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How To Fix Xbox Party Chat Not Working? Best Ways

Are you also a fan of Xbox One? Typically, you use the Xbox party chat feature while playing with your friends, but when you’re at the peak of the game, suddenly, you encounter trouble chatting with your friend, which spoils your mood. If you’re also a victim of a situation like Xbox Party Chat Not Working, we got you. But, before that, we must understand what kind of problem we’ve to conquer properly.

Xbox Party Chat Is Not Working Reasons

There could be multiple reasons why you are unable to use the party chat option. There is no actual damage to the microphone or server’s issue. Sometimes, there’s an app/software glitch, a shaky or slow internet, or a fake settings option, which can be reasons for the poor working of audio with Xbox party chat.

Is There An Issue With Party Chat On Xbox’s Side?

Open to see if there’s any problem with the Xbox services – particularly look under Friends and Social Activity. If you spot any repair work or downtime on this service, please wait until the service returns. You can subscribe for alerts to receive them as soon as Xbox’s developers’ team fixes the issue.

How To Fix Xbox Party Chat Not Working? Best Ways

Ensure Audio Device Is Turned On

Due to low power, your mic is removed immediately. Try to charge enough. Check to see if any of your friends have ignored you. When you try to connect with your teammates but can’t because of the Unmute option, your coworkers may forget to unmute you.

How to Unmute?

  • The microphone button in the play widget can be used to stop or unmute the sound.
  • You can mute and unmute everyone in the party by choosing the sound option.

Check Mic Volume Settings

You won’t be able to hear your friend’s words if your mic settings are set to low volume. So, to resolve this issue, you will need to adjust the mic volume physically. Select the party option in the party window, press the OK button, and then adjust the volume by dragging the scale.

Are You Using Push To Talk?

You can communicate with your friends using this option in your Xbox One mic. Follow these steps to activate the push-to-talk option.

  • Select the “Party” button in the party app, then go to the “Party Audio” section and check the “Enable Push-to-Talk” option.

Verify Audio Device Selection

Ensure that your audio device’s input and output are linked to the device you want to use for party chat. Follow these steps to verify that.

  • Select your device by dragging the arrows in the party widget’s audio output and input options.

Verify Privacy Setting

Ensure you allow others to communicate with you by voice to everyone in private settings. Select Others can communicate with your voice, text, or offers > Set to everyone > Submit to save your changes in the Xbox Settings > Privacy & Online Safety > Privacy Tab.

Verify For Other Audio Accessories And Unplug It 

Verify the audio to see if any sound is coming from it and if any other audio accessory is put into your device. To resolve the problem, unplug any such accessory.

Verify For Window Updates

If you have an old version of Windows, you might have an audio issue. To avoid the problem, ensure you have the most recent version of Windows.

Scan Device For Potential Virus 

Use Windows protection or other software you have loaded to look for viruses. If you find any viruses, you should remove them and restart your device. You should briefly turn off any third-party antivirus software and restart your computer if you are using it.

Verify NAT Type

Your problem may be caused by the fact that your network address translation (NAT) type needs to be set to open. Open Settings > General > Network Work Settings to set it up. You might be unable to connect with others if your NAT type is closed. Now, we’ll show you some quick and easy ways to conquer your problem.

  • Look at the internet.
  • Clean up your Windows computer.
  • Start up your console again.
  • Move your Xbox and router close to each other if you can.
  • Ensure you haven’t accidentally hushed or blocked anyone in your party.
  • Make sure that you join the party from inside it.
  • Check the app’s rights.


You now know how to fix the Xbox party chat not working. Last, we hope your Xbox party chat starts working properly, and you can enjoy your game again without any problems. If your Xbox Party Chat is not working, let Xbox support know so they can help you. Go to to talk to the team member and figure out what’s wrong.


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