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Top 15 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps To Use 2022

In this guide, we will go through the best free Cell Phone Tracker Apps in-depth, including cost, features, and comparisons:

A phone tracker app allows you to trace the whereabouts of a mobile device. The app can help you retrieve a lost or stolen phone or tablet. The app may also be used to monitor your children’s whereabouts.

You may check the location of the child’s mobile device as well as other information like as call history, Internet searches, social media messages, and more.

You can read a review of the best free phone tracker applications in this tutorial. It is worth noting that all of the free applications featured here provide the basic functions of tracking your mobile phone. You may also subscribe to a premium version for more extensive tools for tracking mobile device activity.

Best 15 Free Cell Phone Tracker Apps To Use 2022

In this article you can find out the best 15 working cell phone tracker apps.


Best for monitoring Android and iPhone in real-time. is a smartphone tracking app designed for parents, schools, and businesses. It is invisible and can deliver real-time information. You may use this programme to spy on Live GPS, WhatsApp, Facebook, and other services. It has the ability to recover deleted texts. It has almost 42 distinct traits.

2. mSpy 

On Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices, this app is ideal for parental control and phone tracking. MSpy is an excellent parental control and phone tracking app. The app is compatible with all iOS versions as well as the majority of Android phones. It has many advanced features that other apps do not have, such as a keylogger, website blocking features, and encrypted data access.

3. uMobix

Best for keeping track on everything that happens on your children’s smartphones and tablets. UMobix is a sophisticated cell phone tracker. It is capable of monitoring everything that happens on your child’s smartphone or tablet in real-time. It is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. It can monitor over 30 different social media networks.

4. GEOfinder

Web-based Cell Phone Tracker with Phone Number is the best option. GEOfinder is a simple cell phone number tracker that can determine the exact position of any phone number on a map, independent of mobile network. To monitor a phone number’s location, enter the number you want to track and choose the SMS you want to send.

5. Hoverwatch

Best for concealed tracking features such as recording location, SMS, call audio, internet activities, and so on. Hoverwatch is a smartphone tracker that is completely free. It allows you to sign up for free. It offers features such as phone history tracking, social media tracking, SMS tracking, and so on.


This app is ideal for remotely monitoring any smartphone or tablet. XNSPY is a platform that can be used for both parental controls and staff monitoring. It delivers real-time activity updates.

It includes features such as the ability to record in-app displays for all main Instant Messaging programmes. It works with a variety of apps, including WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, Facebook App, Instagram, Tinder, and others.

7. FlexiSPY

Ideal for parental control and employee surveillance. FlexiSPYTM is a one-of-a-kind monitoring solution for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. It can assist you in monitoring all digital and audio conversations between Android and iPhone devices.

This utility can monitor everything that happens on a PC or a Mac. It contains features for tracking digital communications, monitoring social media and instant messaging, recording phone calls, and so on.

8. MobileTracker

Best for free Android phone surveillance of employees’ and family members’ mobile devices.
One of the most popular free cell phone tracking applications is MobileTracker. The basic free plan allows you to monitor and control your phone’s data. You may even remotely record calls and capture screenshots.

9. Snoopza

Best for free android phone tracking on android smartphones. Snoopza is yet another excellent Android phone tracking app. You may use the programme to monitor phone conversations and track social media communications. It also features a function that allows you to track your Internet and YouTube usage history.

10. FamiSafe

On Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire devices, this app is ideal for parental control and mobile tracking. FamiSafe is a premium parental control app that you may test out for free for up to a week. SafeSearch, Web Filter, App Blocking, and other functions are included in the app.
This app works on Android, iOS, and KindleFire devices.

11. Google Find My Device

Best for tracking mobile phones on Android smartphones. Google Find My Device is a free phone tracking app. You may use the app to track any gadget on your Android phone.
To safeguard the data, you may create a password. In addition, the app enables remote lock and wipe functions.

12. Glympse

Best for free GPS tracking of friends, family members, and coworkers. Glympse is a free location-sharing app that allows you to follow the whereabouts of family members, friends, and coworkers. The free app, which is available for download for Android and iOS smartphones, reveals users’ current position. Users do not need to download the app in order to distribute the update.

13. Life360

Best for free mobile phone tracking for Android smartphones. Life 360 is a free Android-based mobile tracking app. The free app has several functions such as location history, location sharing, and location notifications. You may save frequently visited locations such as home, school, and work. The basic version also includes automatic SOS and crash detection.
You need to subscribe to a paying member if you want enhanced features.

14. Spyic

On Android and iPhone devices, it is best for free remote app monitoring and parental management. Spyic is a fantastic app for phone tracking and parental control. The basic phone tracking feature is provided free of charge. You must pay to a monthly plan if you want sophisticated services like app, social apps, and call logs. You may monitor the phone for free by creating an account.

15. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid
Best for phone tracking and theft protection for Android smartphones. Another free Android app that allows you to track your handset is Where’s My Droid. Aside from phone tracking, the app provides a slew of other handy functions. You may use the theft detection tool to find out whether your smartphone has been stolen.

The app available for download from the website includes functionality not seen in the Google Play version. These features include a call log, a concealed icon to avoid uninstallation, and call notification.


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