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Staffing Software For Recruiting 10 Best In 2022

Hiring the perfect person for a vacant job position entails a lot of work. According to the Undercover Recruiter, 46 percent of talent executives believe that identifying high-skill individuals is tough, and 52 percent of recruiting managers struggle to identify outstanding candidates amid the deluge of accessible names.

The use of software or other digital hiring tools can greatly ease the recruitment process. LinkedIn, for example, says that reduce the time it takes to make an offer and use recruiting algorithms to locate the most productive employee.

In this piece, I’ll share the best staffing agency software with you, as well as showcase some of their best features and recruiting tools.

Buyer’s Guide for Staffing Software

These are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting staffing software for your business. Remember to scale each requirement based on the size of your firm or team.

User Interface (UI): When it comes to things like sorting and sorting resume data, maintaining a candidate database, and managing hiring workflows, staffing software should be simple to use. The candidate experience should be simple, clean, and seamless.

Usability: Staffing software will be used by staffing professionals, team leaders, HR representatives, and staffing agencies, thus it should be simple to use.

Integrations: Staffing sector software will very certainly need to communicate with other workplace software, such as communication software, enterprise resource management software, CRM, applicant tracking software (ATS), and so on.

Value for money: I seek for anything that is reasonably priced for the variety of functions provided, with a preference for software that provides a sliding scale price range for different group sizes.

List of Staffing Software Features

  • Each platform on this list has distinguishing traits that set it apart. However, the majority of them also have some of the following key recruitment platform capabilities.
  • A built-in technique for collecting resumes, parsing keywords, and managing the hiring pipeline.
  • Candidate scoring: A system for identifying the most qualified candidates based on the criteria you set for each post.
  • Methods for tracking, managing, and following up on ongoing relationships for both active and passive candidate sourcing.
  • Connection to internal or external calendar software for organising interviews with incoming applications.
  • Talent acquisition includes resources for marketing to the best prospects as well as engagement conversion analytics.
  • Hiring process automations: Workflow triggers that relieve your staff of some of the fundamental admin labour.
  • Job posting creation entails creating, optimising, and disseminating job postings on internal and external hiring websites.

Best Staffing Management Solution Overviews

The following is a brief summary of each of the top ten online staffing tools.

1. Manatal Best ATS with CRM and AI automations

1. Manatal - Best ATS with CRM and AI automations
Manatal is the market leader in streamlining the recruiting process, with thousands of staffing and recruitment agencies using it in over 90 countries. It offers a unique combination of core ATS technologies, new and revolutionary AI-powered features, and a customer relationship management system.

Manatal’s interface is both practical and straightforward, requiring little to no training and allowing teams to quickly begin exploiting its tools. The platform includes all of the standard ATS features, such as daily recruitment processing, drag and drop pipelines, compliance tools (such as GDPR, CCPA, PDPA, and others), a career page builder, a full analytics suite, a skill bank, candidate and job history, activities management, collaboration tools, a placement management system, and all main functions relating to candidates’ information and records.

Powerful search options, AI-based suggestions, candidate scoring, and social media recruitment are among the more creative aspects (Linkedin, Facebook, GitHub, and more).
These capabilities have proven particularly useful in expediting operations like as applicant sourcing and screening, as well as assisting in the utilisation of vast current candidate databases.

Finally, Manatal comes with a full CRM (customer relationship management) system that allows users to track and manage leads and customers throughout the client lifetime.
Manatal provides an open API as well as integrations with Linkedin, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, and other workflow applications.

2. Tracker Best staffing software with ATS, CRM, and automation

Tracker - Best staffing software with ATS, CRM, and automation
Tracker is a recruitment and staffing software that functions as an ATS and CRM all in one.
The application is intended to assist staffing and recruiting organisations in managing and optimising their candidate, client, marketing, and operational operations.

The application contains capabilities for sourcing candidates, nurturing and matching applicants, and placing them. Tracker also provides capabilities such as resume parsing to help reduce manual data entry. Tools for sales and client relationship management, marketing and job board integration, back office support, and more are also available.

Users can connect Tracker to external job boards and create bespoke candidate portals, dashboards, reports, and processes. Tracker is compatible with a wide range of third-party solutions.

3 Zoho Recruit Best staffing software for staffing agencies

Zoho Recruit - Best staffing software for staffing agencies
Zoho Recruit is staffing software for recruiters and corporate hiring teams. The tool assists in hiring a workforce that is responsive to changing talent demand and hires more competent individuals.

Users can save time by posting jobs on different job boards, automating and managing candidates, clients, and contacts, and spending less time on mundane tasks.

The staffing software from Zoho Recruit addresses a variety of issues that recruiters experience. Zoho Recruit provides complete solutions for both in-house recruiters and staffing agencies, allowing customers to source, track, and hire the best prospects without having to juggle many media.

The tool allows you to customise every part of your workday and automate chores such as emailing, updating interview status, and more. Zoho Recruit also gives hiring strategy reports and analytics.

4. Connecteam Best staffing software for drag-and-drop scheduling and employee task management

Connecteam - Best staffing software for drag-and-drop scheduling and employee task management
Connecteam’s scheduling software is easy to use and scalable, allowing you to add new features as needed. It enables drag-and-drop scheduling, as well as features such as repeating shifts, flags for periods of unavailability, and a warning to ensure employees do not over their weekly overtime cap. Employees can also use the site to claim open shifts or conduct simple shift swaps.

Connecteam includes many capabilities to enable staff task management in addition to scheduling. To help employees stay on track with their work assignments, you can construct descriptive task lists that include sub-tasks and attachments. Recurring tasks can be issued to a single or numerous users at the same time, saving administrators time when creating new work assignments.

