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Top 12 Best Fitness Apps For Android And iOS

Well, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s fast-paced world can be difficult. With various fitness apps created for Android and iOS users, technology assists. In addition to keeping track of your physical activity, these fitness apps also offer direction and inspiration to help you reach your objectives. With the assurance that your voyage toward a healthier lifestyle is a touch away, this exhaustive guide will examine the top 12 best fitness apps for Android and iOS.

As the new year has just begun, acquiring muscle and losing weight to improve one’s physical condition must be the most common resolution. You don’t need a personal trainer to stick to those resolutions; they won’t tell you to start a new workout routine or check in on how you’re doing. Numerous fitness apps are available to help you keep track of your fitness and serve as the ideal companion to help you get back in shape.

Top 12 Best Fitness Apps For Android And iOS

We’ve compiled a list of the best fitness apps to help you keep your New Year’s resolution to maintain a healthy balance.

1. Fitbit

Fitness Apps

Smart devices and Fitbit activity monitors are compatible with this app. It guarantees that it will assist its users in leading a healthy and active lifestyle. The Fitbit Surge can be synchronized wirelessly or via a zip tracker with an Android device. In addition to recording the number of steps taken, the Fitbit app also logs the total distance traveled and calories expended. Use the’ Log Food’ function to check how many calories are ingested daily. A comparison between your stats and those of a companion is possible.

2. BetterPoints

Fitness Apps

The Better Points app rewards you for exercising by giving you points you can use in stores like New Look, John Lewis, Starbucks, and Hotel Chocolat or online at places like Amazon. It is suitable for cycling, walking, and running. Better Points tracks your movements using the GPS on your phone, ensuring that deception is impossible. You might be astonished at how rapidly the rewards accumulate if you use it on a regular route, like a walk to work.

3. Google Fit

Fitness Apps

This app encourages users to check their stats immediately by maintaining a real-time record of distance, cadence, calories expended, etc. Through your Android device or Android Wear, this app automatically records your activities like running, walking, etc. This app retrieves information from other fitness apps like Android Wear, Nike+, Runkeeper, Strava, MyFitnessPal, Lifesum, Basis, Sleep as Android, Withings, and Xiaomi Mi bands, allowing you to monitor your fitness progress.

4. Gym Workout

Fitness Apps

Certainly, this app contains more fitness tools than you could ever want. It includes a Water Reminder, HIIT Tabata Timer, Calorie Counter, BMI Calculator, Workout Reminder, Workout Videos, Stopwatch, Workout Timer, and 10 Daily Ab Exercises. Each feature has a distinct set of responsibilities to maintain fitness. Fascinatingly, it also features a reminder that prompts you to drink water.

5. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

Fitness Apps

Although this app may appear inappropriate at first glance, its rating indicates that it performs its functions appropriately. It was developed in collaboration with certified fitness coaches. This app aids in maintaining fitness and successfully losing weight by adhering to each workout rule. The intensity gradually increases to prevent novices from finding the workout too difficult and stopping.

6. MyFitnessPal

Fitness Apps

This app boasts an extensive culinary database comprising more than six million foods. Its daily exercise duration is under five minutes. Using this app is a breeze, as it is exceptionally intuitive. Compared to other fitness apps, the creators of this app claim that it is the simplest and quickest. Connectivity is limited to fifty additional devices. Additionally, this app asserts that its users have collectively lost nearly 200 million pounds! Calorie Counter is an indispensable app for those wanting to lose weight and get back in shape.

7. 7 Minute Workout

This Google Play-featured app is ranked number one in more than 19 countries. Additionally, it is ranked among the top fitness apps in its category. The latest update includes Google Fitbit support. It has been scientifically demonstrated that its seven-minute workout will stimulate weight loss and enhance cardiovascular function. This 7-minute workout app is built upon the HICT (High-Intensity Circuit Training) methodology, which has been repeatedly validated as the most secure and productive approach to promoting overall body development and maintaining optimal health.

8. Pedometer

This app tracks the total number of calories consumed and the number of steps you take. The pedometer also maintains track of the length and pace of walking. Simply pressing the commence icon will commence the procedure, and you can then begin walking as you normally would while carrying your device. When the screen is secured on some devices, counting steps may stop. The developers clarify that this is not an app flaw but a consequence of the instrument’s specifications. You must provide your information in advance for precise speed, distance, calories consumed, and other results.

The Bottom Line:

Therefore, these are the best fitness apps to significantly improve your health and help you stick to your resolutions. By digitizing your life via our blog, we want you to be healthy. Maintain your health and happiness!


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