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Top 13 Best Stream Deck Uses

Stream Deck uses are vast and versatile, boosting productivity and efficiency. With adjustable keys, it enables pros, gamers, and content producers to streamline their processes. Whether you run a social media account, edit videos, or stream on Twitch doesn’t matter. Stream Deck has a lot of cool things you can do. With just one tap, you can run complicated orders and set up tasks to be done automatically. Let’s see what else is possible.

Top 13 Best Stream Deck Uses

Stream Deck is an ideal tool for streamers and people who don’t stream. People who aren’t streamers can use it to handle the software they use often and set up regular tasks to be done automatically. Streamers can use it to change scenes and play sound effects. This post will discuss some of the many things you can do with Stream Deck. Here is the list of Stream Deck uses.

1. Time Tracking

Time is valuable, so keeping track of it is also important. You can use Stream Deck to keep track of the time you spend on daily tasks. Push the button twice, once to start the task and again to end it.

2. Literally Anything

The only requirement is to be a coder to use Stream Deck for anything. Auto Hotkey can make automatic tricks that are easy for anyone to use.

3. Output Commonly Used Phrases

It gets boring repeatedly typing the same words, but Stream Deck is here like a bright knight. The text function can do this; it will quickly print out the popular words, making the work easier.

4. Resizing Windows

Relax, Stream Deck has your back when too many windows are on the screen. You can change how big or small the windows are to suit your needs. It is also possible to change the size of the windows.

5. Mac Shortcuts Activation

We also have good news for people who use Apple products. You can use Stream Deck to make Shortcuts on your devices. The Shortcuts are easy to use because they are built into the Stream Deck buttons.

6. Set Timer

Stream Deck has a morning clock-like functionality. Timers can be set to remind you to complete important tasks that you often need to remember to do because you’re too busy. Carry out the task after setting the time and sound as desired.

7. Control Video Calls

Most meetings happen through Zoom and Microsoft Teams, but the on-screen menu can sometimes be annoying. Stream Deck assists in controlling the technical aspects of a virtual meet, allowing you to concentrate on what’s essential.

8. Setting Slack Status

Are you using Slack to talk about business? You should connect it to Stream Deck if the answer is yes. With the push of a button, you can change the state. This will save you time. It’s now easy to get up from the seat.

9. Reopen Daily Use Programs

You can pick Stream Deck if you work on the same programs daily and want them to open simultaneously. Taken aback? The Multi-Action chain and the Open command can be used together.

10. Calendar Reminders

With so many meetings, keeping track of them all takes a lot of work. Stream Deck can help you. Meetings are coming up, and the app colors the icon based on the times.

11. Controll Smart Lights

You can use Stream Deck to manage smart lights. Moreover, you can set the lighting and change the colors to suit your wants. You can also set up different buttons to control different lights in your home.

12. Some Fun & Games

After a long day, we all need a break. Stream Deck can help you do that. Through Stream Deck apps, you can get a lot of games and brain teasers that will help you relax.

13. Chat On Discord

Fans of streaming, we have good news for you: it’s now very easy to use your favorite messaging app. Controlling the majority of Discord’s features is made easier by Stream Deck. This great idea for streamers will help them keep streaming for longer.

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Stream Deck mods, in the end, expand its functionality beyond simple use. Thanks to its endless possibilities, You can carry out many cool things with Stream Deck, such as improving processes and controlling apps. Stream Deck is a strong tool for pros and people who make videos because it can do so many things. If you have any questions about Stream Deck uses, please comment below.


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