Connecteam also provides communication and engagement features like team and company-wide chat channels, internal quiz tools, an organisational directory, and a linked org chart. You can also acquire advanced services like anonymous staff surveys and corporate event management tools in their higher subscription tiers.

Connecteam was designed for deskless and remote teams and is available on mobile, desktop, and as a kiosk app for tablets. It is widely used in a variety of industries, including retail, restaurants, manufacturing, construction, field services, and healthcare.

5. TargetRecruit Best staffing software with job board integrations

TargetRecruit - Best staffing software with job board integrations
TargetRecruit is a native Salesforce enterprise software developed for staffing and recruiting organisations. It includes CRM, Front Office, Middle Office, and Portals features that allow users to build business relationships, source and place the right candidates, and manage timesheets, pay, and bill via mobile-ready portals.

TargetRecruit has an applicant tracking system, job board search, job posting, and job management features, as well as global mapping, candidate presentations and branding, credentialing, e-signatures, reporting and dashboards, flexible workflows, and email integration, all of which make it simple to find, match, and place candidates.

TargetRecruit integrates with over 140 Salesforce Native apps and others for accounting, assessments/testing, background verification, chat bots, commissions tracking, contract administration, email integration, marketing automation, payroll, relationship mapping, video conferencing, and much more.

6. Bullhorn Best staffing software with business intelligence (BI)

Bullhorn - Best staffing software with business intelligence (BI)
Bullhorn is a staffing software that provides users with an all-in-one solution for recruiting and sales, pay and bill, reporting and engagement, and VMS integration. Users will be able to track and onboard applications, manage timesheets, invoice, obtain insights, automate workflows, and communicate on the go with these functionalities.

Bullhorn eliminates information silos and enables users to collaborate to place applicants as quickly as feasible. Bullhorn is a clear choice for recruiters that detest wasting time, with a robust search feature that sifts through 100 million candidate records and returns results in less than half a second, and advanced customisation functionality within the software on both desktop and mobile devices.

Bullhorn interacts with over 100 solutions in an open environment, allowing users to easily move from their existing systems to Bullhorn.

7. Avionté Best staffing software with payroll & billing

Avionté - Best staffing software with payroll & billing
AvionteBOLD is a CRM and ATS system designed for the clerical, light industrial, IT, and professional industries. It includes capabilities for payroll and billing, advanced sourcing, candidate attraction, and onboarding. With AvionteBOLD, you can go paperless, onboard quickly, and recruit from anywhere with the mobile app.

Personalized job boards, mobile-friendly job applications, comprehensive job distribution, Google for jobs integrations, and Talent Tasks to keep applicants on track and updated are just a few of the features that AvionteBOLD provides to help its users attract and onboard quality candidates while also providing candidates with an application process that they may actually enjoy.

AvionteBOLD quickly connects with ADP SmartCompliance! PayCard, Asurint, Essential StaffCARE, Adobe Sign, Checkr, Choice Screening, Crimcheck, Equifax Workforce Solutions, Greenshades Software, Global Cash Card, Haley Marketing, IBM, Liberty Screening, MAXIMUS, and Nelco are some of the companies we work with.

8. SmartRecruiters Best staffing & ATS for talent sourcing and engagement

SmartRecruiters - Best staffing & ATS for talent sourcing and engagement
SmartRecruiters is a cloud-based talent acquisition software for businesses of all sizes that includes features for candidate experience, management engagement, recruiter productivity, recruiting budget, hiring speed, and hire quality. Unlike the other software choices we’ve discussed, SmartRecruiters provides charity with free plans and significant discounts on larger plans, as well as donating a piece of their equity to a foundation.

SmartRecruiters allows users to create branded pages without having to code. Whether on the desktop or the mobile app, notes, notifications, and social tools keep everyone in the team in the loop. The pre-integrated assessment tools simplify and save time when screening and evaluating prospects. Other things SmartRecruiters users can do include automating advertising to stay within budget and standardising candidate evaluation standards.

SmartRecruiters connects with job board, sourcing, recruitment marketing, communication, candidate assessments, background checks, onboarding, and analytics applications.

9. SmarterSelect Best for NGO & grant staffing

 SmarterSelect - Best for NGO & grant staffing
SmarterSelect is a cloud-based application management software that makes it easier to give scholarships, grants, special programmes, and prizes. Because it is created for non-technical consumers, it is trusted by 40,000 programmes and 1,500,000 users. You may set up the programme on your own and begin using it nearly immediately.

Customize your workflows, set up email and SMS reminders, collect insights, and always award the best candidates. SmarterSelect provides simple and customised pricing to make it easy and light on organisations, which is their major goal.

SmarterSelect is compatible with over 750 applications. Salesforce, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM are among the integrations.

10. ENGAGE Best AI talent intelligence with actionable market analytics

ENGAGE - Best AI talent intelligence with actionable market analytics
ENGAGE Talent combines staffing software solutions for recruiting, retention, and market information into a single slick platform with AI automations to make the combined data more manageable. ENGAGE collects data from over 30K sources to offer you with a ready-made list of candidates to analyse and engage with.

ENGAGE provides a 100-million-prospect proprietary database, targeting capabilities to contact and convert passive candidates, AI-driven insights for talent acquisitions, retention and turnover risk projections by role and skill set, and real-time competitive peer and industry benchmarking. Based on their whole professional history, including employers, titles, tenure, and geography, their ENGAGE ME! profile predicts candidate-specific appeal criteria for future career chances.

Because ENGAGE has recently joined the Workforce Logiq family, you now have access to a pool of Workforce Logiq specialist advisers for personalised strategic planning and HR coaching.

Need Help Choosing the Best Staffing Software?

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