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Top 13 Online Learning Platforms For Professional Development

Online Learning Platforms will be described in this article. Without the requirement for actual classroom space, individuals can learn new skills through online learning platforms for professional development. Examples include LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, and Skillshare. These services are designed to offer convenient and adaptable paths for professional development. In contrast to the steadily rising costs of traditional educational institutions, online learning platforms also offer services at reasonable prices. Professional development best practices, suggestions for corporate workshops, and examples of professional development activities all include online courses.

Top 13 Online Learning Platforms For Professional Development

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Online learning platforms are listed.

Online learning platforms were made possible by the technological revolution. These platforms, which offer some of the most sought-after services on the market, give employees the freedom to work while upgrading their skills. Here is a list of the top online learning platforms for professional growth, from General Assembly to MasterClass.

1. Coursera


One of the greatest possibilities for online learning platforms for businesses is Coursera, which offers more than 43,000 certification programs and university-level resources. In comparison to other online learning environments, the platform also includes a distinctive teaching curriculum. You will be taught by professors from prestigious institutions and businesses like Yale and Stanford. Assignments, group discussions, projects, and video lectures are common components of most courses. Students have a variety of options, including math and logic, business, information technology, and computer science.


  • Recognized universities offer online degree programs
  • many languages, including English, French, Arabic, Korean, and Portuguese, are offered for the courses.
  • Options for specialization for students who desire to master a certain talent
  • offers certifications after courses are completed.
  • Free courses are accessible through the audit option.

Learners can enroll in numerous courses, pursue specializations, and gain professional certifications with a Coursera Plus annual subscription.

Additionally, Coursera provides its users with peer-reviewed assignments, video lectures, community discussion forums, and homework tasks. The platform is a great choice for businesses who want to give their employees access to famous schools’ learning opportunities. Coursera will be useful for people who are also looking for a one-time certification, course, or online degree. These programs range in price from $25 to $25,000 for these courses. Students can also choose the $399 annual Coursera Plus subscription.

2. Skillshare


Skillshare, one of the most well-liked online learning platforms, is a great choice for career advancement. The website offers more than 27,000 lessons in a variety of topics. Businesses can select from the Thrive, Build, or Create categories. The portal provides courses on management and leadership, freelancing and entrepreneurship, business analytics, and marketing under the Build category. The Create area includes writing, animation, and web development training, while the Thrive category focuses on productivity and lifestyle topics.


  • A project-based methodology that promotes learning and nurtures creativity
  • There are class projects and video presentations in every course.
  • A risk-free trial period of typically 30 days
  • Access to limitless classes on the site with a premium subscription
  • Group of students that promotes interaction
  • Availability of live seminars and classes with the option to download from renowned instructors
  • Students may enroll in multiple courses concurrently.

Despite offering many important classes for job development, Skillshare does not award certification for passing a course. Skillshare services cost $32 per month for a subscription or $168 per year for a membership.

3. Mindvalley


One of the best online platforms for firms to leverage to provide employees with personal development and transformation insights is Mindvalley, which offers more than 50 courses. The platform strives to assist learners in realizing their full potential and succeeding in their careers. Mindvalley is a unique location that will assist students in quickly improving various facets of their lives by putting a focus on the mind, spirit, and body. International speakers, well-known therapists, best-selling authors, and business owners are among the tutors. The website offers courses in the following categories: relationships, entrepreneurship, business, and career.


Provides practice activities and video lessons.

  • Learners have complete access to all training, quests, live workshops, secret social networks, and meditations with a Mindvalley subscription.
  • Optional daily membership for $.028
  • Live classes every day
  • For students who wish to build lasting relationships, Mindvalley’s private social network is available to them at no cost.
  • A monthly membership at Mindvalley costs $149, while a yearly subscription costs $599. Depending on when you buy, you can be fortunate enough to receive discounts.

4. Codecademy


Codecademy is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking for online platforms for developers. Technology-specific courses are offered by Codecademy. Data science, machine learning, web development, web design, and code foundations are some of the topics covered by the platform. Additionally, students have a variety of computer languages to pick from, including HTML, JavaScript, and Python.


  • Presents certificates after classes are completed.
  • Team members are made available to help various learner groups
  • The Codecademy website offers interactive classes, quizzes, and articles.
  • The Skillsoft library features on-demand videos, audiobooks, and certification preparation.
  • Start with the free basic access for beginners.

Students have access to an engaging learning environment through Codecademy that is open to all willing learners. These courses have starting prices of $13.99 for the pro lite version and $19.99 for the pro option.

5. Udemy


Udemy is a great choice for businesses looking for online learning platforms for professional development because it has more than 204,000 courses to choose from. Courses are available on the platform in a wide range of specialties, including marketing, business management, finance, and information technology. Users can also discover classes that foster employees’ creativity, such as those in weaving, photography, design, and music creation.


