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How To Fix Ticketmaster Error Code u001? Best Fixes

Ticketmaster Error Code u001 happens when there is more traffic, which puts more stress on the Ticketmaster servers. Because of this, the platform couldn’t connect to its servers, so you can’t finish the buy. Your internet and browser’s cache can also cause this error.

How To Fix Ticketmaster Error Code u001? Best Fixes

Most of the time, error code u001 means that Ticketmaster can’t connect to its servers because the platform is too busy. Then, it would be best if you waited until the makers fixed the problems. You still need to do a few things, though. Here they are.

Change Location 

If you try to buy more tickets than are available at the place you chose, or if all the tickets have already been sold, the Ticketmaster Error Code u001 may show. For this to work, try booking your tickets from a place with more available.

Check Ticketmaster Server Status

There are times when many people want to use the Ticketmaster website or app simultaneously, which can slow it down or even crash the server. And because of that, many people might have trouble booking or buying tickets. An error code shows on the app when the booking is deleted. Check to see if the server is down at You can read what other users say about the server’s health at the URL. If you know it’s down, wait until it’s fixed.

Clear Cache

Sometimes, the Ticketmaster app or your browser’s cache can get messed up, which stops the app or website from working correctly. Test the problem by clearing the cache and seeing if that helps. To clear your cache.

Android Users

To clear your phone’s data, go to Settings > Apps > Ticketmaster app > Storage > Clear Cache > Clear Data.

iOS Users

Go to Settings, then General, then the Ticketmaster app, Storage, then Offload app, and finally Reinstall.

Chrome Browser

To change your settings, go to “Privacy and Security” and “Settings.” Select “Advanced” and then “Time range” (All-Time). Clear information.

Change Browser

If none of the steps above work, try going to Ticketmaster through a different web browser. If you’re using Firefox, switch to Google Chrome, and if you’re using Chrome, switch to Firefox.

Consider The Following:


You should be able to fix the Ticketmaster Error Code u001 and order your tickets by doing the abovementioned things. If you’re still getting the error, call Ticketmaster’s customer service. To talk to customer service, go to


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