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Top 15 Best FREE Audio Recording Software In 2022

A complete list and comparison of popular Audio Recording Software to assist you in choosing the finest free Recording Software:

If you need to take notes fast, audio recording is probably the most effective approach to ensure that you have all you need for future reference.

Voice recording has become more convenient than ever before thanks to cellphones. Installing recording software on your phone is as simple as plugging in a suitable microphone and starting recording your voice.

Voice recording is the ideal way to accomplish it, whether for voiceover or taking fast notes.
However, it is frequently the case that the recoded speech is scarcely discernible or of low quality.

When things like this happen, it’s common to identify flaws in a microphone, but your microphone isn’t the only thing to blame for bad speech quality.

The quality you will obtain is also determined by the vocal recording software you choose.
A good audio recorder software will record sound in high quality, whilst a bad one will do the reverse. As a result, it is critical to use only the best recording software to capture your audio or voice.

1. Leawo Music Recorder

Leawo Music Recorder – Excellent for recording music from both PC audio and online music sources. Leawo Music Recorder is a tool for recording music or audio from computer audio as well as input audio. The programme includes a job scheduler, album cover finder, and other features.

It supports a variety of music sources, including YouTube, AOL Music, and many more. It will also allow you to record music using the microphone or another built-in audio stream.

2. Audacity

Open Source and Free Recording Software is the best option. Audacity is fantastic audio recording software that, although being open source and free to use, offers a plethora of capabilities to its users. The application is compatible with practically all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It features a fairly clean design that does not bombard its customers with extraneous images and bizarre styles.

Despite its modest appearance, it is exceptional in terms of the functions it provides. You may quickly set up external recording equipment, then use the software to record, edit, and mix audio to your liking. You may also use the programme to alter the treble and bass, as well as do frequency analysis.

3. WavePad

With a plethora of Special Effects and Filters, it’s ideal for audio recoding. WavePad is towards the top of the list when it comes to user-friendly voice recording software. It has a simple and clean user interface, but it has a bevvy of complex capabilities that win it a spot on this list. WavePad may be used to capture audio, mix it, edit silences, and remove background noise.

The tool features a highly adjustable toolbar, allowing users to remove and alter tools inside the software at their leisure. This enables users to create a more customised experience.

WavePad also has a wealth of filters and effects that may be applied manually or automatically to improve the quality of your recording. You may apply effects such as distortion, reverb, amplify, and fade out, as well as edit and equalise the audio.

4. Apple GarageBand

Best for Mac Musical Workstation. Although GarageBand is an excellent voice recorder, it is most recognised in the music industry as a powerful musical workstation. This is partly due to the fact that it has a fully-equipped musical software that lets you to compose rhythms with natural-sounding Voices and a myriad of musical instrument effects.

The software has a plethora of presets for Guitar, Piano, Drums, and other instruments that may be used to create distinctive musical numbers without the usage of any physical instruments. The software includes a variety of outstanding amps and effects that can be used with your recorded audio to produce beautiful music.

It is a tool that may help you exercise your creative musical muscles and create distinctive tunes in a variety of genres such as Hip Hop, EDM, Indie, and many more.

5. Ardour

Musicians should use this for audio recording. Here’s another excellent audio recording application that’s good for musicians. Unlike GarageBand, which provides a full musical workstation for editing both speech and music, Ardour focuses solely on the augmentation of recorded voice.

It is free software that is compatible with practically all current operating systems. It has a simple interface and a wealth of straightforward functions that aid in improving the quality of recorded audio. Here, you may simply chop, extend, or divide your recorded audio.

Ardour is also useful for multi-track audio recording and editing. To mix audio and become creative with your recordings, you may also import MIDI files and audio from the free sound database or your computer hard disc.

6. Ocenaudio

The best choice for audio recording and editing. Ocenaudio is one of those intelligent editing programmes that handles all aspects of audio recording and editing. As such, it is a tool that users who want a lot more automatic reaction from their editing tools should pay attention to.

Now, Ocenaudio is a fantastic audio recorder, but it is best known as a superb and powerful editor. The tool’s numerous technical functions are wrapped in a fantastic-looking user interface that is simple to use. The programme enables users to apply a plethora of audio effects and preview them in real-time while editing is still taking place.

