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Top 17 Best Chrome Extensions For Games

Chrome lets you add extensions made with web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These extensions can be added to change how the browser works. You can easily find these in the Chrome Web Store. They let users change how their browser works to fit their wants and tastes. You can get extensions that block ads, keep your passwords safe, or play games. But for your entertainment, a few were made just for gamers. Look at the best Chrome extensions that let you play fun games with your family and friends right in your browser without waiting for long startup times or worrying about running out of space on your hard drive.

Top 17 Best Chrome Extensions For Games

You can play more involved games with the help of gaming extensions.

  • To get rid of the extra work that makes audio and video decoders playback slowly
  • To let writers get to a system’s graphics tech at a lower level.

Looking for it before picking out a gaming extension would be best.

  • Features – The features will help you decide if the extension meets your wants or is a good fit.
  • User Interface – The next thing to consider is the ease of use of the extension you will add to Chrome. The end user should have an easy time navigating the gaming extension.
  • Price – Some extensions cost money, and others are free.

You can enjoy spontaneous gaming sessions to ease your mind using the best Chrome extension for games mentioned in this article. The following gaming extensions are well-liked by both PC and smartphone users.

1. Previews (For TTV & YT)

Chrome Extensions Games

Previews (For TTV & YT) is one of the best Chrome extensions for games. People watch games all the time on this well-known website. Live previews for shows on Twitch and YouTube are the best feature of Previews.

  • It has features for both devices that make life better.
  • It also lets you change the size and amount.
  • Multiple streams and chats can be used at the same time in previews.
  • The extension stops the video quality from changing on its own.
  • Previews also has a chat feature called “Incognito.”
  • It’s also possible to hide the TTV extension layers that show previews.
  • You can also record and take screenshots of the stream.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for useful features are available in previews.

2. Tank Riders

Chrome Extensions Games

You can easily add Tank Riders to your browser from the Chrome Web Store, making it one of the best Chrome extensions for games. It’s great for people who like strategy and 3D action games. The game is played by fighting monsters before they can kill you as you move through levels.

  • By killing other tanks, players can increase their level in Tank Riders. The number of tanks grows along with the level.
  • You can play Tank Riders in three modes: Champion, Multiplayer, and Invasion. To win, a player must get through all three modes.
  • It has pretty good and bright images for games.
  • It works with Xbox gamepads, too.

3. TinySketch

Chrome Extensions Games

In your free time, you can use TinySketch, which is easy to use and one of the best Chrome extensions for games. A pop-up window lets you make fun and unique art with the click of a button.

  • Using the extension is free, which lets you draw quickly in Chrome.
  • TinySketch also has buttons to undo and redo what you did.
  • You can play it in Dark mode to avoid hurting your eyes.
  • It lets users remember the pen size and color they most recently used.
  • TinySketch also has a large color range, an eyedropper tool, a bucket fill tool, tablet support, auto-saved sketches, and eraser resize.

4. Snake

Chrome Extensions Games

The Nokia Snake game has been loved for a long time, even though smartphones and more complex games have taken over. Thanks to a Chrome extension, the Snake game can now be enjoyed on a web browser and mobile devices.

  • Any time without starting a new window, you can easily play the Snake game as an extension.
  • Unlike other Chrome extensions for games, the Snake Chrome add-on also saves your score.
  • As it eats, the snake in the game snake gets more challenging.
  • You can also show your friends your best score and compare it to theirs.
  • The player has to keep feeding the snake while avoiding hitting its body.

5. Gaming News Feed

Chrome Extensions Games

One of the best Chrome extensions for games is Gaming News Feed, which also gives you news about games from all over the web. This extension adds a new default tab page with a unique tab that makes it easy for users to look for any game.

  • With just one click, Gaming News Feed lets users search for games and look through news stories.
  • It makes Yahoo search the new tab search. Popular websites and the tiles of some gaming news worldwide can keep you updated on the latest news about cartoons, action games, strategy games, and more.
  • When you click on any news story in the Gaming News Feed, you can read more about it.

6. 2048

Chrome Extensions Games

The list of the best Chrome extensions for games is complete with the naming 2048, which is easy to get from the web store. As an extension, you can play the puzzle game 2048 on your PC anytime. Regular updates are made to the game, but the results of earlier seasons are kept.

  • The 2048 puzzle game’s extension is a pop-up window.
  • You can play this extension for free with extra mods.
  • With over 1,100,000 best results from players worldwide, 2048 has a global scoreboard.
  • Every year, a new season of 2048 begins.
  • 2048 has a very strong method to stop people from cheating.
  • In 2048’s online mode, up to 10 players can play simultaneously. In 2048, you can also host or join your friends’ rooms and play alone with them.

7. Slope Unblocked Game

Chrome Extensions Games

This is one of the best Chrome extensions for games. It’s like the old PC game Marble, and it’s even better. In this game, you must keep a small ball from hitting things as it goes down hills and around obstacles.

  • You can play the run game Slope Unblocked Game in your browser.
  • The skills of a user are known to be put to the test.
  • In this game, you must stay on the line and avoid the blocks falling off the 3D path.
  • In Slope Unblocked Game, the track is made at random.
  • Compare your progress with friends in Slope Unblocked Game.