  • Since the site does not offer an unlimited membership option, learners must pay each course.
  • Affordability of courses, some of which start at $9
  • offers courses at the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • Languages like English, German, Chinese, and Spanish are included in the course offerings.
  • Despite not being an official school of higher learning, Udemy does provide certificates for paid courses that are successfully completed.
  • Provides a mixture of tasks, practice tests, and video lessons.
  • More than 60,000 teachers
  • Students can download the lessons and watch them whenever they like.

Although Udemy is a fantastic learning site with a wide variety of classes, there is little contact between students and teachers and other students. Free classes are available on the platform, while premium courses cost between $20 and $200. However, the platform occasionally offers discounts on courses.


edX is a great choice if you’re seeking for college-level online learning platforms. The portal offers top-notch programs from prestigious universities like Australian National University, Harvard University, and Boston University. The more than 2,500 classes are available for learners to peruse.

Organizations can choose topics other than professional education courses while looking for free learning materials. Students can check out the Audit Track option if they’re looking for free online learning platforms. The students will have free access to all of the course materials, including lectures, videos, and ungraded assignments. However, learners won’t get graded assignments or completion certificates. Physics, food and nutrition, language, health, and architecture are some of the course topics available on edX.


  • Courses offered in a variety of languages, including Chinese, English, French, and Spanish
  • Availability of recognized certifications following course completion
  • Courses include video material, discussions, homework, and group projects.
  • degrees in bachelor’s from reputed institutions
  • For affordable graduate-level education, consider MicroMasters programs.
  • engaging lessons
  • Courses can be finished by students at their own pace.
  • choice to apply for financial aid for students from low-income families
  • Custom estimates for organizations or companies interested in edX services

edX is a terrific choice for students who wish to learn new subjects or develop their skills because of its extensive library of courses. Students who seek access to top-quality education will profit from the flexibility and freedom that edX offers because the platform resembles the strategy of formal education. While master’s degrees can cost between $10,000 and $25,000, the price of the edX paid certified track courses ranges from $50 to $300.

7. Udacity


Udacity is an excellent platform for computer employees of all levels to upskill since it has a strong emphasis on being bold for students. Over 200 courses and more than 40 Nanodegree programs with a project-based learning emphasis are available on the site. Courses on the Nano degree platforms cover subjects including coding, mobile programming, robotics, artificial intelligence, and data science. For those pursuing Nanodegrees, the site also provides one-on-one technical mentoring.


There are executive programs available for company leaders who want to swiftly grasp complex subjects. These programs typically cost $1,500 and include career guidance, access to top industry executives, and technical mentor support.

  • access to comprehensive programs including deep learning, self-driving cars, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • top-notch content through partnerships with leading companies like Amazon and Google
  • Resume, cover letter, GitHub, and linked reviews are all examples of career services.
  • More than 200 free classes
  • Non-accredited diplomas

Despite not being a recognized university, Udacity’s platform provides in-depth knowledge on pertinent subjects. Nanodegree courses have a monthly fee of $399, and a five-month access pass costs $1,695 up advance. The monthly access option is available to employees who seek the flexibility of online learning platforms.

8. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning

A wonderful online learning resource for career advancement is LinkedIn Learning. There are more than 16,000 top-notch courses available for students of all levels on the former website. There are several topics available, including economics, company management, web development, and software programming.


  • Free trial period of one month
  • Access to all content is available with a single monthly membership.
  • For later viewing, students can download educational resources.
  • Despite not being certified, the majority of courses offer certificates of completion.
  • provides classes in several languages

For people looking to upgrade their skills or organizations looking to train their staff, LinkedIn Learning is a fantastic tool. A monthly membership in LinkedIn Learning costs between $29.99 and $19.99 per month, depending on the length of the subscription. Members of LinkedIn Premium have access to LinkedIn Learning as well. Also check Installment Loans.

9. MasterClass


Masterclass is a great selection for online learning platforms for businesses because it features well-known celebrities and professionals. Although the platform primarily offers courses in the creative industries, it also offers business and technology courses. The learning methodology is perfect for students who wish to learn critical lessons from the top teachers in the world through organized, step-by-step guidance. Your staff can get knowledge about fascinating topics including cuisine, literature, science and technology, music, the arts, and way of life. Richard Branson for disruptive business, John Legend for songwriting, and Esther Perel for relational intelligence are just a few of the renowned instructors.


  • Students have unrestricted access to more than 25,000 courses in 11 different categories.
  • For all sessions and seminars, annual subscriptions begin at $15.
  • Obtainable for offline watching through download
  • Students can interact and communicate with one another
  • Assignments, top-notch video aids, workbooks, and community engagement are all part of the curriculum.
  • There are no deadlines, so students can progress at their own rate.

