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Top 9 Best Shutter Alternatives And Similar Tools

Best Shutter Alternatives will be discussed in this article. When it comes to Shutter, there is no doubt about how powerful this app is. However, some people may need to find Shutter substitute, probably due to its relatively high price, incompatibility, or other reasons. If you are one of them, review out these recommendations for Shutter alternatives below.

What is Shutter?

Shutter was created by Techsmith back in 1990. The software enables you to do screen capture and video capture freely. Due to its maturity, Shutter is considered one of the finest screen capture software in the market.

It is safe to say that Shutter is almost an all-rounder. It has a screen-capture feature, video-capture, image and video editor, and also a capability to share the outcomes to various options.

Shutter is equipped with Optical Character Recognition, which allows you to pull text from your screenshot, then edit it without changing the image. Moreover, it can also take screenshots in different aspect ratios, set a screenshot timer, do a scrolling-window screenshot, and many more.

In the video-capturing aspect, Shutter allows you to record a video along with its sound, taking a 4K video cut and even recording from your webcam and screen simultaneously.

Shutter provides an image and video editor in which you can complete various adjustments to the color, add filters and effects, and add text and annotation. You can freely share your work in various formats, including GIF, JPG, and PSD when you are done.

With such a feature, it is understandable that Shutter has no free plan. However, you can enjoy a 15-day free trial before settling into one of its subscription plans.

Top 10 Best Shutter Alternatives And Similar Tools

The need for another software similar to Shutter is very much justified. After all, there are different explanations why people want to switch from the software, such as compatibility problems, budget-related problems, or even the desire to explore all the options.

Do not worry; whatever your reason is, this article will get you covered.

1. Screenpresso


The first recommendation is Shutter alternatives for video capture and screen capture; Screenpresso.

With Screenpresso, you can get a screenshot in any manner you like. Let’s just say you want a window-scrolling screenshot or maybe a specific part-of-the-screen screenshot. Screenpresso can do that.

Moreover, you can also do a screen recording of your activities and transform it into MP4 format. And do not think it will be soundless, because audio can be well-captured.

There is also a built-in editor and sharing facilities in the app. With some exploration, you will find Screenpresso very handy to support your productivity.

You can get Screenpresso for free with a limited feature, but it can be upgraded at a relatively low price compared to other screen capture software.

2. Screenrec


If you are scrutinizing for a simple screen capture program to help you get by, then Screenrec can be a great choice. Screenrec allows you to take a screenshot or video recordings easily, even though you are a beginner. The great UI and clear instructions will help anyone, even the non-tech savvy ones, to operate this software.

Even though Screenrec does not provide editing tools, you can still add annotations to your work. The image or video you take can easily be shared, not just in the usual file formats such as JPG or PNG, but also via URL.

One of Screenrec’s unique features is the ability to protect the file you send with encryption, giving you full control of whoever sees the file. Moreover, you can also receive statistics on your work and know many times it’s been played.

Lastly, Screenrec is a free program you can use without any limits. All you hold to do is to register on Screenrec’s website, then you are good to go.

3. Camtasia


Being created by the same developer, you can say that Camtasia goes head-to-head with Shutter. How do the two differ?

Feature-wise, both Shutter and Camtasia offer quite similar features. Both can help you take video recordings, as well as edit and share them on various kinds of platforms.

However, Camtasia does not support the screen-taking feature. Instead, you can see it as a full-fledged video editor, which means Camtasia has more comprehensive and advanced video-editing tools than Shutter. This is another Shutter alternatives.

The sophisticated tools do not come without a price, though. Due to the immaculate features, it is reasonable for Camtasia to give a higher price than Shutter. Fortunately, you can try Camtasia for free in its 30-day trial before deciding whether you want to continue.

So, the bottom line is it all comes down to your need. If you focus more on videos than images, then choosing Camtasia is the best way to go.

4. Greenshot


Want to have screen capture software without spending a dime? Greenshot is your best friend. Being an open-source program, Greenshot is a great choice if you only need a simple screen capture and editing feature. With Greenshot, you can take a shot of the whole net or just a specific part. Your choice. This is another Shutter alternatives.

Once you are accomplished, you can edit the image and add annotations. However, you need to know that the editing tools are pretty basic. For example, you can add text, shapes, highlights, and filters, but you cannot take or edit videos in the program.

Your work can be directly printed or integrated to email and various Microsoft Office programs. Moreover, you can also upload your work to various platforms such as Picasa, Flickr, and Dropbox. The verdict is, getting Greenshot can be a good choice if what you want to do are simple tasks.

