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Top Best Educational Apps In 2024

Best Educational Apps will be described in this article. There was a time when parents’ biggest nightmare was their children using phones while studying. Doctors even warned parents to limit screen time for kids.

With 42% of kids using 30 hours + time on their phone every week, wouldn’t it be wise to use some time for learning?

Top Best Educational Apps In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best Educational Apps here are the details below;

With the advent of educational apps, the education sector has seen a tremendous shift in learning, and it has become more focus-oriented & accessible.

Whether you are looking to learn a new language, develop a skill, or create an eLearning app for kids, we are going to share a list of top eLearning applications that are useful in every way.

What Are Educational Apps?

What Are Educational Apps

While writing about the best educational apps to use in 2024, we thought it’d be wise to start with the basics.

Educational apps are computer software that aid kids to delve into fun & engaging education. Different types of educational apps are available to make your learning more resourceful, ranging from Asynchronous Online Learning to Mobile learning.

Apart from students, educational apps are helping teachers too in learning new technology & skills. This helps them to bridge any gap between children & education.

In current times, children of every age are watching & using smartphones, and as a result, they grasp & use technologies sooner. This can be leveraged to augment learning, inside & outside of the classroom.

Gone are the days of Chalkboards, & Books, now educational apps are being a channel between children & knowledge that are helping them to grasp knowledge more efficiently & effectively.

As we have already talked about educational apps, let’s get to know about the top educational apps for 2024 that can enhance learning experiences for every age group.

Educational Apps Stats & Market Analysis

The growing focus on educational apps is visible through the below stats. And, we are sure that the new trends in educational technology will reshape the learning experience & will bring new opportunities for businesses too.

Educational Apps Stats & Market Analysis

The education app market is likely to grow at a CAGR of the 28.61% between 2022 & the 2027. With the increasing penetration of the internet & several benefits of these educational apps, it is surely fueling the growth of the e-learning industry.

The market is surely seeing a shift in educational apps through new technologies AR/VR that are engaging students and making their learning fun. There are a plethora of top-rated online educational apps that are bringing better output to users’ educational journeys. Get to know them below.

Discover the Best Educational Apps for Kids, Students, and Professionals

With the increasing demand for educational apps, the market is flooded with a lot of educational apps. Using thorough research, we have brought the top online educational apps that will be helpful.

Whether you are looking for the best educational apps for professionals, kids, or students, these educational apps are of great use. Tighten your seatbelt, & dive in the list.

Top Educational Apps for Kids

Nowadays, kids spend a pretty decent amount of time on phones, tablets, etc. & parents are hell-bent on their children to use apps that are good for them & improve their knowledge.

As per a study, 67% of parents believe that using screen media can help in children’s learning. Based on that, we have brought some of the best educational apps for kids that you must have on your phone-

1. Khan Academy Kids

A free educational app for kids that provides wide-ranging & fun educational activities to provide knowledge of different subjects. Your kid will find it interesting when a lovable animal character like Kodi Bear guides them through stories.

Khan Academy Kids

What is exceptional about the app is it doesn’t only assist your kids in learning subjects but also motivates them to show their creativity & strengthen their social-emotional skills.

To capture your children’s minds & hearts, they have a rich library of games, interactive activities, animated videos & songs that will make your kids fall in love with learning. Seeing all these features, we get why it is one of the biggest educational apps. Not only this but taking inspiration from this app, many businesses have decided to create educational apps for kids & become a prominent app in this market.


  • No ads, No subscription.
  • Personalized learning experience.
  • Provide powerful teacher tools.
  • Offer fun family activities too.
  • YouTube videos with interactive

2. Epic

Epic is one of the top educational apps, you might wonder why?. It has the world’s largest virtual library with over 40,000 best children’s books, audiobooks & videos that help your kid to learn from anywhere and anytime.


And, yes, one more thing, the app has a ‘read-me- feature’ for those toddlers who are still learning how to read featured background voices & fun music that make stories more engaging. Oh, and it is also available in different languages.

Several fun rewards and exciting quizzes can motivate your kid to learn and improve their knowledge. So, if you are looking for educational apps for children, we will ask you to give this app a shot.


  • Huge library of e-books.
  • Offers read-me feature.
  • Offline download.
  • Fun rewards & badges.

3. ABCmouse


As per Statista, it is surely one of the best educational apps to use in 2024 which made a record last year for the most downloaded learning app for children with over 2 million downloads for Android & iOS respectively.

Well, its appeal shoots from its storyline-based videos, quizzes & much more. Your kid gets to learn regular subjects like Math, English, etc. in an engaging way which surely motivates your kid’s curiosity to learn more.

What else? This app is quite good for toddlers, kindergarten, & much more. Also, relied on by teachers & designed by experts, we believe it is surely among the top learning apps for kids.


  • Offers animated videos & stories.
  • Customizable Avatar & Pet Park features.
  • Track & monitor your kid’s progress.
  • Quicken children’s development of early literacy & math.
  • Great as a homeschooling app.

