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Top 10 Best Phone Number Apps For Android In 2023

You are aware of the difficulty switching between two smartphones to manage both your personal and professional lives. It’s convenient to have two separate phone numbers on one smartphone. Having a second phone number is quite handy for privacy issues. You can avoid robocalls, control who obtains your phone number, and more with a second number. Do you need a second temporary number? Is it challenging to handle contacts for both personal and professional use with a single phone number? Are you looking for a mobile application that will give you a second phone number? So you are in the proper place.
You can learn more about the best second phone number apps for Android in this page.

Top 10 Second Phone Number Android Apps

Making a free phone call to a friend, relative, or significant other is the best thing ever. There are several excellent phone number apps available for Android that are both free and paid. These applications are safe to use and can be utilised to stay in touch without racking up debt.

What is actually required? A WiFi-connected Android phone or tablet. The best second phone number apps have been compiled by us. On Android, you can access them all. Some people are, nonetheless, free, while others are not.

1. Text Now

Text Now
You may make free calls and send free texts with the TextNow app. A unique mobile number will be given to you, which you can provide to others. Phone calls to individuals in the US and Canada are free of charge. It will, however, cost you money to dial overseas numbers. It even allows you to sync your text messages with your PC.

Click here to download the Text Now.

2. Text Plus

Text Plus
With textPlus, you can call and text your friends using a real phone number even when there is no phone service. You may essentially call any phone number in the globe using this software. Calls conducted within or between apps using this app are always free. Outgoing calls are not gratuitous. If you’d like not to pay $0.02 per minute for outbound calls within the US, you can watch videos to earn free credits.

Click here to download Text Plus.

3. Text Free

 Text Free
Another free phone number app for Android is Text Free. There is a catch, though. The condition is that you must continuously use the cellphone number in order to avoid having it revoked. Free calling and free messaging are supported by this Android phone app. You can get a real US phone number that enables you to send an endless number of SMS messages to any phone number in the country.

Click here to download Text Free.

4. Google Voice

Google Voice
A mobile number is provided by Google Voice for voicemail, messaging, and calling. Because the programme works on both PCs and smartphones and syncs between them, you may use it at work, at home, or while you’re on the go. The fact that this programme is completely free is its best feature. Another outstanding feature of Google Voice is the spam filter. Only individual Google Accounts in the US are eligible for free Google Voice service.

Click here to download Google Voice.

5. Free Tone Calls & Texting

Free Tone Calls & Texting
With FreeTone, an Android software with a second phone number, users can call and text practically any number in the US and Canada for free. FreeTone will provide you a free phone number with any area code if you agree to the advertisements. For those who don’t want adverts, there are subscription choices. With the help of its web app, the app works perfectly even without a SIM card or Wi-Fi.

Click here to download Free Tone Calls & Texting.

6. Hushed

A second phone software for Android called Hushed provides a unique, easily discarded phone number for texting and calling. You can choose local numbers from more than 300 zip codes in the United States and Canada using Hushed, which is a benefit. Call forwarding, auto-replay, and the opportunity to add customised voicemail greetings are just a few of the features offered by Hushed.

Click here to download Hushed.

7. Cover Me

Cover Me
One of the best second phone number apps for Android is CoverMe. Thanks to CoverMe’s end-to-end encryption, you can send texts and make secure calls with your new number.
You can call abroad for a reasonable rate using CoverMe from anywhere. You can hide text messages, hidden call logs, and private contacts using a shake-to-lock feature.

Click here to download Cover Me.

8. Cloud SIM

Cloud SIM
You may quickly create and add a number of phone numbers to your phone or tablet with the Cloud SIM software. Up to four other phone numbers, including ones from the UK, Poland, Canada, France, and the United States, can be stored on your mobile device.
Every Cloud SIM profile offers astonishingly low call and text sending costs. The user interface of the programme is amusing and features a circle of buttons to access various features.

Click here to download the Cloud SIM.

9. Dingtone

Another free platform for conversation and sharing is Dingtone. Dingtone allows you to utilise a real phone number to make free calls and send messages. On Dingtone, communication between users is completely free. You can place cheap calls to more than 200 countries and regions if your account has credit. By using the app daily or participating in a game, you can purchase credits.

Click here to download the Dingtone.

10. Burner: 2nd Phone Number Line

Burner: 2nd Phone Number Line
Burner is a no-cost second phone number app that provides a variety of phone numbers with settings for work, life, pleasure, and other things, giving you total control over your communication restrictions. With Burner, you can add a second line for texting and calling without having to pay your operator for it. You may download Burner, a superb Android app for fake phone numbers, right away.

A Few Words About The Best Free Phone Apps For Android

These are the top 10 second phone number apps available for Android handsets. We sincerely hope that this blog was informative and that you now know more about the uses for second phone numbers. You can create an endless number of virtual phone lines with these apps, which you can use for SMS and calling.


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