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Board Meeting Software 10 Best in 2022

This is the definitive list of 2022’s top board meeting software. It includes the top ten finest electronic board meeting software as well as some free digital board meeting apps. I also answer a few questions on online board meeting software.

Board meetings are critical for a company’s recruiting, operating procedures, and growing strategies. To do this properly, you’ll need high-quality digital board meeting software that can help you satisfy all of the above business needs while also allowing for remote team collaboration and document officiation. In this essay, I will discuss the ten best board meeting software options for effectively conducting remote board meetings.

Criteria for Comparing Board Meeting Software

What factors should I consider when choosing the finest online meeting management software? My rating criteria are summarised below:

Is the user interface (UI) clean and appealing? Is it free of perplexing options that can slow down a business owner’s ability to start and organise a meeting?

Usability: How easy is the tool to use? Is it simple to grasp and master? Is the company’s tech help, user support, tutorials, and workflow training up to par?

Integrations: Is it simple to integrate with other tools? Are there any pre-built integrations?
Does it integrate with popular calendar apps out of the box to help with board meeting scheduling? How does it interact with document storage/file storage apps to allow for rapid sharing of documents on the go? Does it integrate with team collaboration tools to speed up communication?

Value for money: How reasonable is the pricing in relation to the features, capabilities, and use case? Is the price straightforward, transparent, and adaptable? Do the features outweigh the price?

Key Features of Board Meeting Management

Some of the important scheduling elements that a board meeting software should have are as follows:

Document administration

Is the electronic board meeting software equipped with comprehensive document management features? Does it allow you to add and edit papers, track document submissions, and add annotations within the board meeting app?

Creating an Agenda

Is it possible to construct an agenda for the meetings using the online board meeting software? Is it possible to update and collaborate on the agendas? Agenda creation is a critical component of making your meetings productive and effective.


Does the digital board meeting software allow you to electronically sign documents? Physically approving documents can be difficult for a remote team. E-signing documents solves this difficulty and validates papers for further activities.

Permissions depending on roles

Is there approval-based access management in the online board meeting software? Multiple team members work at various levels of hierarchy on boards. When choosing board meeting software, look for platforms with role-based permission capabilities to keep communication simplified for all stakeholders.


Is voting/polling available in the board meeting software to obtain board consensus on governance policies, recruiting team members, and other board-related tasks? Online voting/polling tools allow you to examine each member’s viewpoint and reach a conclusion together.

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Overviews of the top ten board meeting software programmes

Here’s a quick summary of each of the online meeting management software on my list, with screenshots highlighting some of the capabilities.

1.  BoardTrac Best board meeting agenda software

BoardTrac - Best board meeting agenda software

Boardtrac is an online board meeting software with document management and video conferencing capabilities. You can add and edit documents in the meeting, as well as highlight text, for document management. There is a single login to access several “boards” (online meeting rooms used to communicate and cooperate with board members), removing the complication associated with distinct passwords for different workspaces. You can also view and share the presenter’s PowerPoint slides while taking meeting notes.

Boardtrac is available via a native application that provides offline access on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone (provided you download the documents while being online). A plugin is now available for the existing webinar and video conferencing services.

2. BoardPro Best board meeting annotation software

2. BoardPro - Best board meeting annotation software

BoardPro includes a plethora of options to assist you in organising online board meetings.
It allows you to divide meeting topics into themed or departmental groups for more organised discussion. Boards are adaptable, with the ability to easily upload word processing files and updates, as well as distribute to the board with a single click. You can also collaborate on annotating your board papers. All meetings are digitally recorded and saved, and you may access them from any device or location. BoardPro also includes functions such as automated email reminders and interactive board voting.

BoardPro includes a drag-and-drop agenda maker. It can also be used to keep records, minutes, and documents, as well as define rules for reviewing action items. BoardPro also integrates seamlessly with Slack and Trello. It provides chat support as well as a vast knowledge library with step-by-step guidance.

3. BoardEye by Axar Digital Best board meeting software for approval access management

BoardEye by Axar Digital - Best board meeting software for approval access management

Axar Digital’s BoardEye is a board management software that allows for paperless meetings.
It has functionality for document management, agenda creation, data access management, and RSVP sending. Document management tools include the ability to add and share files, add annotations to documents, highlight text, and engage with team members viacomments and tags. E-signature technologies allow you to sign and approve papers while on the go. You can add minutes and allow team members to edit the agenda while creating an agenda.

With permissions management for company data and app settings, you can control the level of access each team member has.

BoardEye’s website does not list any integrations. Customer service is available via email and live chat. There is additional documentation available that covers every aspect of the product.