Employers who want to promote employee innovation should use MasterClass as a platform. The platform does not, however, provide certifications.

10. FutureLearn


Through collaborations with leading international universities and specialized organizations, FutureLearn is an online learning platform that provides access to high-quality courses. The University of Adelaide, the University of Bath, Bond University, and Cardiff University are a few of the partner institutions. There are many different topics, short courses, micro-credentials, expert tracks, and online degrees available on the platform.


  • With the unrestricted subscription, students can access more than 600 courses.
  • Free training through the audit method
  • provides declarations of participation or certificates of accomplishment for paid courses.
  • Assignments, group discussions, brief quizzes, audio and video content, and reading materials are all possible in courses.
  • Students who wish to better their careers and study in small groups should take premium courses.
  • Accredited micro-credentials in fields like change management, digital photography, and data science

For businesses that wish to upskill their employees, FutureLearn for Business is a great choice. The platform develops a distinctive learning solution specifically suited to a company’s requirements. Premium courses can be purchased for between $75 and $400, and micro-credentials can be purchased for between $579 and $1,549 each.

11. BitDegree


BitDegree is a great choice for students who want to upskill because it is one of the top online learning platforms for professional development. The platform features a distinctive design that places an emphasis on blockchain technology. Your team can, however, take courses in web creation, monitoring and assessment, financial analysis, and game design.


A business strategy that rewards students who successfully complete courses with cryptocurrency tokens. These tokens can be used by students to pay for classes at recognized institutions.

  • After completing a course successfully, blockchain certificates are issued.
  • A gamified setting that is stimulating, entertaining, and rewarding
  • Free membership with access to both premium and free courses

Although BitDegre is a great alternative, it offers fewer courses than other learning platforms. The majority of themes also emphasize technology, bitcoin, and programming. Businesses are further constrained by BitDegree’s lack of subscription plans and single-account multi-user access. As a result, the platform is appropriate for people who want to learn new talents.

12. LearnWorlds


LearnWorlds is a great choice if you’re looking for online education platforms. The cloud-based platform gives instructors a chance to create an online learning community with engaging and distinctive social learning opportunities. The platform also gives teachers the appropriate marketing resources they need to advertise online courses and earn money from their expertise.


  • Does not require technical expertise to use and is simple to set up
  • Internal authoring abilities
  • A customizable and coding-free mobile app builder for iOS and Android
  • various assessment tools and learning resources

LearnWorlds is best for independent educators, business owners, and organizations who wish to train their staff. The cost for starting course developers for educators is $29, while the pro trainer version costs $99 per month. The learning center costs $249 a month and includes pro trainer features.

13. General Assembly

General Assembly

If you’re looking for online learning platforms that value direct communication between teachers and students, General Assembly is a great choice. The platform gives users the choice of taking classes online or in person. Numerous courses, including those in data science, software engineering, digital marketing, product management, and python programming, are available to students.


Encourages smooth dialogue between teachers and students

Through the more than 40,000 alumni network spread across many nations, students can develop additional soft skills. Provides employers with non-traditional options for hiring and training employees. Instructors and course designers from prestigious companies like Amazon, Google, and Airbnb

Provide students with a specialized career coach, practical learning opportunities, and job search assistance. Students have the option of part-time, full-time, or short-form learning options using General Assembly’s flexibility model. Also check Online Banking Software.


In a world that is ever busier and more expensive, the benefits of online learning platforms are clear. Virtual classrooms give students access to a variety of educational resources, including interactive sessions with teachers and fellow students. These platforms also make it possible for workers to upgrade their skills at a much lesser cost than traditional educational institutions. However, it can be challenging for firms and employees to select the best solution given the large range of available online learning platforms.

The availability of structured information, course content, and a community that makes learning enjoyable are a few things people may take into consideration. All participants must take pricing into account as another important aspect. Choose free online learning platforms if you want your employees to master new skills without obtaining certification.

Check out books on training and development and leadership conferences after that.

FAQ: Platforms for Online Learning

The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about online learning platforms for career development are provided here.

What are professional development online learning platforms?

Digital environments such as online learning platforms give users a way to pick up new skills. These platforms offer secure learning settings for students and tutors, much like a traditional educational setting. Students can communicate with teachers and access learning resources. Even certificates of course completion are available on some platforms.

How can online learning platforms be used at work?

Giving your employees access to current information can improve productivity and work satisfaction. Your employees can learn at any time, from any location, with e-learning. Choose platforms that let numerous users log in with a single account if you want the whole team to learn new skills. Employees could enroll in courses from many platforms if you are unclear of the best learning platform for your company.

For career advancement, what are some reputable online learning platforms?

Some of the top educational resources that take the stress out of commuting to school include online learning platforms. Additionally affordable and lowering the financial strain of learning, these platforms. Coursera, edX, and BitDegree are a few excellent online learning platforms for career advancement.


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