4. PBS KIDS Games


PBS KIDS Games app is a lifesaver when you want to keep your toddler busy for some time. This app is one of the most used educational apps, and what makes it so familiar is that it features educational games for kids featuring shows like Daniel Tiger, Rosie’s Rules & more.

The app not only makes it easy to keep your kid occupied with engaging games & activities but also provides educational content that helps them learn as they play.

Once you download the app, you get access to many free educational games curated by professionals for your kid. With a user-friendly interface & fun games, your toddler gets a safe space to flourish their imagination. So, if you ask best free educational apps for your kid, we highly suggest that your PBS KIDS Games be on your list.


  • Mini-games & challenges to boost imagination.
  • Kids can browse & play games offline.
  • Customizable profile.
  • 240+ Free curriculum-based games for your kid.
  • New games are added weekly.

5. BrainPOP Jr.

BrainPOP Jr

Looking for iOS educational apps? Brian Pop Jr. is a great app to go for. The app is designed by experts & has a plethora of animated movies, quizzes, and much more. The main idea behind the app is to replace inactive screen time with enriched learning through interactive games and activities making it one of the best educational game apps for your kid.

For the last 20 years, the app has been providing easy-to-understand videos & guides that cultivate your children’s critical thinking & encourage them to bring new ideas to the table.

It is an award-winning animated educational app for iPhone users that has humorous characters, including Annie & Moby which kids find quite fascinating. All in all, the app has a lot to offer & fulfills all the purposes of Educational Software. Once you use it you will find out.


  • Vast & engaging learning tools.
  • Storytelling movies.
  • Video of the week highlights the topic.
  • Provide tools for concept maps.
  • Demonstrate through videos.

6. Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read

Another name among the top educational apps for kids is ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’. It’s a phonics & reading game for kids.

The app has over 30M+ users who are on a magical journey to learn through games & improve their skills. These mini-games also help them to improve their speed & phonics accuracy.

The app presents a unique monster that takes your kid on a journey of learning something new, specially used for kids aged between 3-6. This game allows children to learn through some games including Fun with Words, Champion Reader, & First Steps. It’s one of the best & free educational apps for kids & can be used at home & school.


  • Offer mini-games.
  • Easy to use.
  • Offers mini-games to enhance learning.
  • Track progress on the app.
  • Phonics-based lessons.

Best Educational Apps for Students

In today’s landscape, a children’s life is more overwhelming than adults. And, it becomes hard to keep up with your studies, especially with a smartphone by your side, it becomes tougher.

But, what if your smartphone can be a companion that helps you with your studies & makes you more fruitful? But, to do so, you will need the eLearning apps for students on your phone. We are sharing the list, get to know them.

1. Photomath


Math is a nightmare for a lot of students. It can be due to various reasons such as the formula being hard to understand or the concept being confusing, this is where Photomath takes the wheel. If you have any query about math, you can just click a picture of your question and let the app analyze the answer for you.

What makes it one of the best educational apps for students is that it not only assists you with answers but also simplifies the question with step-by-step video tutorials.

The explanations are done through interactive graphs & easy formulas. This helps students to understand methods they can use next time to solve similar equations. Not only this but all this can be done without the Internet. We understand why students feel it is one of the best educational platforms.


  • Use your phone’s camera to scan your problem.
  • Easily understand your handwritten problems too.
  • Offers a scientific calculator.
  • Bit-by-bit explanation.
  • Provide different ways to solve problems.

2. Google Classroom

Google Classroom

When the name is Google, it ensures quality. Well, this app has also established quality learning by connecting learners to instructors.

Google Classroom has gained a prominent name in the list of top educational apps, it streamlines the process of creating classes, & giving assignments that students are expected to deliver within time. Once the assignment is done, teachers grade them.

Similar to other apps, it has many benefits of educational apps, but what sets it apart is that the app eradicates any kind of miscommunication and brings a positive shift to how classes are conducted. This has made Google Classroom one of the best educational apps for Android & iOS and has the largest market in the USA, UK, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Peru, Mexico, & Others.


  • Manage different classes at once.
  • Easily add a new course through a link or code.
  • Incorporate edtech tools.
  • Snap & submit your work.
  • Automatic notification.

3. Duolingo


Whether you want to learn a new language or to excel in one, Duolingo is recommended among the most popular educational apps for languages.

The app has a game-based tool that assists its users of every age to speak a new language easily & fluently. You might think what if I forgot what I learned? Well, worry not; the app has different exercises to revise your learnings.

The reason, we consider this app among the top educational apps for students is that Duolingo has 40 languages ranging from Spanish, French, English & more & covers reading, writing, listening & speaking. It also has a speedy feedback system to tell you what you did wrong and that too with a proper explanation.

Its user-friendly interface & new approach have made it one of the most successful educational apps & led to huge popularity among people. Consequently, investors are looking to create an app like Duolingo & bring better solutions to the market with the help of an experienced mobile app development company.


  • Offers activity dashboard.
  • Track your course.
  • Have a solid motivational system.
  • You get to see Duolingo stories ( New feature)
  • Change your language without losing progress.

