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Top 10+ Digital Rights Management Software To Try

Digital rights management keeps track of who can access your data (DRM). The length of these files can range from 3-minute music to a 30-hour course. Since the beginning of the internet, DRM has been a big problem for most businesses and online stores. In this post, we’ll talk about why privacy is important, what digital rights management (DRM) software is, how it works, and what some of the best DRM solutions are.

In This Digital Age, How Important Is Privacy?

People care a lot about their right to privacy. On the other hand, our id thinks that privacy is a lie. In the digital age, when every device you use collects data about you somehow, it’s hard to believe that you still have control over your privacy. This technology change has made it harder for people all over the conflict to get along. Companies that sell digital assets in the virtual world face a big risk from piracy. As the word “piracy” suggests, it means to steal. The Piracy is the act of downloading and sharing copy-protected media like software, music, and videos without permission. In the US in 2020, 12.5 billion people went to sites that let people download pirated content.

So, What’s Behind The Rise In Piracy?

Well, due to the rise of peer-to-peer file exchange networks, online piracy of copyrighted content is becoming more and more of a problem. These days, torrent sites have everything: cracker software, the newest movies, courses, you name it. With the rise of apps and websites, it’s easy to get pirated content. Several laws are in place to prevent this kind of copyright infringement. But even though these rules are strict, there is a way out. The DRM software has been a ray of hope for businesses and organizations that sell digital assets during these hard times. Learn more about DRM software and how it works with mistakes like these downloads.

What Does DRM Software Do? What Is It?

Well, Millions of new pieces of content are added to the internet every minute, making it hard for a single gatekeeper to keep up. DRM technologies and software are used by businesses to keep track of their digital content across platforms. Digital rights management (DRM) is a strategic app of technology and systems that stops the illegal use of copyrighted information anywhere. It’s important to know that DRM methods don’t work against pirates. Instead, they prevent people from even beginning to copy or spread the content.

Digital rights management lets content creators have some say over what people who pay for their control can do with it. DRM solutions can help businesses stop people from copying or preventing their digital content without their permission. Let’s look at how and when DRM technologies can be used in the future. DRM systems use encrypted codes to prevent people from copying and accessing how long you can use a product and how many devices you can use. In addition, content creators can limit what consumers can do with their works and only let people with the decryption key access them. If we list the things that DRM does, you can:

1 – Limit it hard or impossible for people to change, share, or print your content.

2 – Stop people from taking screenshots of your content.

3 – Give your document or media a custom end date so that it is no longer available after that time.

4 – Only allows certain IP addresses, regions, or devices to access the content.

5 – Use dynamic watermarks to prove ownership of documents and artwork.

Now that you know what DRM software is and how it works, let’s look at some of the best software to safeguard your digital assets.

Digital Rights Management Software

Digital Rights Management Software is explained here.

1. PallyCon

PallyCon is a multi-DRM solution that protects content for both people and businesses in all possible ways. Cloud-based end-to-end encryption lets you quickly and easily protect your digital assets.

Club-Based SaaS: Amazon Web Services (AWS) was used to build the Multi-DRM service, which is already connected to Elemental Media Services through the SPEKE API.

Wide Reach: Regionally specific service architecture to make global content services more responsive and reliable.

Forensic Watermarking: It is easy to add a watermark and Multi-DRM to your content for the highest level of security.

Simple To Use: You can use Multi-DRM to protect your web content services by integrating it with several HTML5 players.

PallyCon lets you try out a wide range of services with no risk. In addition, you can use the platform for as little as $300 per month.

2. Digify

Digify is DRM software that is easy to use and helps you manage the legal distribution of your content and stop piracy. In addition, you can use it to streamline your workflow and make decisions based on data and with a full picture.

Access Control: You can let users in or keep them out, control how they can get to your content, and set a custom expiration date to give them more time.

Controlled Distribution: You can choose who can access, print, and download your files, and all of your documents will automatically have a watermark on them to stop fraud.

Tracking & Analytics: Get detailed reports on who, when, and how people accessed your files. Get a real-time email or text message when someone opens one of your files.

Digify is used by companies like LinkedIn, WeWork, and BCG. In addition, more than 350,000 professionals in 138 different countries use it.

3. Seclore

Seclore is a leader in Enterprise Digital Right Management (EDRM) solutions. Its DRM architecture is intended to manage high-level content security systems for businesses. The Seclore’s EDRM automatically adds micro digital rights to files and content when downloaded, used, or used elsewhere.

Simple Management: The command-and-control center provides access to a single dashboard where you can efficiently manage usage policies, protected files, user permissions, and activity logs.

One-Click Protection: You can protect your files automatically or by hand with just one click.

Simple Authentication: The Integrated Identity Federation system makes it easy for users to prove who they are by using SSO, social media, and web directories.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems: The Pre-integrated DLP Systems that automatically safeguard files found by DLP.

