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Top 12 Best Key Finders You Need To Use

This list epitomizes the best key finders for securing valuable items, including pets. Every person who desires peace of mind when it comes to keeping track of their items can now choose from more manufacturers who offer multi-featured keys. You can be sure to find the best key finders from various manufacturers, each offering a distinctive feature at various price points, regardless of whether they are shaped like a square or a circle.

What Is A Key Finder?

A key finder is a miniature GPS tracker intended to be attached to a key device. It assists in the recovery of lost or stolen items by transmitting their location to the user’s receiver.

Key Finders Types

Various varieties of key finders employ various methods of locating.

Bluetooth key finders establish a connection with your smartphone or smart device. Your tracker can be located as long as your device has Bluetooth enabled. Additionally, this relationship is reciprocal: You can use your tracking device as a remote control to locate your smartphone.

Radiofrequency key finders employ radio signal transmitters to locate your device. They do not require an internet connection or a smartphone to use.

The least frequently encountered locators are audible key finders. These critical locators are packaged in pairs and communicate with one another to find their respective locations. If one of the devices overhears the contact, the other responds by chirping.

Key Finders Features

A key finder should have the following features.

An essential component of a key tracker’s efficacy is its range. For short-tracking, most key finders should range from 150.0 to 200.0 ft. Key finders that rely on Bluetooth ought to be capable of providing a general location for your item via a smart device. Bear in mind that key finders are short-range devices that work best with stationary objects and cannot serve as a substitute for a car GPS tracker.

Alarm systems on key finders should be prominently displayed. When their trackers only provide a vague location of a lost item, users can locate the key finder. It should be loud enough to hear throughout your house, though the precise volume is a matter of personal preference.

An excellent key finder must have a long battery life. Ideally, the batteries of most key finders should be replaceable and last at least one year. Numerous key finders use CR2032 coin cell batteries, which are economical and readily interchangeable with other apps.

Top 12 Best Key Finders You Need To Use

Some of the best key finders are provided below.

1. Tile Mate

Key Finders

The new Tile Mate 2022 version has updated its feature set to keep up with the times. This key finder can be located via Bluetooth with a 250-foot range or tracked via a map location if it is outside the Bluetooth range. The Tile Mate is typically affixed to a key ring together with a key, and if the key is lost, the Tile can be tracked using your phone. Nevertheless, the Tile Mate icon may also be employed to locate your phone. Your phone will vibrate when you press the button on the Tile Mate, even if it is in Silent mode.

This key finder, compact at 1.49 x 1.49 inches, is perfect for attaching valuables such as keys, backpacks, purses, toys, and medical supply packages. Your contact information is preserved in a QR code on the Tile’s reverse side. To contact the Tile’s proprietor, the person who finds it can simply scan the QR code. The Tile Mate is compatible with voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google, as well as Android and iOS. It is impermeable, as evidenced by its IP67 rating. It includes a battery expected to operate for a maximum of three years.

2. KeyRinger

Key Finders

From a distance of two feet, the KeyRinger generated an astonishing 106 decibels, nearly rupturing the sound pressure meter. This package is the ideal solution for individuals who do not require their keys to be connected to their cell phones. It is pre-programmed with two identifiers linked together immediately upon arrival, eliminating the need for a complex configuration process.

Holding the controls down for a few seconds while the devices are nearby is the sole process the KeyRinger requires, and the pairing is secure for life. In contrast to Bluetooth devices, which require a cell signal to locate them, and RF devices, which require a main base to locate them, these devices only require each other. This set is an excellent option if you are traveling in an RV towing a Jeep or a vehicle towing a watercraft and wish to keep meticulous track of your keys.

3. Tile Pro

Key Finders

The Tile Pro is an improvement over the Tile Mate, featuring a replaceable battery and a greater range (400 feet). It’s rectangular with rounded corners and measures 2.32 x 1.32 x 0.3 inches, contrasting to the Tile Mate’s square design. It is water-resistant and, similar to the Tile Mate, includes a two-way find function to assist in tracking your phone.

Subsequently, why select the Tile Pro? The Tile Pro is an excellent choice for those who require a greater range of Bluetooth connectivity, with a maximum of 400 feet, as opposed to the Tile Mate’s 250 feet. If you desire a battery that can be replaced, you will also require the Tile Pro. Users of the Tile Pro also report that the chime is louder than that of the Tile Mate, which means that it can be heard from a distance. Despite the higher price point, the Tile Pro is the superior choice if this feature is significant.

4. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus

Key Finders

The Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Plus is available to Android and Samsung phone users. Within a 120-meter range, the SmartTag can be used by Android phone users (including those not using Samsung). This key finder is water-resistant and has a replaceable coin battery expected to last up to six months. Also, it measures 1.54 x 1.54 x 0.39 inches.

You can find a lost item outside the Bluetooth range using the SmartThings app and Samsung’s Galaxy Find Net app if you own a Samsung Galaxy device with Ultra Wideband technology (Android 11 and higher). The use of augmented reality (AR) to direct you to the location of your lost item is another remarkable feature for users of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21+, Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, and Galaxy Z Fold 2. The tagged item is indicated by a scintillating green light on the phone’s screen, which Samsung calls AR Finding.

5. Apple AirTag

Key Finders

Apple AirTag is an obvious choice for people who own iPhones and iPads. The AirTag offers a greater range than the Tile Mate due to its Ultra-Wideband technology, which is more cost-effective than Bluetooth. This diminutive, circular key finder is IP67-rated and resistant to water and grime. Its dimensions are 3.27 x 0.47 x 4.09 inches. The CR2032 coin cell battery, which is user-replaceable, is anticipated to work for up to one year. The Find My app for iOS makes setup easy.

