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Top 10 Best Women Safety Apps For Android

One out of every three women globally has experienced physical or sexual abuse from an intimate relationship, a non-partner, or both, according to a research on the UN Women website. Without a doubt, these data are sobering. In this century, women have greater influence than ever before. Furthermore, empowerment goes beyond their own households.
As a result, stepping outside every day to work and hustle is not just a need but also a choice.

However, some of these women have benefited from the use of pepper spray and the increased training of self-defense. But none of these by itself can save us. Numerous smartphone apps have been developed for women’s safety, much like in other fields.

Apps for Women’s Safety Are Important

The most common usage of these Android security apps for women is to instantly alert concerned friends or family members. The comments and experiences that other users have shared may inform other users of these apps about particular circumstances, locations, etc.

Additionally, these Android apps for women’s safety may alert the nearby law enforcement agencies to the particular location of the women who need to be found or saved. Using the GPS trackers, relatives, friends, or other family members can be informed of their whereabouts.

10 Android Apps for Women’s Safety in 2022

Some of the best Android apps for women’s safety are listed in this post. These apps offer women the security they need through a number of features, including SOS alerts, emergency contacts, location sharing, and peer-to-peer support. View the choices and select the one that best suits your needs.

1. My Safetipin

My Safetipin
The first app on our list of the best safety apps for women is My Safetipin. Along with Android users, iOS users can access the software. The information provided should include things like GPS tracking, emergency contacts, the safest route, visibility, a walking path, and access to public transportation. When you enter a dangerous region, this app alerts you, and you can ask your loved ones to keep an eye on you.

Click here to download My Safetipin.

2. bSafe

It is one of the most reliable women’s safety apps for iOS and Android mobile devices. When enabled, bSafe can work as a personal tracker and alert your contacts in case of an emergency. Additionally, the software enables video recording as soon as your device’s SOS feature is turned on. These features can only be used verbally and don’t call for any physical contact.

Click here to download bSafe.

3. Life 360: Find Family & Friends

Life 360: Find Family & Friends
Throughout the day, you can stay in touch with your family with the Life 360 family finder.
It employs the GPS tracker built into your phone to ensure family members’ safety even when they are separated by great distances. GPS coordinates can only be shared with family members with unanimous consent. The location of your phone should therefore only be accessible to those you trust.

Click here to download Life 360.

4. Women Safety

Women Safety
Women Safety, which focuses on women’s safety to reduce the rate of crime against women and increase their safety, is one of the top applications available for women safety. The best app for updating and alerting your loved ones if you are in a perilous scenario is this one. With only one swipe, the application sends an email or message that includes photographs, audio, and video as well as a location.

Click here to download Women Safety.

5. Citizen Cop

Citizen Cop
Another app for women’s security on smartphones is Citizen Cop. Using the app, you can contact the closest police station. Users can report crimes anonymously using the app.
Additionally, using this tool, reports about stolen goods may be sent. It can reveal the user’s current position in an emergency.

Click here to download Citizen Cop.

6. Microsoft Family Safety

Microsoft Family Safety
This app is great for the whole family and encourages both online and offline safety. The Microsoft Family Safety application allows you to set parental controls and monitor your child’s online activity to safeguard them from the risks of the internet. You may track your family’s whereabouts and find out more about their driving patterns by doing so.

Click here to download Microsoft Family Safety.

7. Rescuer

This software is a great tool for women’s safety and a great companion for you. The software allows you to easily create 5 emergency contacts. The app can be configured to issue warnings without making physical touch. Both text messages and Google Maps position updates are used for these notifications. The Rescuer will make sure that your loved ones are the first to be alerted if there is a problem or concern.

Click here to download Rescuer.

8. SOS Alert

SOS Alert
This software was made to help you quickly and successfully alert significant people that you need their immediate assistance. These individuals can be close friends, family members, medical experts, or anybody else you choose. It features a very user-friendly design and doesn’t offer any advertising, making it open to all users. You can notify your emergency contacts of your need for help with just one tap.

Click here to download SOS Alert.

9. Shake2Safety

In an emergency, send text messages to your contacts to share photographs, voicemails, and your location. To send these warnings, shake your smartphone or repeatedly touch the power key on your phone. You can choose to deliver warnings via calls or SMS. Transmission of text messages is unrestricted. Each user and their principal contact is only permitted to make one call.

Click here to download Shake2Safety.

10. Letstrack


The final app on this list of Android apps for women’s safety is Letstrack. It allows real-time tracking in an emergency. One of the most widely used apps for personal and vehicle driver safety is. You can also communicate with your friends or family using it. Alerts can also be activated to check on your loved ones and make sure they arrived safely.

Click here to download Letstrack.


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