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25 Best Torrenting Websites To Download Movies & TV Series in 2022

Torrenting Websites To Download Movies & TV Series: I have been asked a lot about which private torrent sites and public torrent sites are the best by friends, family, and clients. Sometimes, people even ask me what a torrenting site is, and I don’t know the answer! Writing something down for future reference was the only reason I came up with. Here, I’ve put together a list of the best torrent websites, so read on to find out which ones I think are the best!

Many people use torrent websites to download content because they are easy and free. Best Torrent sites and top torrent sites are good places to get music, games, software, books, videos, movies, and more for free. Torrent search engines work best if they use the best torrent sites and the top torrent sites.

Well, When you want to download a file through P2P technology, it can be hard to do. To make things easier, you should look for trustworthy torrent websites and keep your favorite torrent sites in your bookmarks list.

Warning: Before we go into the best torrenting websites, we want to make sure you know that we don’t promote or encourage to use torrent websites to download copyrighted content

Also, You should use a VPN if you want to keep your identity safe and anonymous when you are torrenting.

25 Best Torrenting Websites To Download Movies & TV Series

We have created together a list of working torrent websites and the best torrenting websites that are available worldwide so that you can keep downloading for free. Most of these torrent websites are the best out there, and many people love and use them. So here are the top torrent sites and the best torrenting websites.


Torrenting Websites

The first on our list of the best Torrenting websites is RARBG. It is a huge database of torrents that is known for having a lot of active seeders and high-quality torrents. It’s been around since 2008, and each month, about 40 million people visit it. For example, it competes with The Pirate Bay because it has top tens in different categories as well as news on the home page. I like this site because it has a good library size, and it gets updated often, which means that you have a good chance of finding new torrents on there. As with The Pirate Bay, RARBG has a speed that is very close to The Pirate Bay. The only difference is that ads are more annoying on RARBG, so think about that when you choose one of them.

2. The Pirate Bay

Torrenting Websites

Well, In the past, the Pirate Bay has been a big hit with people all over the world. It was able to fight off attempts to block it or shut it down, and it has more than 6.3 million users on the main site every month. However, there are a lot of the Pirate Bay mirrors and people who try to block them so that that number may be off. 20-60 million visits a month might be closer to the truth. Also, You can expect a download speed of 5 to 6 MB/s if all else is equal. The Pirate Bay or TPB is popular for its large community, which ensures at least one seeder on almost any torrent on the website, no matter the age. When we tried to download old movies and TV shows, we found that there were still happy seeders to help out.

3. Torrentz2

Torrenting Websites

If you’re looking for music, Torrentz2 is the best place to go. It only has about 10-20 million users a month, and it doesn’t have a lot of general torrents. We say it’s very good because it has the most music of all the public torrent sites. After that, Torrentz2 doesn’t have a lot of other good things to say about itself. Some of us got speeds between 1 and 3 MB/s, but the ads kept popping up. Not to mention, if there were ways to search by album, artist, or song, that would be great. For when you can’t find the music you want anywhere else, remember this.

4. 1337X

Torrenting Websites

1337X is a good site for movies, shows, and music. As far as we can tell, RARBG and The Pirate Bay both have more torrents in the category of older games, which is why we think people use it to look for them. Some years ago, 1337X was a bad choice for downloading anything because it was hard to use and had a lot of security risks. Today, it’s a good choice because it’s easier to use and has a lot fewer security risks. Since then, it’s had a complete site overhaul, making it easier and safer to use and making it easier and safer to use. Well, For shows and movies, you can also use more advanced search options, like looking for shows or movies that have won awards.


Torrenting Websites

In order to get high-definition episodes of your favorite shows, EZTV is the best place to go. It doesn’t have a lot of movies and TV shows, but it focuses on TV shows and is the best place to find new movies and TV shows in HD. Because the site has a lot of active users, it has a good seeder/leacher ratio. It has about 20 million visitors a month. So we looked for old shows like Two and a Half Men, and it had a good number of choices. There were even shows we didn’t know about, like the British show Midsomer Murders. New episodes of that show can be found in a lot of different torrents on EZTV. There are also packages of older episodes. Because the library is so annoying and you can download things at 2-3 MB/s, you can still binge-watch without having to worry about ads getting in the bit.