Precision Finding makes Finding Your Lost Item With the AirTag incredibly easy. Nevertheless, Precision Finding is available exclusively for the following devices: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. You can customize an AirTag with an emoticon as a person, which is free but will require more time to ship. If you want to add a hole to affix a keyring, the key finder alone does not offer this option. Apple and other vendors, such as Belkin, offer AirTag holders.

6. Cube Pro

Key Finders

The Cube Pro is one of the best key finders for people who prefer to use a device that works with Android or iOS phones. It works out of range with the last-known location on a map and has a Bluetooth range of 200 feet. With a ridged surface and a hole for attachment to a key ring, the Cube Pro is 1.62 x 1.62 x 0.19 inches and weighs 12 grams. It is impermeable and has an IP67 rating.

Like the Tile Pro and Tile Mate, the Cube Pro can be tapped to find the paired phone or device, making it chime, illuminate, or vibrate even if the Cube app is not operating. The Cube Pro has a feature called the separation alarm, which alerts you if you forget to take the item affixed to the key finder as you leave your house or any other location.

7. Chipolo One

The Chipolo One key finder makes it easy to find the item you’ve neglected. It upholds Chipolo’s illustrious tradition of manufacturing devices with exceptionally loud alarms. However, the Chipolo One adds an even more impressive feature: out-of-range alerts that buzz your phone when you have forgotten an essential item, such as your keys. To receive out-of-range alerts, activate the feature in Chipolo’s application.

You’ll receive a notification on your phone and a loud sound or buzz when you have traveled a specific distance from your Chipolo One. We could turn around and retrieve our keys before we traveled too far, thanks to Chipolo’s out-of-range alerts app, which arrived consistently and frequently quickly.

8. Esky Key Finder

The Esky key finder is an exceptional value for its affordable price. One transmitter and four receivers are available for less than $20. Because each receiver is color-coded, you can find a receiver by pressing the corresponding color on the transmitter. CR2032 batteries are included in all four receivers; however, the transmitter requires two 1.5V AAA batteries, which are not included. Advanced radiofrequency technology enables the Esky key finders to be tracked in open space for up to 131 feet.

This enables the transmitter to find the receivers despite dense walls and other obstructions inside a residence. The Esky is even more alluring in that it is not reliant on WiFi or Bluetooth, eliminating the necessity for a phone. Instead of using a phone or an app, you can use this key finder to rely on the transmitter to find your items. The Esky key finder system is a good choice for households that could be more tech-savvy.

9. Tile Sticker

The original Tile Sticker’s concept was sound: to construct a small, circular tracker that could adhere to the surfaces of objects and devices other than keychains. However, the execution was defective. Tile has taken the criticism to heart with the new Tile Sticker, as this version is highly reliable. For tracking things like laptops, passports, and other valuables with flat surfaces, it’s a superior choice right now.

You may still find it disconcerting to have what appears to be a small knob affixed to those surfaces; however, you will have a tracker with a wide range and an audible alarm, as we were able to detect the Tile Sticker from a distance of up to 170 feet. The Sticker incorporates Tile’s two-way find feature for locating discarded phones and works with Android and iPhone devices.

10. Eufy SmartTrack link

The Eufy SmartTrack link is a diminutive, square-shaped key finder similar to the Tile Mate. However, it is larger and features a more secure design. It also features a QR code for easy identification during loss. The device is fuelled by a detachable CR2032 coin battery and is expected to function for one year before requiring replacement.

The main selling point is that it works with Apple’s Find My app, which can enlist an entire network of iPhones to help you find your things. It’s fast and easy to connect to the Eufy security app and send your keys or set up clever alerts whenever you leave your things behind.

11. Tile Slim

The Tile Slim is ideally adapted to be concealed within a wallet or purse. Thanks to its slender design, which is comparable to that of a credit card, you can track the location of that item from your phone. However, regrettably, the most recent iteration of the Tile Slim is a regression from its predecessor, which had garnered such enthusiasm.

Due to the intermittent range issue, we had trouble remaining connected to the Tile Slim (2022) any time we traveled more than 80 feet away. The Slim’s efficacy could be better, as it is intended to match the range of the Tile Mate and Tile Sticker.

12. Innway Tag Key Finder

The Innway Tag is a reliable and cost-effective all-purpose key finder. The QR code on the packaging enables you to activate the reader with your smartphone and commence operations promptly. We encountered no errors when it was time to connect this tracker to our phones.

We were extremely impressed by the Innway’s range; we observed that this model could transmit to a distance of 395 feet while using the measuring wheel. The Innway Tag has its shortcomings. The alerts that emanate from this model are moderately quiet. You will likely require exceptional hearing to locate the device if it is obscured by a furniture cushion, lost in a car seat, or concealed by other belongings.


How Does A Key Finder Work?

A key finder transmits a signal back to a receiver to be tracked. Many modern trackers rely on Bluetooth technology to track over long distances, whereas some trackers use radio frequencies or audible signals.

Can I Use A Key Finder On Objects Other Than Keys?

Indeed. Even though they are named “key finders,” they are also effective for locating other items, including laptops, luggage, purses, and pets.

Can I Track Multiple Items With A Key Finder?

Although some manufacturers provide multiple-item monitoring, it is not a standard feature of all item-locating products.

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Final Thoughts:

The best Key Finders are listed above for your reference. If you know of any additional Key Finders, please get in touch with us using the comment section below.


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