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Benefits And Importance Of Academic Coaching

Benefits And Importance Of Academic Coaching will be described in this article. Parents are expected to be superhuman and to take care of all aspects of a child’s wellbeing. You’re also asked to manage their schoolwork and academic success, on top of your regular full-time jobs.

Benefits And Importance Of Academic Coaching

In this article, you can know about Benefits And Importance Of Academic Coaching here are the details below;

You may already be doing your best, but you’ve stretched yourself too thin. If you want to set your child up for lasting success, read on to learn what academic coaching entails and how it can benefit your child.

What Is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching provides guidance and assistance for students to improve their academic performance.

Academic coaches help students develop the habits needed to ensure the student’s success. These skills apply to all areas of life including school, home, and work.

Students Who Benefit From Academic Coaching

While all students who receive academic coaching benefit from it, academic coaching helps some students in particular to flourish. Here are specific instances where students have utilized academic coaching resources. Also check home repairs services

Do keep in mind that students may fall into one or more categories.

Students With ADHD

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, affects at least 6.1 million children within the United States. This number refers to those who are under 18.

This means that of a class of thirty students, one or more students may have ADHD.

While ADHD is not regarded a learning disability, it affects a child’s ability to learn. This includes the ability to pay attention and complete routines essential to their academic success.

For example, kids with ADHD may have trouble with their ability to focus and to find inner motivation. This may affect their participation, classwork, and academic grades.

Academic coaching helps develop executive functioning skills for ADHD students. These executive functioning skills for students are crucial to teaching the child planning and organization, and self-regulation in terms of emotions, responsibilities, and tasks at hand.

Students With Learning Disabilities

Another group of students that benefit from academic tutoring is students with learning disabilities. While this group is closely tied to students with ADHD, they are the same.

Learning Disabilities Association of America defines learning disabilities as the result of genetic or neurobiological factors which affect the brain’s cognitive processes related to learning. These interferences may show in the child’s ability to read, write, or pay attention.

For example, students with dyslexia may experience more difficulty reading words with certain letters and digits like “b” and “d”, “p” and “q,” and “6” and 9.” Other common learning disabilities include dyscalculia and auditory and visual processing disorders.

A common myth is that students with learning disabilities are less intelligent than the average student. This is not the case. Most often than not, children with learning disabilities are super intelligent. They just need support and encouragement from their network to excel in school. Academic coaching resources can provide that.

Academic coaches help students with learning disabilities with executive functioning skills training. They help students build and implement habits that ensure personal and academic success. Also check tutoring services

Students in AP classes

Do not be mistaken. Academic coaching is not only for those with learning and attention difficulties. Academic tutoring also helps students who are navigating more difficult courses such as AP classes in high school.

It is not unusual for students who take AP classes to sometimes feel down on themselves when they do not understand a concept in class. They may also feel ashamed if they think they are lagging behind the class.

It is hard to ask for help, but it can be even harder for gifted students to admit they need help. Some students feel uncomfortable asking for help from the teacher in front of their peers who are doing well in class.

Academic coaching provides the additional tutoring and support that AP students may need when completing AP classes. At Peak Academic Coaching, students always receive one-on-one attention. This means that your student can learn and practice in confidence.

Student Athletes

The age-long debate remains: do student-athletes get better grades than non-student athletes?

You may think that student-athletes don’t do as well as non-student athletes. However, studies have found that this is not the case. Participation in sports actually correlates with greater academic performance, body-image perception, and self-esteem.

While many studies have reinforced this fact, this does not mean that all student-athletes do well.

Because student-athletes have to devote extra time, energy, and effort to the sport, their total energy and free time are limited. If students do not already have good study habits and skills, they could fumble. Student-athletes who do not manage time well and who already have trouble focusing may risk poor academic performance.

Here’s where an academic coach can help.

Student-athletes exercise better time management by planning their daily and weekly schedules. They don’t have to choose between schoolwork or sports. In fact, participation in extracurricular activities with excellent academic performance show colleges that your child is a good fit for their rigorous curriculum ahead.

Seven Main Benefits of Academic Coaching With PAC

Academic coaching is an enriching activity that benefits both the student and parents alike. Our long list of testimonials from our students and parents with real success stories proves this. For the student, here are seven main ways in which academic coaching with us here at Peak Academic Coaching, could improve their lives.

1. Improves Their Academic Performance

Improves Their Academic Performance

This is a given. When your student signs up for academic coaching with us, we work to understand and know your child. This is how we are able to match them with one of our qualified academic coaches.

