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Top 9 Best Google Snake Game Mods To Try

Google is not merely a search engine. For those aware, Google’s concealed games can be an enjoyable way to pass the time. You can access some concealed games by searching for specific keywords on the Google search engine. Google Snake Game is a renowned game that draws inspiration from the venerable Snake Game previously available on Nokia phones. Mods can be used to change aspects of the Google Snake Game if you get bored playing it repeatedly and want something new. The Google Snake game can be modified using a variety of internet mods to make it more interesting to play.

Top 9 Best Google Snake Game Mods To Try

The best Google Snake Game Mods that can be used to modify the game are listed in this article.

1. Google Snake Menu Mod

Google Snake Game Mods

The initial Google Snake Game Mod you may select is the Google Snake Menu Mod. To make the game more interesting, this Mod can introduce various elements. For example, this Mod can change the topography of the game, change the game’s pace, and either add more obstacles or remove some existing ones. The Google Snake Game can be entirely changed to your satisfaction with the help of this Mod, which DarkSnakeGang created.

2. Animated Colors For Google Snake

Google Snake Game Mods

If you are bored with the standard Google Snake board games, you can create your boards with this Mob. It enables the incorporation of animated colors into the boards, and you can also change how the hue is displayed. This is more interesting and appealing than the standard static boards in the Google Snake game.

3. Dark Mode Mod

Google Snake Game Mods

Dark Mode Mod is the Mod that can be used with Google Snake Game. Not only are mobile phones equipped with Dark Mode, but also personal computers. The dark mode is not only visually appealing, but it also provides a comfortable viewing experience. The Google Snake Game, however, is only accessible in dim mode. You may employ the Dark Mode Mod to play the Google Snake Game in dark mode. This Google Snake Game Mod can be used in Google Snake Game Dark Mode. This Mod allows you to change the game’s hues in addition to those already present.

4. Change Board Size

Google Snake Game Mods

In the game, walls perform the function of obstacles. This Mod is available for those not inclined to interact with the walls and move freely on the board. You can change the board size using this Mod and make the board as large as you like. This is among the best Google Snake Game Mods.

5. Google Snake Skull Poison

The skull will supplant the gray fruits that you receive with this modification. Also, your serpent will wiggle and turn gray after consuming this cranium. Not only apples but also gray fruits. To reverse the gray hue of the serpent, it is necessary to make it consume vibrant fruits. It is one of the most bizarre and interesting Google Snake Game Mods you can use.

6. Mouse Mod For Google Snake

Google Snake can only be played on a PC using the keyboard. However, wouldn’t it be more advantageous to be able to play the game with a mouse as well? The snake will always move in a linear trajectory, i.e., up, down, left, and right when controlled by the keyboard. The Mouse Mod for Google Serpent enables the serpent to be moved around the board using the mouse. The snake will move in the direction of your mouse movement, making the game significantly simpler.

7. TimeKeeper Mod For Google Snake

You can choose this Mod if you’re searching for one that can keep up with your high scores and the quickest time you’ve taken to complete a level. The Google Snake game does not maintain a record of your high scores. However, if you wish to incorporate this feature into the game, you may employ the TimeKeeper Mod. You can choose this as one of the best Google Snake Game Mods.


The serpent in the game becomes invisible when the internet is disabled. The serpent will be rendered invisible, and the game will continue to load. Consider the enjoyment derived from playing the game with an invisible serpent. Make the serpent invisible on the board by using this Mod. Upon doing so, the serpent will not be visible on the board; however, you must make the appropriate movements to advance to the next level.

9. GoogleSnakeWall-EndgameSooner

This Mod allows you to move the walls in the Google Snake Game. With this Google Snake Game Mod, the game’s walls will be removed, allowing you to play for as long as you like without worrying about collapsing with the wall. This is among the best Google Snake Game Mods.

Consider The Following:

The Bottom Line:

These are some of the best Google Snake Game Mods to customize the Snake Game. You can use these Google Snake Game mods to enhance the game’s appeal and make it more interesting. The GitHub links for all Google Snake Game mods have been provided, allowing you to acquire and use the modules directly.


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