8. MiniGolf

Chrome Extensions Games

MiniGolf is among the best Chrome extensions for games. Users can enjoy it as a Flash extension in their browser even though it was originally made to test the features of the custom HTML5 game engine.

  • MiniGolf’s user interface is based on Wii Sports.
  • In this game extension, you can play golf on nine holes.
  • It lets you play games right away.
  • With just a mouse and its left button, MiniGolf is easy to play.

9. Chrome Piano

As one of the best Chrome extensions for games, Chrome Piano is a fun game for music lovers of all ages. Everything is playable in Chrome Piano, from well-known songs to songs written on paper.

  • You only need a keyboard and a mouse to play Chrome Piano.
  • Chrome Piano lets you play any song and record your music.
  • The viewing and recording features of this extension are great.
  • Chrome Piano features both dark and light styles.

10. Ping Pong Pro

Ping Pong Pro is among the best Chrome extensions for games for casual games if you enjoy table tennis and want to play the game on your computer. This famous ping-pong game that P&D makes will take you back to the 1990s.

  • The user plays the left side of the game, and AI plays the right side. The user must beat AI to win the game.
  • The first player to score five points wins the game.
  • To make the ball go faster, the player has to hit it with the edge of the field.
  • The player is only required to move the paddle with the mouse to hit the ball.

11. Doodle Jump Original

Doodle Jump Original is one of the best Chrome extensions for games. You can jump the drawing without limits, like on Android or iOS devices.

  • Spaceships, black holes, and monsters are among the features of Doodle Jump Original.
  • With the button keys, you can move up, down, and side to side in Doodle Jump Original.
  • You can also stop the game in the middle of it.
  • It’s a speedrunning game called Doodle Jump Original.
  • If you want to fight your opponents, you can use this extension.
  • You can also look at the internet to see who is the best at Doodle Jump Original.

12. Fidget Spinner

Undoubtedly, Fidget Spinner is one of the best Chrome extensions for games. For gamers who need to relax, Fidget Spinner is a great game to play during breaks at work. Even non-gamers can enjoy it.

  • Users can choose from six different spins when using the Fidget Spinner extension.
  • There are spinners of different colors, sizes, and bearings on the Fidget Spinner extension for players to enjoy.
  • People can spin it quickly, slowly, or flick it quickly.

13. Boxel Rebound

When it comes to games, Boxel Rebound is one of the most-used Chrome extensions. Fans of platform games will love the Boxel Rebound gaming extension.

  • You can play more than 50 levels of box-jumping in Boxel Rebound.
  • You can make your levels in Boxel Rebound and share them with others.
  • Players in Boxel Rebound jump over obstacles and slam into the ground to avoid one another.
  • Players can also turn the audio on or off in Boxel Rebound.
  • Users of Boxel Rebound can also play on the full screen.
  • You can also play Boxel Rebound to test your skills in “fast mode.”

14. Friday Night Funkin Unblocked

Friday Night Funkin’ Unblocked is one of the best free Chrome extensions for games that lets you fight to music however you want. With this extension, you can play games on your PC even when you’re not online.

  • Friday Night Funkin’ Unblocked is not a link to a website or an iframe; it is a self-dependent game.
  • The game’s music is original and has a lot of different styles, from nu-jazz to vocaloid dance beats.
  • In this extension, users can enjoy a lot of different personalities and a lot of different job modes.
  • To match your musical skill, this Chrome extension has several challenge modes.
  • You can see 90s B-Boy graphics in FNF Unblocked.

15. T-Rex Runner

A well-known Chrome mobile page game is T-Rex Runner. It’s also one of the best Chrome extensions for games for people who are really into them.

  • In T-Rex Runner, a T-Rex runs on a flat area while obstacles come from the right.
  • The player must avoid other items and jump over these obstacles to stay alive.
  • How long a player lives affects their score.
  • As you progress, the game gets faster and more challenging.
  • The original T-Rex Runner has the same gray tones that come with it.

16. Super Mario Game

The old game Super Mario is played on many systems worldwide. This great game can now be played on your PC with one of the best Chrome extensions for games. Also, you can play the Super Mario Game on your browser and complete various levels.

  • The Super Mario Game Chrome extension has 32 levels.
  • You can pick any of these 32 levels or make a random plan.
  • You can get the Super Mario Game Chrome extension for free.
  • This gaming extension works on all browsers and mobile devices.
  • If you die in Super Mario, you’ll be taken back to the last stage or the beginning.

17. Screencastify

Gamers can record their gameplay with Screencastify, one of the best game extensions. Use this end-user-friendly browser extension to record, edit, and share movies quickly.

  • Screencastify lets users show off their presentation, ideas, and personalities by including their desktop, a browser tab, and a webcam.
  • Users can also describe using the audio from their microphone by using this extension.
  • With Screencastify, gamers can cut off the beginning and end of their recorded games.
  • Gamers can also make interesting movies by adding writing, fading, cutting, and zooming with the help of the Screencastify Chrome extension.
  • With this extension, Google Drive users can share movies. Screencastify also lets you add movies to Google Classroom.
  • You can also save movies made with Screencastify as MP4, moving GIF, or MP3.


This ends our list of the best Chrome extensions for playing fun games. Our guide helped you find the best Chrome extension for gaming when you have free time. Please tell us what you think, ask, or suggest in the comments below.


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