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How To Design Emails That Convert In 2023

ways To Design Emails That Convert ill be described in this article. One of the best digital marketing platforms available is still email. If used properly, it may be a strong tool for supporting both your blog and the rest of your business. Your efforts can be entirely ineffective if you don’t.

How To Design Emails That Convert In 2023

In this article, you can know about How To Design Emails That Convert In 2023 here are the details below;

You’d be surprised at how simple it is. You’ll understand exactly how to advance your email marketing plan by the time you’ve finished reading this text.

Ready? Let’s get going.

1. Choose the right email marketing software

Choose the right email marketing software

You will need email marketing software so you can create and send emails before you start.

If you already send email campaigns and have this, you might wish to go on to the next part.

The first step to creating emails that convert, though, is to do this.

There are multiple tools available on the market that you could utilize, but you mostly need two things:

high deliverability rates for emails.

the capacity to create email designs that work.

There are considerable things you can do to boost the likelihood that your emails will be sent, such as employing email verification tools and validating your sender domain with DKIM & SPF DNS records, among other things.

But your choice of email marketing software will have a big impact on delivery rates.

The capacity to create emails that convert is another. Most tools provide a wide range of templates, some of which might be appropriate for particular tasks, but as soon as you try to alter them, issues arise.

This is why choosing a tool that has a drag-and-drop email newsletter builder is a fantastic option.

MailerLite is one of our go-to tools for this because it has very high delivery rates, all the key features you’ll need, and a generous free plan.

An overview of their email builder is provided below:

email builder MailerLite

The builder makes use of pre-made blocks so you may create emails that are appropriate for your brand. You can include CTAs of all kinds, image blocks, content blocks, and more. Additionally, there are specific blocks for promoting e-commerce goods.

Create a free MailerLite account.

Let’s now look at email design strategies that work.

2. Understand your target audience

Understand your target audience

Knowing your audience through and out will give you the best chance of success, as with all aspects of digital marketing.

Understanding your audience’s demands, pain spots, interests, personalities, etc. will have a big impact on your ability to engage with them and turn them into customers through email.

Higher open rates, engagement, and trust result from stronger connections, and these factors all increase conversions.

If you run a blog, you’ve undoubtedly already done extensive market research and developed buyer profiles for your readers.

If you haven’t, do it right away. If so, it’s always a good idea to review and brush up on your knowledge. Go back a few more steps if you are unsure of who your target audience is.

Pro Tip: If you’ve had a blog for a while, you’ll already have a ton of knowledge about your target market at your disposal. You may learn a lot about your visitors from metrics like page views, social shares, and comments on your blog posts. This information can help you with email design.

3. Don’t skip strategy

Once you have a thorough understanding of your target market, you can build your email marketing approach to maximize conversion.

Building a relationship with your list over time is one of the keys to high-conversion email design. A well-planned email sequence has a far higher conversion rate than a single, ineffective email. While one-off emails have a place in marketing, they are more successful when integrated into a larger plan.

The focus of this piece does not extend to email marketing strategy, however the following are the key points to remember:

  • SMART goals are a useful tool for setting clear objectives.
  • Pick a campaign kind that will best serve your objectives.
  • Divide up your audience. (See the next point!)
  • Utilize metrics and analytics to guide, monitor, and improve your plan.

4. Segment your email list

To more effectively target your email campaigns and communications, segmenting entails dividing your email list into smaller groups or segments depending on specific characteristics.

As receivers are more likely to find your material interesting and valuable, segmenting your list can increase open rates, engagement, and conversion rates.

Here’s an illustration:

If your business offers music lessons to Rock and Pop producers, you can divide your clientele into these two groups. You can arrange a promotion for a course linked to rock to go solely to those on the rock list.

Because Rock is their genre of choice, this helps to enhance your open, engagement, and conversion rates. Additionally, it means fewer unsubscribes from non-interested parties, preserving the integrity of your list for potential conversions in the future.

The following are some attributes you can segment by:

demographics: ages, income levels, and occupational roles.


What did the reader do to warrant sending an email? Did they leave a cart behind? Download a lead magnet, for example. Also check Smartlook Alternatives

Which lead magnet did they download before subscribing to your list?

  • Budget.
  • Client lifespan.
  • Location.

With segmenting, everyone benefits. It helps to cut through the noise in inboxes, your readers receive pertinent and useful material, and it boosts ROI and conversion. Revenue can rise by as much as 760% with segmentation. This is another design emails convert.

Further down the funnel, you can segment at the beginning of your campaigns as well.

As taught by email marketing expert Max van Collenburg, segmenting your list early on is exemplified by the following example:

Consequently, he will be able to send more specifically tailored email marketing material based on what his audience wants to buy:

Segmenting your audience, Max van Collenburg

Any of the email marketing systems we describe in this post will feature easy-to-use segmentation options, so don’t worry if this all sounds confusing.

Pro tip: Consider the various subject categories that your blog postings fall under. Could you start your segmentation plan and segmented campaigns with these?