6. YTS

Torrenting Websites

To find a movie, go to YTS. YTS has more than 75 million visitors a month, even though its average download speed is only 3 to 4 MB/s. That’s because it’s in a good place: near the top of the search results. First, it’s only for movies, and it does its best to find torrents that are high quality and small in size so that it can be used on any device or bandwidth, no matter what. Second, there is very little ad intrusion, and the interface is beautiful. Finally, classics are easy to find on the platform. Because it’s the only torrent site, we could find movies like 12 Angry Men in 1080p there.

7. LimeTorrents

Torrenting Websites

LimeTorrents is a good place to find new releases and TV shows to watch. As long as it has a good interface and a lot of people who want to download new torrents, it could be a good option. In general, the download speed is about 3 to 4 MB/s. LimeTorrents has about 20 million users a month across all mirrors, and there are a lot of search options. However, if you want to download older torrents, you won’t find many people to share them with, and ads can be annoying at times.


Torrenting Websites

This website is in Japanese because the name shows so, and it is called Nyaa. So, it makes sense for it to be a popular torrent site for anime because of that. Until 2017 when they shut down their old platform, it worked great. Since then, has taken its place as the best place to find anime audio and video. It has an easy-to-use interface so that anime fans can access the media they want quickly. Here, The only problem with this site is that it mostly has content from Japan, Korea, and China. But that’s fine because the site is only about anime.

9. Zooqle

Torrenting Websites

Zooqle is known for having the best library of video game torrents, and that’s good. There are a lot of older games to choose from, both on PC and on consoles, so we tried to look for them. A working version of Uncharted 2 for the PS3 was one of the torrents we found. We couldn’t find it anywhere else. This site has about 5 million visitors a month, a few active users, and a download speed of about 1 to 2 MB per second. So it’s a good choice when you can’t find a working video game torrent on another site. Besides, it’s even a simple platform. It’s possible to sign up for different categories or titles and get a feed of new torrents for them. The interface isn’t bad, and even though ads can be annoying at times, they’re usually not that bad most of the time.

10. TorrentDownloads

Torrenting Websites

Well, There are a lot of people who use TorrentDownloads, but their traffic has been steadily dropping over time. This is because Pirate Bay and RARBG have bigger libraries than TorrentDownloads. As a result of government probes, it’s not available in a lot of places, the average download speed is 2-3 MB/s, and the ads can be annoying at times. There are some good categories about TorrentDownloads, though. Well, If you’re looking for an old video game or an old book, you can search for them there. Asian games seem to take up a lot of space on servers.


Torrenting Websites

Tracks all of the torrents that are available on popular sites like The Pirate Bay and RARBG. It isn’t a torrent site itself, but it does keep track of them. Then again, given how much work this is, you’re likely to find a much bigger library of what you’re looking for all in one place. The site pull its data from has the same download speed and other important metrics as the site itself, but we do want to praise its clean design and lack of ads. has a little less than 5 million hits a month, and it has a bit of weird data to show what’s popular. So if you’re looking for obscure titles and want all of your results in one place, this could be a good choice.

12. Torlock

Torrenting Websites

As of 2010, Torlock had been running smoothly and had only had a few bans. As of right now, only India, the United Kingdom, and Australia have banned this site. So users from other countries can easily get to it. Well, there are still good reasons to use a VPN, though. The reason Torlock made it into the top 12 of our list is that it doesn’t use fake torrent files. So you can download torrent files that have been verified and are safe to download from here without having to be afraid of malware. And, if you find a fake torrent on the site, TorLock will pay you for telling them about it. This shows how careful the TorLock team is to keep the site safe. It has a smaller database than some of the other good torrenting websites. Movies, TV shows, music, ebooks, and anime are the most common types of things here.