Data-Centric Security: Data-centric security is automatically built into Seclore’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems at the download time.

Seclore offers EDRM services to large companies at prices that aren’t too high. Its premium services are used by many of the Global 2000 companies worldwide.

4. Widevine DRM

Widewine, a DRM licensing and encryption technology, has been provided to you by Google. Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox, and many other browsers often use it to protect content. It protects content on desktops as well as on Android devices, Android TV, and Chromecast.

Content Protection: Content protection solutions already built in and a wider range of consumer devices give you more options.

Video Playback: An advanced HTML5 video player has features like high-quality streaming, QoS, and the ability to be used on many devices.

One-Time Encryption: Use Widevine DRM to encrypt your content once, then send it using reliable video formats like MP4 and WebM.

Device Security: Key boxes are already set up for secure decryption and security of premium content.

OTT platforms and content producers use the Widevine to prevent the illegal distribution of content, like video piracy and ensure a steady flow of income.

5. CapLinked

It is a platform for managing and sharing documents in the cloud. CapLinked helps companies talk about contracts, handle mergers and acquisitions, and safely share private documents. FileProtect is a DRM product provided by CapLinked for managing access to your most important documents.

Complete Access Control: You can easily revoke or limit access to your files, and you have full control over who can view, print, and download them.

Activity Tracking: By keeping an eye on regular browser actions in real-time, you can streamline your workflow and make decisions based on facts.

Custom Integrations: FileProtect’s enterprise-level security will keep your papers from getting out and help you stay in compliance.

CapLinked uses the strongest block cyphers to keep your private information safe. You also get a free trial of the best virtual data room in your field.

6. RedPoints

RedPoints, based in Barcelona, is the most popular digital revenue recovery platform. It automatically finds content offered online illegally or illegally and gets rid of it.

AI-Powered Search: DRM tools use cutting-edge photo analysis software to keep an eye on marketplaces and look for any infractions or mistakes.

Test Purchases: Buy a few of your products to see if they are being offered elsewhere without your permission.

Automatic Enforcement: When a fake product activation key is found, the takedown process will start automatically.

Analytics & Reports: Collect data to determine how well your data security efforts are working and use it to help you make decisions.

RedPoints is a DRM software that can be expanded and is cheap. Over 1,000 businesses use RedPoints to stop piracy, spreading content without a license, and income theft.

7. Axinom

Axinom is powerful multi-DRM software that can meet all of your content protection needs. This DRM service helps keep 4K videos safe and is like DRMs used in Hollywood. One version of Axinom DRM is designed for situations where you are online, and the other is for situations where you are not.

1 – It supports a wide range of key encryptions with different levels of security to keep content safe.

2 – A service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 percent and a large global outreach to prevent license generation delays.

3 – Access control that can be changed easily to fit different levels of security on many devices.

4 – It works with SPEKE 2.0 and makes it easier for the system, the programmer, and the package to work together.

5 – Disconnected DRM to meet the security needs of users on board.

Axinom gives you the building blocks for content-offered workflows and strategies. It is a good piece of DRM software that you can try.

8. VdoCipher

VdoChiper is a safe video hosting service for media websites, apps, and e-learning platforms. It helps companies stop people from downloading videos without permission and get more money from licensed resellers.

DRM Encrypted Videos: The technology ensures that no hacker, plugin, or downloader can download your videos.

Dynamic Watermarking: Watermarks that change to keep people from taking screenshots of websites and mobile apps.

Easily Embed Videos: You can quickly upload or post videos to your website or app, where consumers can download them safely.

Committed Support: Reliable, trustworthy customer support services answer 90% of questions within 24 hours.

VdoChiper offers DRMs that Hollywood has provided. Well, it does this by using a combination of AWS servers and CDN infrastructure. It works with over 2,000 businesses in more than 40 countries.

9. CastLabs

CaseLabs offers DRM licensing services based in the cloud for digital videos from all over the world. Its DRM service, called DRMToday, gives out billions of licenses to millions of devices every month. With CastLabs, you get a team of security experts who receive for you around the clock and are the best at what they do.

International Reach: AWS servers are highly scalable, have low latency, and serve multiple regions.

Quick Licensing: If you use DRMtoday’s fast network, you can receive down on the time it takes for consumers anywhere in the world to get a standard license.

Online Dashboard: An easy-to-use front-end dashboard for managing license operations and keeping track of them.

The video player is already set up to work with CastLabs’ smart PRESTOplay playback SDKs and is compatible with programs from other companies. In addition, DRMToday is easy to use with top technologies like Microsoft Azure, Fastly, Harmonic, etc. Well, you only need to connect one API to get it going.

