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Top 10 Best Free & Paid Piano Learning Apps In 2022

Want to play the piano? Thanks to top-notch piano learning apps, learning how to play and appreciate the piano is easier. Piano apps let you learn at your own pace and on your own schedule while saving you money on expensive lessons from professionals.

We looked for features that let users learn how to play the piano at their own pace in order to identify the top piano learning apps. To help you improve your skills, these piano learning apps offer large music libraries, excellent video lessons, well-organized lesson plans, and fast feedback.

2022’s Top 10 Piano Learning Apps

1. Flowkey

The best piano-learning app is Flowkey, which features hundreds of songs, interactive lessons, and video tutorials. It focuses on everyone from beginning players to seasoned musicians and offers step-by-step lessons and tuition on a variety of skills, from learning chords to music and improvisation.

2. Simply Piano

Simply Piano
The best piano learning app on our list for complete beginners is Simply Piano. While most programmes have some functionality that is beginner-friendly, Simply Piano includes special features that can assist novices improve their skills. It offers five minutes of individualised training to help you become a better player.

Click here to download Simply Piano.

3. Perfect Piano

 Perfect Piano
Currently available on the market, Perfect Piano is the best piano simulator programme.
In addition to connecting you with other aspiring pianists worldwide, this 88-key smart piano learning app for Android devices also serves as a teaching resource by guiding you through hundreds of songs.

Click here to download Perfect Piano.

4. Skoove

For iOS and Android users, Skoove provides a comprehensive and customised piano-learning experience. It distinguishes itself from the competition by utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to recognise the game you’re playing and provide you with the appropriate training to correct any mistakes you may be making.

Click here to download Skoove.

5. Piano Academy

Piano Academy
Video lessons from your private teacher on a range of topics, including chords, notes, staff, and more, are available through Piano Academy. This is suitable for people of all ages, from kids to adults, and it might help complete beginners become proficient pianists.

Click here to download Piano Academy.

6. Vivace

Only one of the apps on our list, Vivace, is entirely focused on teaching users how to read music well. It includes beautifully drawn lessons that explain the principles of musical notation and allows users to participate in over 100 sessions to hone their ability to read music.

Click here to download Vivace.

7. Yousician

Even though guitarists might prefer it more, Yousician is a well-known app for learning the piano. It offers more than 10,000 exercises, tutorials, and games to help you get better at playing the piano, in addition to having a big selection of well-known songs that you may play and practise together.

Click here to download Yousician.

8. Perfect Ear

Perfect Ear
It is one of the top Android piano learning apps now on the market. Your ability to recognise chord progressions and melodies by ear will improve as a result of using Perfect Ear’s training drills, lectures, and other learning materials.

Click here to download Perfect Ear.

9. Real Piano Teacher

Real Piano Teacher
For piano players of all experience levels—including beginners—Real Piano Teacher offers thorough downloadable audio lessons in a number of languages. To practise the songs, you may either connect a real instrument or use the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen. The apps are also compatible with USB Midi Keypad.

Click here to download real Piano Teacher.

10. Gismart’s Piano

Gismart’s Piano
Another great app for learning the piano is Gismart’s Piano. In essence, it’s an app that mimics an electronic keyboard and includes virtual instruments to teach chords and music notation. If you never have free time for in-person piano lessons, this app is great for learning the piano.

Click here to download Gismart’s Piano.


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