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Top 13 Best Apple Mail Extensions To Use

Does the fundamental Apple Mail app need to satisfy your requirements sufficiently? It is advisable to upgrade to the most effective Apple mail extensions, as they facilitate the management of emails in a specialized list. Despite their diminutive size, these plugins significantly increase productivity without requiring excessive space. They possess a user-friendly interface, innovative labels, multipurpose filters, improved security, new message notifications, and many other features. The following is a concise list of the most effective Apple Mail extensions that will turn your Apple Mail list into a highly effective email client. Let us examine the list of the most effective Apple Mail extensions.

Top 13 Best Apple Mail Extensions To Use

The following is a list of the most effective Apple Mail extensions.

1. Moom

Apple Mail Extensions

Are you experiencing difficulty with the display of content on your Mac? This ingenious add-on enables you to move and magnify windows using Moom, one of the most effective Apple Mail extensions. Once you install this Mac mail extension, move your cursor over the green magnify icon in any window and perform the subsequent actions. The half/width indicators can zoom in on a quarter of the screen. This can be done for multiple displays by dragging the icons. You can also use the Grid to resize and move windows by dragging the cursor across segments. You can also increase the magnification of windows by dragging them to the screen boundaries.

2. MailHub

Apple Mail Extensions

MailHub functions as an intelligent assistant for the Mail app. It learns as you work and automatically suggests potential filming locations. use it to establish reminders for emails that require further action later. You can designate a date and time to send an email using the Send Later feature. MailHub is compatible with Mail in macOS Mojave (10.14), macOS High Sierra (10.13), and macOS Sierra (10.12). A 30-day, unrestricted free trial is available from MailHub.

3. MailSteward

Apple Mail Extensions

MailSteward is the ultimate Apple mail extension and email management tool because it has many features designed to make your mailing experience pleasant. This Apple Mail plugin archives emails from various accounts into a secure, singular, searchable database. It is user-friendly and can import and export Mac emails from Apple Mail and Postbox. The addition of enterprise-level support for MySQL and Amazon Cloud Aurora DB makes MailSteward Pro the finest Mac mail extension overall.

4. MailTags

Apple Mail Extensions

MailTags is the subsequent item on the list. This exceptional Mac mail extension facilitates the organization of messages by keywords, projects, importance, color, due date, and other factors. You can create a rule to automatically set tags for all incoming messages, search mail via mail tags, and identify old Mail. The MailTags Apple Mail plugin is compatible with most Gmail servers, IMAP servers, and Exchange servers, and it displays tags in both the message list and complete message view.

5. GPG Suite

Apple Mail Extensions

GPG Suite is a comprehensive email encryption service with a macOS Mail plugin. It lets you sign, encrypt, verify, and decipher in-line and OpenPGP/MIME messages in a relaxed and flexible manner. You can also integrate your colleagues’ keys and create and manage OpenPGP keys. The free GPG Suite download includes a 30-day trial of GPG Mail. GPG Suite is compatible with macOS High Sierra (10.13), macOS Mojave (10.14), and macOS Catalina (10.15).

6. MailButler

Apple Mail Extensions

Manage your emails with your assistant’s assistance. Appending notes, to-do items, and reminders let you add supplementary information to your emails. Furthermore, you may designate them as “done” upon completing the assignment. Further, arrange for emails to be sent at a later date and time, and include notes and duties in outgoing emails. Furthermore, this Apple Mail extension is one of the most effective ways to save time, prepare a template, undo a sent message, receive notifications when a recipient opens your email, and set reminders for attachments, snooze, and follow-up.

7. Mail Act-On

Manage your emails effortlessly with Mail Act-On. A widely used Mac mail extension that provides a message filing interface and potent keystroke routines, enabling you to take swift actions on your email. The Apple Mail plugin is responsible for managing your outbox rules. It allows you to automatically CC or BCC messages based on the rule criteria. While sending an email, you can select the location for its archive and reply using the template to save time.

8. MsgFiler

MsgFiler is a keyboard-based email filing app that can help you organize your inbox and save time. Type to narrow down the mailboxes and press return to save the sorted messages in Mail. Navigate, select, move, and copy emails without removing your hands from the keyboard. With the help of this excellent Mac mail extension, you can say farewell to dragging and dropping emails and welcome to have more time to focus on essential work.

9. SpamSieve

SpamSieve is the most effective Mac mail extension to ensure your inbox is spam-free. A spam filter that is local and saves time by filtering spam emails from nearly all email clients on Mac. It employs Bayesian spam filtering to generate precise outcomes. Almost all spam mail is blocked without affecting the positive message, as it learns and adapts to your emails. To ensure that previous interactions aren’t classified as spam, a whitelist is automatically maintained. Additionally, SpamSieve can be readily and swiftly managed from within various apps, including Apple Mail, Airmail, Entourage, MailMate, Mailsmith, Outlook, Postbox, and PowerMail. Furthermore, integrating with your contacts facilitates the direct placement of your correspondents’ messages in your inbox.

10. DockStar

Keep an eye out for your email messages with DockStar. This extension facilitates the organization of outstanding messages from multiple mailboxes by incorporating an additional emblem into Mail’s dock icon. DockStar is one of the most effective Apple mail extensions.

11. Herald

Beyond the notifications that are preinstalled on Macs, use Herald. It enables the execution of routine tasks directly from the notification windows, such as deleting messages, replying to them, and marking messages as read. Additionally, Herald’s Message Grouping feature is a standout feature of the finest Mac mail extension, as it enables users to read the entire message using a scrollable window, thereby reducing congestion.

12. Mail Designer 365

Mail Destination 365 is a contemporary app that can enhance the experience of sending emails on a Mac. It includes over 200 designer layouts, image modification tools, web fonts, and typography support. This will enable you to create visually enticing emails for newsletters. It accommodates emails that are optimized for mobile viewing. You can save your designs the next time you send these letters and use them again.

13. MailSuite

MailSuite comprises four potent components: MailTags, Mail Act-On, Mail Perspectives, and SigPro. These components enable the addition of tags, keywords, notes, and due dates to emails in macOS Mail. The MailTags component seamlessly integrates tags with search, rules, smart mailboxes, Calendar, Reminders, and project-management software to facilitate the semiautomatic and nearly flawless organization of custom emails. Act-On is a Mail plugin included in MailSuite and provides users with keyboard shortcuts to save time. Establishing shortcuts for labeling, relocating, or redirecting messages is possible.


How To Find My Mail Plugin On Mac?

Enter the Mail app, navigate to the Settings menu, select General, and then select the Plugins section. The list of mail extensions added to the Mac will be displayed here.

How To Use Mac Mail Plugins?

To use the numerous mail plugins available for Mac, you must download and install them on your Mac. Subsequently, access the Mail app, navigate to the Settings menu, and select Extensions. Activate the extensions that you intend to integrate with your Mail app.

How To Manage Mail Plugins On Mac?

Select the “Manage Plugin” option in the “General” section of the “Preferences” menu of the Apple Mail app. To categorize your emails with multiple filters, choose pluginugin from the list of downloaded plugins.

Consider The Following:

Final Thoughts:

These Apple Mail extensions will undoubtedly improve the functionality of Mac Mail. Composing tools, filtering emails, adding security, and barring content are among the numerous features. Additionally, the most effective Apple Mail extensions will assist in maintaining organization, eliminating the need to be concerned about missing a reply or sending an email. Obtain Mail Designer 365 to generate exceptional email campaigns and monitor their effectiveness, or Moom to enhance workplace efficiency. Use the capabilities to increase efficacy by choosing the most appropriate Apple Mail extension for your requirements.


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