13. KickassTorrents

Torrenting Websites

In 2008, KickassTorrents was the most popular place to download torrents, even more, popular than The Pirate Bay, which had been around for a lot longer. It continued well through different domains until 2016. However, after its owner was arrested, the site had a lot of problems and had to be shut down. However, the team behind KickAss Torrents brought it back again in mid-2016. Once again, the website is running with mirror links, which have millions of P2P files from different content categories on it.

Users should be careful when they click on the mirror links because the site may also have some malicious torrent files. For your own safety, you can always do a little search before downloading a torrent. Or you can go to one of the other good torrent sites on this list.

14. Torrentfunk

Torrenting Websites

There are a lot of torrent files that come from “friends” on Torrentfunk, just like there are a lot of other sites that do the same platform (other torrent sites). It has content from all the major categories, like software, apps, games, music, movies, TV shows, and more. You can quickly search for the content you want to download to find its direct and magnet links. You can tell a lot about the uploader, file size, seeds and pers, date of upload, and link health from this. It also shows the real links as verified, which makes it easier for you to make sure that you’re downloading safe files. Overall, Torrentfunk is one of the best Torrenting websites to download movies & TV shows.

15. ETTV

Torrenting Websites

Like EZTV, ETTV is also a torrent site for TV shows. Though ETTV isn’t as popular as EZTV, it’s no less good at what it does. Use ETTV only if you want to download TV shows. You can’t use it for all of your torrent needs. The site is very straightforward to use. Also, it has a “Browse” button that lets you find old and new shows. Or, if you know the year that the content was released, you can search for it with the year in the title. The database of ETTV is big enough for everyone who likes TV to check out at least once. Moreover, it has a lot of shows from different genres, like comedy, horror, anime, history, fantasy, or even shows for kids.

16. SolidTorrents

Torrenting Websites

Here is another torrent search engine that will save you from having to search through torrent sites. It’s a typical metasearch engine (with a simple design) that has a lot of torrents from reputable sources. So, you’re likely to find what you’re looking for here. The site has a simple interface that isn’t very appealing (at least, for me). But it does what it was made for, which is to search for torrents. However, Google had once flagged this site as suspicious because its Safe Browsing Feature said parts of the sites were linked to malware, but now it doesn’t. Yet, it still says this site is safe.

17. iDope

Torrenting Websites

iDope is a new player in the world of BitTorrent, but it’s already getting a lot of attention. An excellent search engine for safe torrents was launched in 2016. It has direct links to safe torrents. Following the closure of Kickass Torrents, the site came online as a tribute to the service. While Kickass Torrents is up in some way, iDope is still working as it should. It also has some “mirror” links that people can use to get to this site if it isn’t accessible right away. Unfortunately, because the site has been banned in Australia, India, the United Kingdom, and Denmark, it’s not safe to use it there. However, a VPN is always a way around this restriction.

18. BitPort

BitPort is also a good place to download P2P files, like the other good torrent sites at the top of this list. The best thing about this site is that you don’t have to deal with torrent download clients. You only need to sign up for an account here and download the files you want in a few clicks.

It’s also possible to save the files to your cloud drives. Because you don’t have your home computer with you, you don’t have to stop downloading your content just because you don’t have your computer with you. Whether you’re at work, school, or somewhere else, you can sign in to your account, start downloading your files to the cloud, and access them later from anywhere, at any time.

The only thing I don’t like about this site is that it has a freemium plan. Well, If you signup for a free account, you get a limited 1GB of free cloud storage with a limited number of downloads.

19. Toorgle

Toorgle wants to be the Google of torrents because it’s a very good torrent search engine that can find a lot of things. The platform has found more than 450 torrent websites. It means that there would be very little that you couldn’t find a torrent link for a while searching for something on this site. The site is run by Google and has indexed 55,000,000 torrents so far. You don’t need to know how to use the platform. It looks just like Google in the way it looks. Well, The one thing that is different is that only links from torrent sites show up in the search results.