Top Educational Apps for Professionals

For your career growth, you need to upgrade your skills from time to time. Otherwise, you will be out of the market, and to assist you in gaining skills, apps like Linkedin Learning are of great help.

There are a lot of top educational apps for professionals available in the market. Get to know them. Then, you can choose from those that suit your requirements. Whether you are looking for the best educational apps for iPhone or Android, you will find an app for your preferred device.

1. linkedin learning

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn has made a prominent name in the market. Be it a CEO of any company or a job-seeker, it has attracted everyone. Now, professionals & LinkedIn go hand in hand not only for job-seeking but for learning a new skill too. was incorporated into LinkedIn Learning in 2017. Soon, after the launch, it drew the attention of people & resulted in massive popularity.

It offers 16,000 expert-led courses in leadership, 3D animation, IT & more. You can gain access to these courses for free & with a subscription too. So, whether you want to learn business skills to be a manager, need help with app development, or be an expert in SEO, this app has something for everyone.  As we can see, demand for apps like LinkedIn Learning is growing, businesses are taking an interest in creating an e-learning app for adults & leveraging this growing market.


  • Offers saving & sharing courses.
  • Provide certificate on completion.
  • Practice exercise files & quizzes.
  • Q&A feature to put forward your question.
  • Has free & paid courses.

2. Skillshare


As we promised, the top educational apps for professionals, here is another gem ‘Skillshare’. It is the best online educational app to give wings to your creativity. With over 25,000 free & paid courses, we are sure you will find something that suits your needs. Also check Digital Literacy

If you have any passion that you want to follow, Skillshare will take you from amateur to expert real quick with its online classes. Be it lifestyle, nail art, technology, or anything else, the app strives to provide you with everything.

You can learn from experts, join hands with the global community & get certificates (after paying for a subscription). Overall, this educational app for professionals is surely a must-try for everyone.


  • Get feedback from experts.
  • Personalized recommendation.
  • Offline access.
  • Unrestricted access to the entire catalog.
  • Skillshare learning path for your creative journey.

3. Audible


We bet if you know anything about professional educational apps, you must have thought this would be on our list. Audible is perfect, if you like to listen to podcasts & audiobooks, then this app will be your favorite.

You can gain knowledge by listening to appealing audiobooks, spellbinding novels, & informative podcasts, etc. Get to pick from a variety of genres and listen to them anytime and anywhere.

Whether you are sitting on a flight or hitting the road, stream podcasts and explore a variety of series with just your fingertips.  These immersive storytelling podcasts will surely pique your interest in knowing more about your favorite genre, & will assist you in making Audible a part of your daily life.


  • Discover the top Audible original podcasts.
  • Choose from different genres of podcasts.
  • Get first-class audiobooks from your favorite authors.
  • Listen-offline feature.
  • You can cancel your subscription anytime.

How Nimble AppGenie Can Help You Build the Best Educational App in 2024?

Do you want to develop a top educational app & looking to hire mobile app developers? Look no further than Nimble AppGenie, the best educational app development company.

We have years of experience in delivering solutions that speak for your brand. Our developers & experts not only understand your project but also delve into the root cause you are trying to solve. This way, we explore potential problems & work with top technology & trends to curate a solution for your business needs & users.

For a jump-start, you can just share your idea & our expert will get back to you within a few hours. Also check What Is Social Learning Theory


In essence, educational apps are replacing old ways of learning and helping students with more organization, time management, collaboration, etc. The above-given best online educational apps for 2024 surely deserve applause for being students’ companions & fostering a better ecosystem to drive more education apps in the market.

Students, teachers & parents are always eager to find more and more educational apps that fit well with their requirements.  At such time, launch your own educational app with the help of an education app development company i.e. Nimble AppGenie will be a smart move.


What are educational apps?

Educational apps are those software that help students to stay further in their education through virtual coaching. These apps help students to learn at their own pace within their comfort.

Which educational app is the best in 2024?

There are lots of educational apps that are fun & engaging like Khan Academy Kids, Epic, Udemy, SkillShare, LinkedIn learning, Duolingo, PBS KIDS Academy & more.

How to choose the best educational app?

Choosing the best educational app depends on your requirements, such as it engages your kids, doesn’t provide any kind of distractions, and is recommended by people, considering these, you can help choose an educational app for you.

Which education app is best for kids?

Some of the best educational apps for kids are Reading Eggs, ABCmouse, Khan Academy Kids, Sago Mini World & others.

Which educational app is best in the USA?

Several educational apps are the best in the USA such as Duolingo, Google Classroom, Khan Academy Kids, and Epic. Other than that you will plethora of educational apps.

Which educational app is best for students?

Some of the best educational apps for students are Khan Academy Kids, Epic, Kahoot, Google Classroom, Babbel & others.

Which educational app is best for professionals?

Skillshare, Linkedin Learning, Babbel, YouTube, TED, etc. are some of the top educational apps for professionals.


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