5. ShareX


Adding more to Shutter open-source alternative is ShareX. Like Shutter, ShareX enables you to do screen capture, video capture, and file editing for free, all-in-one software. This is another Shutter alternatives.

Despite being free, ShareX’s features are not something to be passed by. In fact, some of ShareX’s features are quite advanced, and you can only find them in paid software.

For example, ShareX has an OCR feature, which enables you to extract text from the image and transform it into actual, editable text. Moreover, there is also a comprehensive tool in its built-in editor, which allows you to add annotations, effects, and filters.

To ensure a smooth workflow, ShareX also enables you to do a lot of customization. For example, you can customize the shortcut buttons and cursor display.

To top it all off, ShareX also has vast options to upload your work. Flickr, Imgur, Photobucket, social media, and many more exist. Due to the nature of the feature, ShareX is quite popular among small and medium-scale businesses.

6. Cleanshot X

Cleanshot X

When looking for a Shutter alternatives for Mac, some people may face some obstacles due to the limited results. Fortunately, Cleanshot X is here to save the day.

Carrying “7 apps in one” as its tagline, Cleanshot X enables you to take screenshots, do screen recording, and do simple editing of your image.

By using Cleanshot X, you are guaranteed a great UI, as well as a smooth workflow. For example, a little icon on your toolbar will ensure easy access. Moreover, Cleanshot X can also do a scrolling window screenshot, then quick-edit it with its quick-access overlay.

What makes Cleanshot X distinctive from its competitors, though, is its special cloud integration. When you subscribe to the Cleanshot X plan, whichever tier it is, you automatically get access to its online store. That will certainly fasten your work’s progress.

Aside from that, Cleanshot X also has an OCR feature, which is very useful for extracting information. It will also help you with business branding, as they offer a custom domain for sharing.

As you may already know, there is already a screenshot feature in some of the MacOS series. But, if you need a more comprehensive feature than that, getting Cleanshot X is a good investment. This is another Shutter alternatives.

7. Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool

Many computer users may find this software very familiar, especially Windows users. Snipping Tool is commonly found in Windows devices as a built-in software; any Windows user can get it free. But how is Shutter vs Snipping Tool?

The difference in both tools is actually as clear as day. For starters, unlike Shutter, Snipping Tool is free. That can only mean saving at least $70 each year. Neat, right?

In terms of convenience, Snipping Tools win a big time. Since it is a built-in software, there is already a quick shortcut to running the program. Meanwhile, in Shutter, you have to set it up beforehand and get the program running before even using it.

However, feature-wise, Snipping Tools does not have something that advanced. Snipping Tool features are limited to image-screenshotting and processing. The level of editing it can do is only adding a doodle or highlight, a basic feature in Snagit.

All in all, getting Snipping Tools is a perfect option if all you like to do is simple media screenshotting. Meanwhile, for a professional, it is better to stick to Snagit. This is another Shutter alternatives.

8. Flameshot


Another Shutter alternative that you can get your hands on is Flameshot. It is available for Windows, MacOS, & even Linux devices.

Flameshot has been receiving praise all around due to its simple yet powerful ability as a screen capture software. Feature-wise, Flameshot does not offer a tool as complicated as Snagit. However, the features are already pretty decent.

Flameshot allows you to take screenshots easily, giving you the authority to edit the image quickly. However, aside from the standard editing tools, such as highlighting and blurring, you will also be able to add counting numbers and colored boxes to complement your work.

In addition, Flameshot also supports macros and scripts, so you can easily automate your tasks. And it can also be utilized as a task-tracker app, increasing your productivity level. Get your own Flameshot below.

9. Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture

Even though the production of Chromebook is pretty much over, the existing users of the device will still need software support. That is why a Shutter alternatives for Chromebook is needed, and Nimbus Capture quickly catches the opportunity. This is another Shutter alternatives.

However, that is not the only place Nimbus Capture shines. The software is also usable in Windows and even on browsers such as Firefox and Edge as an extension.

In addition, Nimbus Capture is also certified as an education and business supporting tool with its superb one-for-all features that could replace many productivity tools, not just Snagit.

Feature-wise, Nimbus Capture has a decent screen capture feature and adds an annotation to the screenshot you just took. You can also combine a screen recording with a webcam to help you explain things better.

However, what makes Nimbus Capture unique is its ability to add various contents, such as tables or even files, to the screenshot. Moreover, you can also make the file accessible for collaboration by adding comments and a chat column.

You can get Nimbus Capture for a fairly competitive price. And, if you count a little bit better, you can also enjoy its combo package, which consists of Nimbus’s other productivity tools; Nimbus Note and Nimbus Clipper.


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