10. EditionGuard

EditionGuard is the most popular eBook DRM in the business world. You can use it to safely sell and ship eBooks and manage how your online ebook content is shared. With EditionGuard, you can choose between Adobe, Readium LCP, and Social as the DRM for your eBooks.

Display Permission: You can easily set display expiration dates for references and limit how long content can be viewed after it has been downloaded.

Copy Permission: You can choose how many pages, how often, and when you can copy something.

Printing Protection: Choose who can download your ebook, how many copies can be downloaded, and how long the restriction will last.

Simple Setup: Help customers in real-time with simple setup and integration into your website or third-party software.

EditionGuard is the eBook DRM software that publishers, authors, and other groups like best. One million eBooks have been protected, and soon many more will join the list.

11. DRM-X

DRM-X is the best copy protection platform on the market. Well, its DRM-X 4.0 uses a special security architecture to encrypt and safeguard all of the digital content. On the DRM-X platform:

1 – Encoding a file.

2 – Audio and video encoding. 

3 – VR panoramic video with encryption.

4 – Encrypting PDFs. 

5 – Website (HTML DRM Encryption). 

6 – Encryption for dynamic websites 

7 – The HHMeet (Zoom video conference protection)

Highly Secured Architecture: Xvast packager and the specially made DRM-X 4.0 encrypt digital files in batches securely.

Flexible Digital Watermark: A long-lasting, dynamic digital watermark that makes outside devices from changing or recording your content.

Stop Screen Recording: Haihaisoft Smart stops third-party screen recording software from automatically detecting it and stopping it from recording your content.

Seamless Integration: The DRM-X 4.0 XML service interface makes connecting your website to the DRM-X platform easy.

With DRM-X 4.0, you can easily eliminate all the problems with selling content without piracy. DRM-X might be the DRM software that does everything you need.

12. LockLizard

To safeguard your documents, LockLizard provides a robust document copy protection framework that uses public key technology and encryption that is as strong as the US government. It assists you in protecting files and PDFs from the risk of piracy without the need for plugins, passwords, or other security-compromising measures.

Copy Proof: To stop your document from being shared without your permission, document copy protection immediately disables editing and sharing options on user devices.

Self-Destruct Mechanism: Automatically cut off access to a document after a set number of views, prints, days, or a certain date.

Dynamic Watermarks: Add watermarks that can be changed to your document to keep it from being changed even if unauthorized people look at it.

Location Locking: Manage BYOD and where documents are used using LockLizard’s region-specific place locker.

Prevent Screenshots: Stop PrintScreen and other outside screen-capture programs from taking unauthorized pictures of your document.

A powerful DRM tool for distributing private papers inside or outside the organization is LockLizard. You can also use the platform for free for 15 days before you decide to invest.

Some Ways That DRM Software Is Used

Well, for enterprises and content producers working with digital assets, digital rights management software has become increasingly important. Let’s look at a few typical DRM technology usages.

Restrict File Access

With the help of DRM technology, authors, filmmakers, singers, and other people who make content can stop their work from being used illegally. It protects their finances and makes sure their products are sold in the right places. Apple iTunes is a great example of how this works. DRM software in the iTunes store limits how many devices can play music files that have been bought. Let’s say you took a song from the iTunes music library. The shop collects information about you, like what you’ve bought, how you use it, what device you’re using, etc. You can’t listen to music from iTunes on any other device that isn’t on the list.

Don’t Change Your Digital Work

The real value of content comes from the fact that it is unique. Because of this, people who make content take steps to prevent sure nothing gets in the way of their work. DRM technology makes sure that the originality of the content is kept. Also, its use fits with what the creator said they wanted to do. For example, when you look at expensive stock videos, audio, or photos, you also have to pay for a license and use rights. With these rights, content creators can put their works online without worrying that they will be changed or used by others before they are bought.

Prevent Private Information From Getting Out

Organizations can use DRM technologies to keep important documents from being changed, shared, or handled incorrectly. DRMs let businesses manage who can access their files, view them, and use them. If, for some reason, any private information gets out. DRM tools can find out what caused the leak and who did it.

Prevent People From Changing Software

DRM stops your software from running on a device that is already running software from a different company. This is very important if you don’t want other software to be able to see what’s on your computer. The Play Ready DRM system is built into Microsoft software like Windows and Office. This method stops Windows from running on software when other programs are already installed. This stops any unauthorized user or crawler from accessing the software’s content.

Produce Content Safely

DRM software gives each piece of content a tracking ID to track how it is used and put all the information on a dashboard. DRM software can be used to collect and manage contracts and agreements when making marketing campaigns. This helps people understand the terms of use and create content without breaking the law.

Wrapping Up: Digital Rights Management Software

Well, we hope this post helped you find some good Digital Rights Management Software. You should at least try them once. We’ll keep this post about Digital Rights Management Software up to date, though. So, tell us if you know of other good Digital Rights Management Software.


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