20. TorrentGalaxy

One of the best Torrenting websites is TorrentsGalaxy. As the name implies, it has a lot of torrents that come from all different categories of content. TorrentsGalaxy will bring you the torrent link for any kind of movie, TV show, music, game, app, software, ebook, or online skill-building course you can think of, no matter what. The website has a straightforward, easy-to-use, and interesting layout. There are torrent links in the results of a quick search for what you want to download. Here, You can see how many people are downloading and how many people are uploading at the same time. They make it easy for anyone, even someone who isn’t very smart, to find the right link.

21. DirtyTorrents

DirtyTorrents is a pretty clean platform with a simple and easy-to-use interface. When you look at the website on its own, it’s not a database. Instead, as it makes clear, it’s just like Google as a search engine for torrents, saving users from having to go to a lot of different torrenting websites to find what they’re browsing for. It is content to get what you want through this platform, whether it is a movie, TV show, music, or software or apps.

22. BTDigg

In the world of torrents, BTDigg is a very different site from the rest of them. Not only does it not have a torrent database, but it is not on any list of the best torrent trackers. It doesn’t have any content, so it doesn’t guarantee that it’s safe to have it on your phone. So it doesn’t make sense to talk about it at all. We hear you. There’s a search engine for BitTorrent DHT files called BTDigg. It was set up in 2011. It wants to give BitTorrent users free content. Overall, the website has a straightforward interface. A quick search of the content you want on the site’s web interface brings up results, including torrent magnet links and other important information. Also, it can be used to search for things in different languages.

23. ExtraTorrent

Back in 2006, it was the first time it was launched. After that, ExtraTorrent continued to function smoothly until its voluntary shutdown in 2017. However, soon after it looked like it had died, its mirror links started popping up on the internet. These links still work and are available. ExtraTorrent, like other top P2P sites, has a lot of different types of torrents in its library. However, with a clean and simple design, the site is easy to use and find what you want. Also, it doesn’t show as many ads as other torrent sites. So you won’t likely get annoyed while you’re browsing through it, either.

24. YourBittorrent

Joining the trail of movie torrenting websites now comes YourBittorrent. It is a dedicated torrenting platform that has torrents from a variety of different categories, such as software, games, ebooks, and anime. However, it includes great for movie fans because it has a huge database of movies. This platform is very easy to move around on. The overall layout is clean and simple, with clear lists of torrents in different categories. Essential information for users, like the file size and upload date, is also included in the list of things users should know. It also lets users who are new to the site sort the results to get only torrent links that have been verified out.

25. Demonoid

The last on our list of the best Torrenting websites is Demonoid. It’s also a well-known torrenting platform that came online in 2003. It’s one of the first Torrenting websites that has been around for about 20 years and hasn’t had any problems with the law. So, you can imagine how many torrents are stored here.

Though, during its long life, it went through some hard times, which caused its website to go down. The longest downtime was for two years. Besides that, the sudden death of the site’s founder, known as “Deimos,” was another setback for the site. However, it did come back to life in 2019 and is now available through a number of mirror links.

At the moment, the site is only banned in the United Kingdom and Ukraine. In the majority, it looks like most users around the world should be able to use Demonoid. It has a lot of different kinds of content in its torrent database and a good download speed.

Conclusion: Torrenting Websites To Download Movies & TV Series

Here is the end of our review of the best torrent sites that work for everyone around the world. Well, A torrent client such as uTorrent or BitTorrent is all you need to use these websites. But, of course, you may already have one of these apps installed on your computer.

We created this long list because most users have trouble getting to common sites. In contrast, the ones they can get to may not be safe enough to host safe torrents even though the government may have good reasons for blocking torrents. This list, on the other hand, was made because we always advocate for internet freedom with responsible use, so we created it.

Though, we have done our best to mention all safe torrent sites that work. However, you can always ask for an update if you find a site or link that doesn’t work anymore. Finally, don’t forget to use a virtual private network (VPN) to protect yourself when you’re torrenting files.


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