5. Simple design characteristics that will improve conversions

To develop emails that convert, you don’t necessarily need to add “incredible graphic designer” to your ever-expanding list of abilities. Any of the email marketing platforms we discuss in this article feature tried-and-true email templates you can utilize, alter to your preferences, or use to quickly create powerful emails from scratch.

When it comes to the aesthetic component of your email design, these are some characteristics that will aid conversion and some that will hinder it:

White space is your friend

When you try to cram too much information into your designs, it seems cluttered and unclear and may distract readers from clicking your CTA and becoming customers. Additionally, it presents a lack of professionalism, which might lower conversion rates and confidence.

Look at how Izotope, a creator of music software, used white space in this email:

Use Your company’s branding

Use Your company’s branding

Carrying over company branding into your emails may seem straightforward, yet it’s simple to forget. When appropriate, use brand colors, your preferred font, the logo, and other brand components. This is another design emails convert.

This provides your emails a polished appearance, which increases brand trust, and more brand trust equals higher conversion rates.

Use impressive images

High-quality images increase the impact and engagement of your emails and demonstrate your professionalism. When using stock photographs, choose the best possible ones and, when you can, add your own flair.

Email deliverability and conversion are impacted by specific picture properties. Your emails may become trapped in the spam filter if they have an excessive image to text ratio. Rules for the ratio vary between spam filters.

Many sites advise using a 60:40 text to image ratio, while others advise using an 80:20 ratio to be safe.

Should I use HTML or plain text emails?

It can be tempting to constantly deliver only stunning graphics and attention-grabbing CTAs. like the following from the sample pack firm Loopmasters:

Text versus HTML – Loopmasters

HTML emails aren’t always necessary or the best choice, though.

Sometimes sending plain-text emails that are short, sweet, and straightforward is the best option. Like this one from Mike Monday, a music production mentor:

Michael Monday: text message

The advantages of each form are outside the purview of this blog post, but you can learn more about HTML vs. plain text emails by reading this post.

6. Write a scroll-stopping subject line

Emails that are not opened never convert at all.

Do you want to boost conversions? Write compelling subject lines for your emails to ensure that they get opened. This is another design emails convert.

The average industry-wide email open rate is 17.57%. Therefore, there is clearly opportunity for development.

Make it matter because recipients will only consider the subject line, pre-header, and sender when deciding whether to open your email, let alone click a call-to-action.

You may write subject lines that convert by using the following advice:

Create a sense of urgency

One of the best strategies to increase conversions is to include a time limit in both the subject line and the body of your emails.


With the aid of the aforementioned segmenting, it is possible to grab a reader’s attention and pique their interest just enough to entice them to open a message by using the recipient’s name and facts that speak to them directly.

In one of his emails, Bjorgvin Benediktsson of, a resource and education website to assist artists in becoming professional producers, communicates with his audience by offering a solution to the problem of overload that his audience frequently faces:

Audio Problems – Customize the subject lines

Include an emoji

The clock and timer emoticons are now the most effective, and emails with emojis in the subject line have an open rate that is more than 50% higher than emails without them.

The resend trick

Use this one with care as excessive use may result in unsubscribes. Even when you know the email is packed with content the reader will appreciate, there are occasions when the subject line just doesn’t hit home. This is another design emails convert.

Rescheduling emails with low open rates to be sent again to the recipients on your list who didn’t open them the first time, this time with a fresh subject line, gives you a second chance to get your important message received. This tactic can help you raise your open and conversion rates.

Keep it short and sweet

It has been demonstrated that a short subject line performs far better than a large one.

A sample from Your Creative Aura is provided here. The concise and direct subject line “Week #: Songwriting Exercise” by Nicola Bleu converts at a rate of over 41%:

Aura of Your Creativity: Email Conversions

Use it to make an announcement

Your announcement may be about anything, no matter how little or significant.

Maybe you’ve launched a new product, written a blog article, or partnered with a business.

This is an illustration from Iconfinder:

Your subscribers will want to know what has changed or what is happening, especially if they need to take action, therefore announcements are crucial.

Try asking questions to increase user engagement, especially if you’re emphasizing something they would want.

This example from Adam at Blogging Wizard is excellent since he uses a rhetorical question that will elicit a “yes, please” response from his readers:

Understanding your audience, particularly their problems, will help you accomplish this. This will enable you to tailor your subject lines and content around what you already know they are interested in, which will increase the open rates.

Don’t stress about spam words

Almost all subject line articles will advise you to stay away from spammy terms in order to get past the spam filter. Also check Infographic Ideas To Inspire

However, Jay Schwedelson of, a business that has examined a variety of subject lines and what makes them good, stated in a recent podcast appearance for Search Engine Journal:

You end up in the garbage folder because of your poor sending history. You are not involved. Because they’re trying to compose subject lines without using the terms that all marketers know to perform the best—such as free or expires—marketers suffer from the false perception that certain words are spam triggers.

A/B  Test

The effectiveness of a subject line might vary depending on the industry, readership, time of day, etc. Therefore, be careful to A/B test various elements to maximize conversion. But more on that in a moment.

7. make it scannable

The rules for writing blog articles here are very similar. A reader is not likely to read an email in its entirety. This is another design emails convert.

