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Best Mac OS MySQL Client Tools In 2024

Best Mac OS MySQL Client Tools will be described in this article. When someone talks about the most popular relational database, what immediately comes to mind? You would probably name MySQL, which is now battling Oracle Database for the top spot in the database rating. MySQL is the second most popular database as of 2021.

There are various reasons why IT professionals such as software engineers, backend developers, DevOps engineers, and others prefer MySQL over alternative options. They like MySQL’s low barrier to entry, adaptability, great performance, active community that constantly creates new features, and superior security measures.

Best Mac OS MySQL Client Tools In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best Mac OS MySQL Client Tools here are the details below;

Rather than using a console to interact with SQL databases on Mac, developers prefer to use the Mac OS MySQL client tools. Development is accelerated by the convenient interface and command visualization offered by the SQL client for Mac OS.

Setapp for Teams is a tool that you can use on your Mac to increase both individual and group productivity. For software developers, UX designers, project managers, content marketers, and other professionals, our platform provides a selection of well selected Mac apps. Check out our carefully curated collection of these practical SQL clients for Mac OS.

SQLPro Studio

A Mac OS MySQL client that is incredibly light-weight, helpful, and much more is SQLPro Studio. This program lets you manage several cloud databases, SQL-type databases (like MariaDB and Oracle), and database management systems at the same time.

Other amazing features that SQLPro Studio has under its hood include:

  • The capacity to choose, modify, and retrieve data from multiple tables at once.
  • Sql formatting and syntactic checker that draws attention to mistakes and inconsistent code.
  • Feature that auto-completes instructions to save time while writing them out.
  • Lightning-fast performance because Java is not needed for the program.
  • With multiple dark mode themes, the UI is elegant and easy.
  • Manual tunneling to production systems is eliminated with SSH tunneling.
  • Fast problem fixes, frequent updates, and technical support.

SQLPro Studio

Software development teams that work with flexible databases, such as SQL, should consider using this tool. With SQLPro Studio, you can handle multiple databases at once, take advantage of exceptional performance, and simplify your usual work with its extensive formatting tools.

SQLPro for SQLite

The statement “This app is value for money” appears in one of the most well-liked evaluations of SQLPro for SQLite. You can actually accomplish more with this easy-to-use program than just standard database management duties.

With its extensive customization features right out of the box, SQLPro for SQLite enables you to quickly and easily create a workspace with tables and schemas that are tailored to your requirements. You can identify relevant products more quickly by using multiple filters and sorting, which minimizes human labor.

Additional characteristics of this MySQL client for Mac OS are:

  • Storing commonly used queries and managing them later.
  • Export to XML, CSV, MySQL, and JSON formats.
  • Syntax and error highlighting, as well as IntelliSense’s auto-complete function.
  • Executing several queries at once.
  • Built-in versioning system and data recovery by default.

SQLPro for SQLite

This program bears a resemblance to SQLPro Studio. With syntax highlighting and error detection, this lightweight yet powerful all-in-one SQL client for Mac OS enhances the development experience and lets you manage many DBMSs and databases simultaneously.


TablePlus’s elegant and understated UI will win you over as a devoted user of this MySQL client for Mac OS. Numerous databases are supported, such as PostgreSQL, Oracle, Redis, Amazon Redshift, and MariaDB Mac on OS X. Additional features include multi-step authorization, quick connections, and native libssh/TLS encryption.


TablePlus allows for multi-window or tabbed operation. With features including data filtering, code highlighter, auto-complete, inline editing, and results preview, its graphical user interface (GUI) is designed for simple and intuitive use. A handy quick jump option allows you to quickly navigate between views, tables, databases, and other objects. Also check HooplaDigital Alternatives 

This is an ideal option for developers searching for a straightforward Mac OS MySQL client with the ideal amount of capabilities to work with numerous relational databases simultaneously and experience optimal app performance.


This Mac OS SQL client’s name pretty much says it all. Even for SQL novices, Base’s beautiful and straightforward table-like interface is user-friendly.

Additionally, Base has additional useful features like:

  • Tables and fields can be created and edited using the SQLITE editor.
  • Integrated SQL display.
  • Export to XML is useful for developing mobile applications.
  • SQL query testing.


All things considered, Base is the best option for easily building and testing new schemas, rapid data and schema navigation, SQL testing, and reporting.

Picking the best MySQL client for your workflow

Uncertain of which Mac MySQL client is suitable for you? There’s no better way than trying them all out and deciding which best suits your requirements and tastes!

Utilizing all of these apps for the low monthly cost of a Setapp subscription—which starts at $9.99 for a Mac plan with one device—is a great deal because some of these apps can be really expensive. We believe selecting a MySQL client for Mac OS doesn’t have to be difficult. All of the previously stated tools—SQLPro Studio, SQLPro for SQLite, TablePlus, and Base—can be used with Setapp to assist in managing your MySQL databases.

Discover which MySQL client best suits your needs and use Setapp to enhance your MySQL database management.

The greatest was reserved for last. A seven-day free trial of Setapp’s full functionality is available to you. That’s correct, start using all of the Setapp apps, such as SQLPro Studio, SQLPro for SQLite, TablePlus, and Base, to update your Mac database software.


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