Our academic coaches help to clarify confusion and improve their proficiency in school. Most parents who sign up with PAC are surprised to see improvements in their child’s academic performance in as little as a few months!

2. Inspires Passion for School Subjects

Students do better when they, themselves, feel invested in what they’re learning. It is hard for a child to feel passionate about something that they do not feel competent in.

One thing that our academic coaches do well is to inspire or restore a child’s passion for certain school subjects. Our coaches give students the support and tutoring they need to become proficient in subjects like science or math.

Children who have worked with our academic coaches have learned to love what they’re studying (again) because they have the academic support they need to do well.

3. Prepares Them for Independence and Success

Prepares Them for Independence and Success

One of our core principles here at Peak Academic Coaching is ownership and independence.

Through our evidence-based executive functioning curriculum, we set our students up for success. We also help students to take ownership of their lives by encouraging the implementation of habits like time management and self-regulation in their daily routines.

That is why we encourage an early start for your child’s academic coaching and academic tutoring. The prime time to enroll your children in academic coaching is as early as grade school. This allows enough time for skills and habits to cement. By the time college rolls around, your child is well-equipped for an independent and successful life.

4. Improves Their Self Confidence

It is not unusual for our students to experience higher levels of self-confidence and self-esteem. Students who work with our coaches and tutors have seen a dramatic difference in self-image from the start of their journey to now.

Even with nationwide pandemic restrictions, we continue to deliver our promises. Our coaches continue to help their students improve their grades and to build executive functioning skills online. Also check roofing services

With greater ability and competency, students have greater faith in themselves and their abilities. This impacts the way that they may view and treat themselves.

For example, students who are not comfortable asking for additional help in advanced classes, learn that it is okay to reach out for help. They do not need to hold themselves to unreasonable standards throughout the learning process. There is additional help ready to support them when they need it. This realization and attitude carry back with them into their regular classrooms.

5. Gives Them Greater Choice in Colleges

One thing that academic coaching gives students is the freedom to apply to the college of their dreams. Students who work with our academic coaches set academic goals, get on track, and reach these goals through hard work, skill- and habit-building, and accountability.

Your child’s academic excellence paired with extracurriculars opens the door to more scholarships, grants, and better financial aid. This means they could apply to a wider range of schools, meaning they can also shoot and aim for some of the best colleges in the country.

Do not underestimate how much academic training could prepare your child for success in the college application process. Help them to become attractive and qualified candidates by starting them early. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so now.

When your children look back, they could thank you for the work ethic, skills, and habits they’ve learned through enriching academic coaching.

6. Improves Their Relationship With Their Parents

Improves Their Relationship With Their Parents

Are you tired of getting frustrated and upset with your child’s academic performance and personal study habits? No matter how much you try to stay on top of them, nag them, and push them, they seem to go against the grain of everything you hope for, without even trying.

Here at Peak Academic Coaching, we operate on the belief that no two students are the same. They require different studying and learning strategies to help them succeed in their academic lives.

While we can provide a foundational basis for their learning, our academic coaches can’t truly cater to your child without working with them one on one to develop personalized academic goals and individualized goal-tackling strategies.

Our coaches step in, in your place, and implement our evidence-based executive functioning curriculum that helps your child to pick up the slack and to do well in school. Our academic tutors hold your child accountable so that you don’t have to nag them anymore about missing schoolwork or late assignments.

That’s one less responsibility you have to take care of. It is also a greater opportunity for you and your child to bond over more positive experiences.

7. Provides a Role Model

Provides a Role Model

For a growing child, they must have a positive role model figure to look up to. These are important figures that serve as guidance for young students to model good behavior from.

Here at Peak Academic Coaching, our academic coaches serve as that important role model figure for the students that they work with.

Many of the parents who have enrolled their children with us have said that their children enjoy working with a tutor who really understands them. Some feel so ecstatic about their tutor’s presence and guidance that the students have even asked if their tutors could continue teaching them in school!

Not only do students improve their academic performance through academic coaching, but they also gain trusted friends and the right guidance through their earlier years of school. Academic coaching is the right step for young children looking to excel in school and other areas of life.

Set Your Child Up For Success

You’ve already done so much to prepare them for success, and that’s why you should lock it in by signing your child up for our academic coaching services.

Our qualified academic coaches help your child to learn, build, and implement necessary executive functioning skills that equip your child with the know-how for any situation in life.

While your child’s success depends largely on themselves, you can increase the odds of it by utilizing our academic coaching resources. If you live in the Georgia area and are ready to get started with a personalized tutor for your child, give us a call. Let’s chat!


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