iPad. Additionally, you can utilize Jobber and QuickBooks together to manage all of your handyman accounting requirements because they are connected.

4. Google Workspace

Google Workspace

Google Workspace comes with all the Google tools you’ll need to operate your handyman business, such as: Drive, Documents, Sheets, Gmail, Calendar, Meetings, Forms

This Google Workspace is a great option for companies that have the time to monitor and manage their own financial and administrative responsibilities. It can be used to create your own spreadsheets and invoices by hand, as well as to set up a business email account for client communications and service call tracking. Verify association management software as well.

Google products like Drive, Gmail, and Docs can be used independently for free, or you can get Workspace as a package for $6 per month.

5. GasBuddy


As a handyman, you have to drive to and from homes a lot. Additionally, the amount of money you make from a particular job directly correlates with the amount of money you have to spend on gas. An excellent app that tracks gas costs at nearby stations and alerts you when they are at their lowest is called GasBuddy.

Additionally, it has a trip cost estimator that you may use to estimate costs for works before they are started.

6. MileIQ


It’s free for up to 40 drives per month for iOS and Android. A distance tracking app called MileIQ is available for PC, Android Play, and the App Store. It tracks your drives for you and makes it simple and quick to categorize them.

If you’re using the app, swipe right to mark a drive as business-related, like plumbing or appliance repair, or swipe left to mark drives as personal, like running errands or going on a family outing.

7. FleetSharp


FleetSharp Apps can be downloaded for free with the purchase of a device and are easily accessible for iOS and Android. It’s imperative for handymen who employ workers or contractors to stay in contact with their staff during the working day in order to know where they are and whether they are showing up on time for jobs. With the help of the GPS fleet tracking app FleetSharp, you can always find out where your cars are and how effectively they’re driving.

With FleetSharp, you can oversee more extensive teams with packed schedules without disturbing them with calls or texts while they’re assembling furniture or cleaning gutters. You can message a driver via the app if you need to get in touch with them.

8. Profit Margin Calculator

Profit Margin Calculator

It is totally free for Android, iOS, and PC users. The Jobber 3-in-1 Profit Margin Calculator will be helpful to both experienced and novice handyman business owners. It can be used to obtain three quick calculations to help you:

Increase prices for services that generate more revenue. • Respect your spending limit; • Add a markup to your rates

Enter your data on the calculator webpage and save it to your favorites for convenient access while on the road.

Apps for obtaining jobs and marketing your handyman company

Finding jobs and developing a clientele is one of the most important parts of beginning and expanding a handyman service. A few of the apps that can assist you in generating new leads and closing more jobs include TaskRabbit, Angi, and Handy.

1. TaskRabbit


Users post small, one-time jobs on TaskRabbit, such as assembling flat-pack furniture, doing minor repairs, taking care of their lawns, doing light carpentry work, and installing mirrors and televisions. However, TaskRabbit isn’t limited to handymen. Taskers can be anything from plumbers and electricians to landscapers and cleaners, and they can even include massage therapists, dog trainers, and cosmetic artists. This is yet another program for handymen.

In addition to analyzing jobs and placing bids on those that best suit your handyman services, you can complete a profile that potential clients may read. This profile will detail your qualifications, experience, charges, and testimonials. TaskRabbit is often a fairly priced option to sign up and offers a number of handyman-appropriate projects, depending on your neighborhood. Also check Video Encoding Software

2. Angi


Angi (formerly Angie’s List) is another lead generation website that handymen may use to find new customers. Well, Angi focuses on home services including debris collection, appliance repair, and other handyman tasks, in contrast to TaskRabbit. Check out fashion design software as well.

Angi’s platform serves knowledgeable experts with a wealth of experience in their industry, whether it be window cleaning or home repair. Though it’s a far more costly lead generation tool than TaskRabbit, you’ll find more jobs that fit your handyman skills and experience because it’s focused on residential, home service activities. This is yet another program for handymen.

3. Handy


This is yet another program for handymen. Handy is an app for do-it-yourselfers. The Handy app focuses on tasks like light fixture installation and minor painting work that are best left to household handymen. In addition to managing reservations, payments, and screening, it links clients with service providers.

You must first apply to become a pro on Handy and fulfill certain requirements, like having paid work background in the benefits you plan to offer.

Although Handy is free to use, there are costs associated with background checks, rescheduling jobs, and cancellations.

4. Thumbtack


RankThis is yet another program for handymen. Similar to other lead generating applications, Thumbtack links clients with service providers. Jobs for handymen, carpenters, movers, HVAC specialists, and other trades including photographers and caterers are available here. In order to use it, you have to create a profile, get matched with potential clients, talk about the specifics of the task, and eventually land a job.

The Best Handyman Apps for your Smartphone

While company planning and management apps are great, did you know that there are also handyman applications that assist with maintenance, repairs, and other tasks?

For example, there are apps that help with leveling, measuring, and other duties. These come in particularly handy when you’re working and don’t have access to a certain tool.

1. Measure


Augmented reality is used by free measuring apps for iOS and Android to accurately record digital measures. These work well in place of a ruler if you don’t have one on hand or if you’ve forgotten your tape measure.

Measure is preinstalled on your iPhone or iPad if you own one. You can download several apps & the Google Play, such as Ruler and AR Ruler App, if you own an Android smartphone. Also check Cxtsoftware Alternatives

2. Bubble Level

Bubble Level

Although a level is a must for any handyman, a bubble level app will do in case you lose yours.

The free Measure app that comes preloaded on your iPhone or iPad on Apple devices includes a level. Search Google Play for the Bubble Level app, which is available for free on Android smartphones.

3. Stud finder

Stud finder

stud locaterYou can use an app if you don’t have a stud finder in your toolbox. There are many different free and paid apps available on Google Play and the App Store. You can use this stud finder software or the well regarded stud finder app from Google Play on an Android device. The most downloaded iOS app is called Stud Finder. Many of the solutions are available for free. This is yet another program for handymen.

Use your phone’s sensor to detect metal, wood, and wiring using stud finder apps. This makes mounting TVs and hanging pictures a breeze.

4. YouTube


As a handyman, you frequently carry out a variety of tasks. It’s reasonable to say that you don’t always know what you’re getting yourself into when you start a new career, which is where YouTube comes in.

YouTube has how-to videos for a wide range of handyman tasks, such as painting and staining, installing curtains, fixing appliances, landscaping, and more.

YouTube is an amazing resource for ideas, guidance, and how-to instructions for almost any work if you’re stuck and don’t know what to do. Verify the software for car rentals as well.

The cost to open a YouTube account is nothing.

5. DEWALT Mobile Pro

DEWALT Mobile Pro

A handyman’s app is DEWALT Mobile Pro. It has several building calculators to help you estimate the amount of paint or wood you’ll need for a project, as well as digital tools and ebooks for on-the-job help. This is yet another program for handymen.

Which are the best handyman apps?

One of the best ways to maintain both profitability and seamless operation in your handyman business is through the use of apps. Apps help your business by simplifying the management and organization of your tasks, no matter how big or small. They can help with lead generation platforms, digital tools, bookkeeping, and customer administration.

You are not need to download any of these apps at once, though. Start with the basics to figure out what you need and what your digital toolkit could be lacking.


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