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Top 12 Best Gooddata Alternatives In 2023

Best Gooddata Alternatives will be described in this article. Platform for data analytics, GoodData. You can manage your data on this website and view it in analytical form. The fact that this platform gathers your data and works for you makes it useful for businesspeople.

In addition to offering data discovery for all uses at the same price, GoodData. Because it offers ready-made templates, people can find rapid solutions for their enterprises. GoodData is a great option because it supports a variety of operating systems. This site is frequently used by many people to manage their data.


  • Simple to use
  • Secure Various options


  • High costs
  • Some nations do not offer it

Top 12 Best Gooddata Alternatives In 2023

In this article, you can know about Gooddata Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Alteryx


A high-level business knowledge software called Alteryx has a number of important components, such as a display, server, and fashioner. Information is gathered from a variety of sources and used to create reports. It compiles data from a variety of sources, and this product’s prearranging gadget evaluates the data. By encrypting data, they provide maximum security and only let authorised clients have access. This platform allows for a high level of personalization and modification as well as the division of documents among several clients.

2. Excel


Excel is a spreadsheet application featuring certain productivity capabilities including calculations, formulas, graphing and charting tools, pivot tables, and more. This tool makes it simpler to analyze data, make budgets, and amend worksheets. To handle data and save time with auto-fills and auto-corrections, it learns your habits and methods. To construct data from certain categories including finances, candidate data, calculations, and entries, you can use a range of prebuilt templates.

3. Google Sheets

Google Sheets

You may edit, make, work together on, and customize spreadsheets with Google Sheets, a spreadsheet application. Because the core engine is AI-enabled, your team can work together on a project with other employees. The changes you make are immediately visible on other people’s screens. The software allows administrators to set project expiration dates and grant specific collaborators access to download, copy, and print content. The data loss protection offered by Google Sheets is one of its best features. This is another Gooddata Alternatives. Also check Queenslandmax Alternatives

4. Apache OpenOffice Calc

Apache OpenOffice Calc

A spreadsheet program with an easy-to-use and intuitive tool interface is Apache OpenOffice Calc. The technique will be useful for finance departments, data scientists, data miners, and number crunchers. One exceptional feature is The Data Pilot, which makes it simple to import unprocessed data from several sources, summarize it, cross-tabulate it, and turn it into processed data. Formula application is as simple as writing in a standard language; for instance, to eliminate values, just place titles between them with a minus sign.

5. LibreOffice – Calc

LibreOffice - Calc

To organize and compute data, use the spreadsheet LibreOffice Calc. Professional users can use intelligent tools to mine data, crunch numbers, and enter data, while novices can make advantage of the user interface’s simple-to-use features. With styles and direct formatting, it’s simple to use flexible cell formatting options including freely rotating contents, templates, backdrops, borders, and more. With this program, you may master spreadsheets by using templates with built-in capabilities to reuse a pre-made sheet and concentrate only. This is another Gooddata Alternatives.

6. Gnumeric


Spreadsheet program called Gnumeric is part of the GNOME Free program Desktop Project. Free spreadsheet software called Gnumeric is intended to take the place of expensive spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. The GNU General Public License governs its allocation. The command-line tools in Gnumeric can automate and modify spreadsheet files. From CSV files, it can create spreadsheets and convert them to a number of different file formats, including XLS, ODS, HTML, LaTeX, PDF, and others. It is spreadsheet software used for number manipulation and analysis.

7. Numbers


Apple Inc. developed the spreadsheet program Numbers, along with Keynote and Pages, as part of the iWork productivity suite. Both iOS and macOS Sierra or later support Numbers. On August 7, 2007, Numbers 1.0 for OS X was made available, making it the newest program in the iWork collection. Microsoft Excel’s free, approachable mobile substitute is called Numbers. Since it enables you to quickly evaluate data and answer to enquiries, it is also known as the self-service analytics platform. This is another Gooddata Alternatives.

8. Tableau


With the help of the business intelligence application Tableau, organizations can easily show and understand their important data. The platform enables you to rapidly connect, understand, and exchange data with an effective, seamless experience from a PC to a smartphone. Without knowing how to code, you may use this tool to create, publish, and share dashboards with peers. Given that it enables you to quickly examine data and react to situations, it is also known as the self-service analytics platform.

9. EtherCalc


With the help of the collaborative spreadsheet EtherCalc, numerous users can work on the same document simultaneously, whether they are nearby or hundreds of kilometers apart. Every change you make is immediately reflected on all displays. Every time you modify the same data, the screen quickly refreshes; no more lost time or disruptions. EtherCalc is a web-based calculator that works with practically every current browser and doesn’t require any downloads or installations. This is another Gooddata Alternatives. Also check Helpmonks Alternatives

10. Quip for Teams

Quip for Teams

Quip is a tool for team collaboration that combines the creation and editing of documents and spreadsheets with chat and commenting features to enable teams to communicate directly about tasks and projects as they are being worked on. With the flexibility to filter and star papers to expedite searches, Quip’s ‘Smart Inbox’ interface enables users to collaboratively compose and update documents, spreadsheets, and checklists in real-time. Spreadsheets and documents can be annotated, and users can save document edits to track changes.

11. Zoho Sheet

Zoho Sheet

The online spreadsheet tool Zoho Sheet makes it easy to manage data, communicate with coworkers, and discuss reports. Additionally, it allows you to analyze and share business data on a single platform. Like other Zoho solutions, it integrates with other Zoho products to increase their functionality. With this comprehensive solution, you may access your spreadsheets at any time and from any place utilizing a web browser or native mobile apps on any device. This is another Gooddata Alternatives.

12. WPS Spreadsheets

WPS Spreadsheets

The WPS Office application package includes a utility called WPS Office Spreadsheets that enables you to manage and modify data using a straightforward spreadsheet interface. You can transform raw data into processed data using its convenient features. It comes with pre-made templates that you may customise to your desire. You may use this tool to build equations utilizing formulae, charts, graphs, pivot tables, complicated modeling, and multiple document viewing. Customizable keyboard shortcuts are what make it.


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