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Top 12 Best Selfie Apps For iPhone In 2022

In our society, the idea of the selfie has permeated every aspect of life. From the camera on your phone to the one in your mirror, selfies are everywhere. Since the selfie trend has gained popularity, almost everyone can now be seen constantly taking selfies.

The amazing front cameras on modern smartphones allow us to take excellent self-portraits without asking anyone. Selfie fans utilise a variety of apps in addition to cameras to enhance their selfies.

The app store has a wide variety of selfie apps, but we’ve selected the top 10 for the iPhone in 2022.

Top 12 iPhone Selfie Apps for 2022

Whether you’re looking for a funny selfie app or a smartphone solution that will allow you to apply beauty filters, each app in this post will allow you to create fantastic photos that might even go viral on social media.

1. Similar Selfie Fixer – Best Selfie App for iPhone

Similar Selfie Fixer – Best Selfie App for iPhone
The Similar Selfie Fixer is the best iPhone selfie app, so let’s begin our listicle here. Identical Selfie Fixer is an easy-to-use iOS app that searches for selfies that are similar to yours and removes them to free up space on your phone. The Similar Selfie Fixer software makes it simple to search through your entire smartphone for selfies that are identical or similar in appearance, identify them, and then delete them to clear room on your iPhone.

Click here to download Similar Selfie Fixer.

2. YouCam Perfect

YouCam Perfect
YouCam Perfect lets you shoot still photos and self-selfie films while automatically enhancing your appearance. You can also remove things, add effects, and make photo collages. This iPhone camera selfie app offers a one-touch Analysis that provides all the data about your skin. This programme offers cutting-edge skin smoothing retouching methods.

Click here to download YouCam Perfect

3. Facetune 2

Facetune 2
Another great software for taking selfies is Facetune2. It ensures that you can utilise the application to correct any flaws you may notice in your appearance. It is one of the most popular selfie apps on the App Store. Facetune will improve your appearance and provide you many other options, like the ability to change the contours of your face and get rid of stray hairs. Additionally, wrinkles and flaws can be removed with just one touch.

Click here to download Facetune2.

4. Air Brush

Air Brush
Use Air Brush to get the ideal selfie. It also comes with a magic tool that swiftly fixes the majority of face flaws. If creating the perfect photo has captured your attention, AirBrush offers a variety of options with a straightforward, customizable approach to the selfie genre.
Some of the best selfie filters are available on this app. It’s interesting because you can adjust each feature to make your face look more defined, your nose more pointed, your eyes bigger, etc.

Click here to download Air Brush.

5. Beauty Plus

Beauty Plus
BeautyPlus is just another top-notch selfie app that guarantees you take gorgeous selfies.
You may take stunning selfies with the app’s many features and then add effects to make them stand out. The AR filters may also be utilised to improve your image, which is a nice addition. The BeautyPlus app is one of the best iPhone selfie apps, according to thousands of users. In order to have beautiful, smooth skin in all of your selfies, even scars and blemishes may be removed.

Click here to download Beauty Plus.

6. Retrica

Retrica is a well-known iPhone selfie camera app that has been around for a while. With more than 250 million active users globally, it has held the top spot for a very long time. Retrica is the catalyst for amazing photographs with its selection of more than 190 filters and effects.
For a vintage appearance, add a vignette, film grain, or blur to your photos and movies. In addition to collages made from many selfies taken from various angles, Retrica supports live videos or GIFs.

Click here to download Retrica.

7. Selfie Editor

Selfie Editor
With only a few taps from the convenience of your iPhone, you can slim your face, smooth wrinkles, remove blemishes, and brighten tired eyes using the best selfie improvement app, Selfie Editor. The user interface is clear and easy to use. Immediately after taking it, you can edit it in the app. You’ll get the best makeup filter experience possible thanks to the smart face editing tool.

Click here to download Selfie Editor.

8. Camera 360

Camera 360
It is a sophisticated yet simple photo editing and selfie retouching tool. You can edit photos with effects, graphics, and make-up using Camera360. This software provides a thorough approach for artistically enhancing your selfies. It offers 21 micro-adjustment options for facial features and ensures that your skin is flawless while yet looking natural. This app’s cutting-edge 3D stickers will make your attempt a smashing success.

Click here to download Camera 360

9. Cymera

Cymera combines a powerful editor and a beauty camera. If you need to change how you seem, Cymera is the programme to use. In addition to allowing you to change your face, Cymera also lets you adjust your presentation. First, there are thousands of hair and cosmetic goods as well as 150 filters and special effects that you may use to enhance your image. Cymera also offers a body shaper if you’re seeking for one.

Click here to download Cymera.

10. Perfect 365

Perfect 365
Use one of the best makeup apps to transform your selfies into works of art. You can rely on Perfect365 to make your photograph look amazing. In the entire world, it is the most popular and user-friendly virtual makeup programme. This virtual beauty software comes with twenty tools for beauty and makeup, as well as more than 200 presets and styles. Using a professional colour palette, you can experiment with numerous colour combinations.

11. B612


B612 is a well-known selfie app with a tonne of unique effects. The software also provides a selection of AR effects that you may use on your selfies. If you want to enhance your selfies, make captivating films, or play around with humorous effects, this is the go-to tool. It uses natural beauty filters, which enhances the realism of your selfies. Additionally, it can assess your face and determine which filter is best for you.

12. Picr

Picr, the final application on this list, is not the least. This software is distinctive in that it constantly reminds you to snap photos and, in a thoughtful touch, shows a grid of the most recent photo you took on the screen. Each project is relatively simple to operate and only needs a small amount of initial setup.The goal is to practise different selfie poses. Once you have enough photos, you also have the option of creating an animated film with music.


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