Make your email scannable and simple to read because readers are less likely to convert if they are forced to wade through enormous blocks of text to figure out what the email is about.

To make sure your email’s main body text can be quickly skimmed:

  • Subheadings and headings should be clear.
  • Make use of bullets.
  • Bold crucial words to emphasize them.
  • Don’t write long paragraphs.

Here is a fantastic example of a simple-to-read email from Nicola Bleu of Your Creative Aura, where she offers a course via email on songwriting exercises for musicians.

Make your creative aura scannable.

8. Add a stand-out CTA (Call-To-Action)

A route without a destination is like an email without a CTA (call to action or value).

It is one of the most essential variables when it comes to conversions.

You may create a call to action that converts by following these suggestions:

  • On the page, it is noticeable.
  • Each email should only ask the reader to take one specific action.
  • Each email should only contain one button, however larger mails may contain more.
  • Use lucid copy so the reader knows exactly what it is for.
  • It is large enough to be tappable on smartphones.

With their text to image ratio (mentioned previously), the image might be pushing it. However, Mixmasters’ CTA is spot on in this instance. With its contrasting button color, which is also a component of their brand palette, and white typography, it is obvious that it sticks out. It’s large, but not excessively so, and centered. This is another design emails convert.

I don’t even like house music, but it makes me want to register.

CTA that stands out – Mixmasters

9. Avoid the Spam filter

A hundred percent of emails that aren’t opened never get converted, and if your emails are going directly to the spam bin, they’re not even getting opened.

How to get past the spam filter is as follows:

  • When someone joins your list, use double opt-ins.
  • When somebody join your list, ask them to whitelist you. Depending on their email provider, the procedure could be a little different.
  • From the beginning, be clear about what being on your list entails.
  • Make it simple to unsubscribe.
  • Low-key spam complaints.

A great example is provided once more by Nicola Bleu of Your Creative Aura, who sets expectations and makes it very plain how readers can unsubscribe:

Spam filter avoidance – Your Creative Aura

10. Make Your messages responsive

To maximize your conversion rate, your emails must look excellent and be simple to read on all devices. Your emails could not even be read if they aren’t responsive to mobile devices. Emails that don’t display properly on mobile devices will be deleted or ignored by over 60% of recipients.

Beatports’ email regarding the new Party Mode feature is very easy to understand and looks amazing on mobile.

Make your message responsive 1 using Beatport.

Make your message responsive 2 on Beatport

Make your message relevant, Beatport 3

The multiple suitable course of action is to ensure that your communications appear just as attractive on mobile as they do on desktop. High-quality email marketing software will provide adaptable email templates with a high conversion centric design. This is another design emails convert. Also check Online Learning Platforms

11. Use social Proof

Conversion rate optimization for landing pages and emails can be greatly aided by social proof.

It works because when people see that others have done the same, they are more likely to believe in you and invest in you.

You can use various forms of social proof, such as:

  • testimonials from former clients.
  • Reviews.
  • Ratings.
  • Another outstanding example from Make Music Your Life’s music production teacher Mike Monday demonstrating his superiority to the competition is as follows:
  • Mike Monday: rely on peer pressure
  • Visit our article on social proof for additional information if you’re interested.

12. Track Your email marketing efforts

Even though you schedule email campaigns for sending, creating effective email campaigns is a continuous activity. It is not a procedure that you can set and forget if you want to obtain the best ROI. A key component of creating high-converting emails is monitoring your progress and determining what is and isn’t working.

To achieve the best conversion rate, it’s crucial to monitor a variety of crucial metrics. The most common statistic that content marketers track is engagement. It depends on the objectives of your campaign and is not the only piece of the puzzle.

But which metrics ought to be tracked by your campaign? The email metrics I suggest monitoring are listed below:

  • rate of open
  • rates of click-through
  • Rate of conversion
  • Bouncing rate
  • Total number of cancellations
  • using social media and email to forwarded and shared.

13. A/B test your emails

What you believe will work in email marketing often doesn’t. What works for one business may not always be effective for another, and sometimes what is effective one day may not be effective the next. This is another design emails convert.

Continuous A/B testing is essential for tweaking your messages for maximum conversion because of this. Up to 49% more emails will convert thanks to A/B testing.

Choosing one component of your email or campaign and testing two alternatives at the same time to discover which works better is known as A/B testing.

It’s crucial for emails, because elements like subject lines and CTAs can distinguish between a customer and a mere reader. Once more, every email marketing platform covered in this post includes top-notch A/B testing tools.

A/B testing is possible:

  • Topic Line
  • Demand for action
  • Headline
  • Images
  • Offer
  • Primary text

Wrapping it up

So there you have it—13 effective suggestions for creating emails that convert well. Create a customised plan by focusing on your audience first. It only takes a few more steps once you have a plan to make sure your emails are delivered and opened.

Then, close the deal with customized, enticing emails that are simple to read and quickly convert prospects into clients. Keep track of your progress and conduct ongoing A/B tests.

For every dollar spent, email marketing can generate up to $36 in returns. The chances are available. All you need to know is how to maximize them.


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