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Top 10 Best Privacy-Focused Browsers for iPhone in 2022

Online privacy is one of the most pressing issues in today’s world. Unfortunately, huge tech firms, the government, hackers, and other shady characters are out there stealing your data and using it without your knowledge. That is why having several prospective choices for the best privacy browsers for iPhone is critical.

If you’re seeking for a good privacy-oriented browser for your iPhone, your search is over since this article is all about the best privacy browsers for iPhone.

One issue that arises is, “What exactly is a privacy browser?” A privacy browser is a web browser that keeps your personal information secure or does not collect it, does not enable websites to follow your online movements, protects you from targeted adverts, has an ad-blocker, and does not save your browsing history. So, here is our list based on that:

List of the Best iPhone Privacy Browsers (iOS)

1. Brave Private Browser

Brave is one of the best privacy browsers for the iPhone, and it has grown in popularity in recent years. Brave is a highly secure private browser that is incredibly fast, safe, and secure, which is exactly what everyone wants from a private browser. The amazing thing about Brave is that it includes an ad blocker, firewall, and VPN.

Brave does not monitor you or your searches, and most people use it because it has an ad blocker built in that allows users to watch YouTube material without interruption. Overall, it provides a pleasant surfing experience while still protecting one’s privacy.

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2. DuckDuckGo/ Privacy-Focused Browsers for iPhone

DuckDuckGo is next on the list, and if you’re weary of large internet corporations limiting free speech and preventing contentious articles from appearing at the top, this is the one for you. DuckDuckGo includes tracker blocking, clever encryption, and search privacy features such as incognito mode. You are always safe from the dangers of the internet when you have such qualities.

DuckDuckGo is unique in that it allows users to delete all tabs and browsing data with a single swipe. Users may increase the security of this browser even further by utilising FaceID or TouchID.

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3. Onion Browser / Privacy-Focused Browsers for iPhone

Some observant users may have heard of the TOR browser, which is used to access the black web. In that regard, Onion Browser is quite similar, but it is completely secure and one of the best privacy browsers for the iPhone.

Onion Browser is an iOS app that allows users to remain anonymous on the internet while browsing whatever they want. If you want to remain anonymous on the internet, Onion Browser is ideal. It protects your privacy from website trackers and has the option to automatically switch to HTTPS when it is available.

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4. Firefox Focus: Private Browser

Firefox Focus is another another excellent privacy browser that can easily shield you from many internet trackers. The user interface and surfing experience are excellent, as expected from Firefox. With the private browsing mode, you can effortlessly store your private history distinct from the regular browser.

With a simple press, all data in the private browsing mode may be wiped. Because it shields you from irritating Facebook advertisements and trackers, the browser is good for privacy. If you value your privacy and want an excellent browser, this is the one to use.

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5. Avast Secure Browser

When it comes to privacy and security, Avast is one of the leading companies, and Avast Secure Browser is their best solution for iPhones. The browser has a VPN, an ad blocker, and data encryption. Overall, Avast Secure Browser provides all of the required privacy features.

This browser is more than capable of safeguarding your information against hackers, trackers, and ISPs. Incognito mode’s encryption allows you to browse all of the information privately and securely. Then there are unique browsing modes, which provide customers a better surfing experience.

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6. Aloha Browser / Privacy-Focused Browsers for iPhone

If you want the best of both speed and privacy, Aloha is the way to go. This browser is ideal for private surfing since it has a built-in VPN that prevents any possible trackers.

When compared to some of the other browsers on the list, users can obtain up to double the speed. Furthermore, it disables all spammy adverts for you to improve your surfing experience. It also includes a built-in media player with VR capability.

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7. Safari / Privacy-Focused Browsers for iPhone

Apple’s Safari browser is also one of the best iPhone privacy browsers. Apple has put a lot of effort into Safari in recent years, and it is now arguably one of the best browsers in the world. Safari’s most major benefit is its seamless interaction with the Apple ecosystem. It just improves the overall browsing experience. Then there’s the option for Safari to block cookies and trackers on its own.

8. Avast Secure Browser / Privacy-Focused Browsers for iPhone

This browser, on the other hand, comes from a well-known security firm – Avast. The Avast Secure Browser is intended to offer you with an unrivalled level of privacy and security. What do you think? Avast Secure Browser includes a VPN, an ad blocker, and total data encryption.

Avast Secure Browser also offers customised surfing modes based on your preferences. It also syncs your encrypted browser history and bookmarks with other devices running Avast Secure Browser.

9. Firefox Focus/ Privacy-Focused Browsers for iPhone

Firefox Focus is one of the best web browsers for blocking a variety of internet trackers. It offers a Private Browsing mode that automatically eliminates a wide variety of typical web trackers.

Not only that, but when you close the app, Firefox Focus deletes the history, passwords, cookies, and trackers.

10. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

This one is quite similar to the Firefox Focus browser mentioned above. It provides a slew of privacy settings that you’ll need to easily take control of your personal information. By default, it disables all hidden third-party trackers and advertisements.


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