4. Wrike Best board meeting software for integrations

Wrike - Best board meeting software for integrations

Wrike provides role-based access to boards, allowing you to share files, arrange meetings, and communicate with board directors. You may manage your agenda by keeping track of agenda items, setting agenda reminders, and assigning tasks. Its annotation feature allows you to mark crucial points in a document. Its whiteboard function allows you to engage with your team and obtain real-time feedback.

Wrike integrates with over 400 apps out of the box, including Google Drive, Slack, Dropbox, and other similar software. Wrike provides email and live chat customer care, as well as a help centre with step-by-step guidance covering frequent FAQs.

5. Boardable Best board meeting for taking minutes

Boardable - Best board meeting for taking minutes

Boardable is a SaaS subscription service that is accessible monthly, quarterly, or annually.
It is entirely web-based, making it accessible from any device, including your PC, tablet, or smartphone. You can offer meeting times and receive a summary of responses directly in the app, eliminating the need for emails or phone conversations. There are facilities for keeping track of forthcoming meetings, viewing meeting agendas, and voting on relevant polls. The minutes tool allows you to record meeting details. You may also add and assign tasks directly from the minutes.

Boardable integrates natively with popular calendar programmes such as iCalendar, Outlook, and Google Calendar. Boardable includes agenda building templates to help you get started quickly. Your agendas can be exported to the team in PDF format.

6. BoardEffect Best board meeting scheduling software

BoardEffect - Best board meeting scheduling software

BoardEffect is a board meeting software that makes meeting scheduling easier. You can select an upcoming board meeting date, and your board members can confirm their participation with a single click. A voting option is available to approve board meeting minutes, new members, and policy.

You can annotate board meeting materials on your mobile device with Boardeffect. You can make last-minute edits and push them to the board to keep everyone up to date. Board members can establish email reminders to complete certain duties and tick the box once completed. You can also schedule post-meeting follow-ups to re-engage team members in the conversation.

BoardEffect is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Atlassian, and other applications. A welcome bot, in-person chat, and rich documentation with step-by-step guidance are all accessible for assistance.

7. CGS Boardworks Best board meeting software for enterprises

7. CGS Boardworks - Best board meeting software for enterprises

CGS Boardworks is a well-known board meeting tool. From within the platform, you may rapidly add annotations to a document. This speeds up any review process and allows for online or offline participation. CGS Boardworks’ customised vote and survey modules allow you to get feedback from your board. E-signatures can also be used to approve papers.

The app is simple to use and can be used by laptop, mobile, or tablet. It provides the same straightforward navigation experience across devices, making it an excellent alternative for large organisations with numerous departments. The iOS and Android platforms are both supported by the mobile version. CGS Boardworks is compatible with Apple Calendar.
Other integrations are not featured on the company’s website.

8. Parabol Best free board meeting software

Parabol - Best free board meeting software

Parabol is a free open-source board meeting software for small enterprises. It enables your team to provide anonymous feedback on the job so that you may progress as a group. To keep everyone engaged, you can use multiplayer grouping (grouping diverse team members to jointly reflect, discuss concerns, and settle grievances). Icebreakers can be used to highlight new staff and entice them to engage. You may also generate meeting summaries so that everyone is kept up to date.

To have their concerns heard, anyone can add agenda items before or during the meeting. You can then add actionable next steps to the agenda and instantly upload them to apps like Jira and GitHub. Apart from these, Parabol interfaces with Slack out of the box.

9. Boardvantage Best board meeting software for collaboration

Boardvantage - Best board meeting software for collaboration

Nasdaq Boardvantage is the famous stock market index platform’s board gateway software.
With its meeting management tools, you can easily organise single or multi-day meetings. You may enter information, track board member attendance, attach files, and start remote meetings.

You can receive a consolidated view of files and projects using their document management system. Its search capability makes it simple to locate relevant materials. There are several collaboration capabilities as well, such as the ability to post comments, share notes, and tag certain people or groups. Surveys and questionnaires can also be created.

10. Diligent Best board meeting software for financial services industry

Diligent - Best board meeting software for financial services industry

Diligent offers a corporate board directors portal with governance tools and assists in the distribution of board meeting materials throughout the firm. A centralised document storage space allows you to add, edit, and delete documents. Documents may be simply annotated, and board meeting minutes can be added. The product can be accessed via desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

Diligent boards additionally go beyond board meeting management to provide governance resources to you. It provides the board with industry and corporate information and analytics, as well as selected news and director tools to aid in decision-making. Diligent’s website presently does not list any integrations.


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