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How To Fix DU Error Code 101636? Easy Ways

You are one of many getting the DU error code 101636. Many other users are also getting this error. You can use straightforward troubleshooting techniques to resolve this error, so don’t worry.

Is There Any Official Announcement Or Solution For This Error Code?

Unfortunately, there were no approved DU solutions when this guide was written, so users could try eliminating this error code. Many users have called help, though, so they should know about the problem. They are also trying to provide appropriate and practical solutions. However, if you are experiencing this error and are looking for solutions, continue reading this guide. You can fix the error code by following the troubleshooting steps in this guide.

What Is DU Error Code 101636?

DU error code 101636 usually shows up when DU decides that you need to provide more proof of the information you gave them because it doesn’t match the information they have on file. The error is not on the public list of errors, so it is impossible to figure out what the error code means. However, users have encountered this error in different circumstances. For example, some users encountered this error when they opened the task log with details, which gave them the error code 06G-080 with the error message “Error Code 118337.” Some people have had this happen while they were shopping.

How To Fix DU Error Code 101636?

It is hard to provide any specific solutions to the error because the error code is not in the DU list. However, there are some troubleshooting techniques you can still try to get rid of the error. Troubleshooting steps should be followed.

Verify Information – Look over your information again to ensure it is correct.

Remove Excess Ghost Properties – The new URLA 1003 has a lot of ghost properties that need to be cleaned up. Navigate to 1003 YRLA Part 3-Section 3 > Click “Show All VOMs” on the right > Remove all extra ghost properties.

Clear Property Lines – This could help if you get an error code when trying to buy something. Delete the two “blank” property lines from the VOM if the error is fixed.

Keep Track Of Changes – If you’ve made any changes to the information you’re giving, please wait, as this process could take some time. To get your application accepted, keep an eye on the changes.

Contact Support Team – If the error code keeps showing up even after you’ve tried the above troubleshooting steps, call the Support Center at 1-800-232-6643.

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The DU error list does not have error code 101636. You can fix it by following a few easy steps, such as.

  • Going over the information you gave us again.
  • By keeping an eye on changes.
  • Getting rid of more ghost property.
  • By getting rid of property lines.

And if that doesn’t work, call support.


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