You may also choose various segments of the same audio to edit, listen to, or apply effects to at the same time. The application is one of the greatest cross-platform audio editors available today. It is capable of working flawlessly on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

7. QuickTime

Best for Mac audio and video recording/editing. QuickTime is primarily a video editing tool for the Mac, but it also allows users to record continuous audio and video on their Mac for added convenience. To begin recording, simply browse to the ‘files’ tab on your screen and select ‘new audio recording.’

The programme also works fantastically well on iOS devices to capture video or audio. After recording, you may easily edit, clip, or divide your recorded audio using QuickTime’s powerful editing tools.

8. Adobe Audition

The best choice for audio mixing and restoration. Adobe Audition is widely regarded as one of the greatest audio workstations available today. It is a tool that many experienced sound engineers suggest. The tools provide a plethora of functions that allow you to record, edit, mix, and restore audio for a number of reasons.

The software is well-known for its powerful multi-track display and waveform functionality.
Aside from the foregoing, the programme allows users to combine numerous audio clips into a single file, fix audio breaks, and produce audio files in a variety of formats.

The programme is great for combining audio files for podcasts. Adobe Audition’s audio workstation was designed specifically for creating professional podcasts.

9. Avid Pro Tools

Best for audio recording and music composition. Avid Pro Tools, like Apple’s GarageBand, is a solid audio workstation that allows aspiring artists to make their own music without having to invest substantially on musical equipment. It’s amazing when you’re capturing audio and making music that you can broadcast to the entire globe!

The programme has a rather extensive user interface that makes both recording and composition much simpler.It enables cloud collaboration, which means you may now collaborate online with other musicians to compose a piece of music.

Aside from the aforementioned capabilities, there are also MIDI editing, a plethora of musical pre-sets, loop recording, and auxiliary tracks that you may use to explore and create fantastic music.

10. Wavosaur

The best option for free audio processing. Wavosaur is another another in a long series of powerful audio processing software that include a function that allows users to capture sound. Wavosaur’s offering is fairly minimal. It is a tool that may be used to record audio, edit it, and mix it for a variety of applications.

It offers a simple interface that does not overwhelm its users with needless frills. Aside from recording, the programme may also be used for audio conversion, music loop production, sound design, and much more.

11. Cleanfeed

Best for audio recording in a browser. Cleanfeed is one of those tools designed specifically for live audio and radio recording. To begin recording with this tool, just sign up using your browser and begin recording your audio. It’s really that simple. There is no need to install any other software.

When you press the record button on your browser, Cleanfeed goes into auto-pilot mode. It will mix the audio and make modifications in order to offer you with just the highest quality audio. You also don’t require all of the people engaged in your recording to join up for their own accounts.

Only one account is required. You only need to share the web address with others so that they, too, may participate in the subsequent recording procedure.

12. Podium

Best for Windows Audio Workstation. Podium is a slick-looking audio workstation designed exclusively for the Windows operating system. It can edit, record, mix, and repair audio. The application also enables MIDI recording and editing and includes a plethora of effect plugins to improve the quality and attractiveness of your audio track. It’s also suitable for hosting VST instruments.

13. Wondershare DemoCreator

The best option for screen recording. Wondershare DemoCreator is a very easy-to-use screen recording programme that records everything that happens on your computer screen.

You can quickly record and edit audio and video from your screen to produce instructional, game content, YouTube videos, and much more. It’s also a wonderful editor because of capabilities like real-time screen sketching and hundreds of templates.


Best for audio recording and editing on the web. HYA. WAVE is an intelligent online audio recorder that enables users to rapidly record audio on their computer or mobile device without the need to download software.

You may use the programme to either export an audio file from your device or record one right away for editing. It is extremely simple to use and is ideal for on-the-go audio recording and editing.

15. Cakewalk

Excellent for Audio Production Cakewalk is a programme that simplifies audio creation. It is a programme that allows you to swiftly record, edit, and mix audio. It is also a programme for repairing distorted audio files.

The tool also has a plethora of tools and instrument presets to help you create beautiful music. Aside from that, it supports MIDI recording, exporting, and publishing of songs, among other things.


With a plethora of powerful software at our disposal and the ease provided by mobile devices, audio recording has become exceedingly simple.

There are several reasons why one might wish to capture sound, from podcasts to YouTube video production and more. The instruments indicated above are more than capable of the job.

In terms of our suggestions, Audacity is a great choice if you want a simple voice recorder with sophisticated functionality. If you’re a musician looking for a fully-fledged audio workstation with recording capabilities, go no further than Apple’s GarageBand or Ardour.


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