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Top 10 Project Management Tools To Try

Project Management Tools To Try: Businesses usually use project management software to share information, use it in real-time, and keep track of their project costs and risks. These software products also give you a lot of other advantages. Its main goal is to assist businesses in getting organized so they can finish projects on time and within their budgets. When the pandemic forced many teams to operate from home, it became clearer that they needed a strong project management solution. This is another reason why more companies continue using this kind of technology.

But there are many PM tools; how do you choose the best one for your needs? This report will assist you in reaching your goal by laying out the main features, advantages, and cost breakdowns of the best 10 project management tools on the market today, as chosen by our team of experts in the field. You’ll probably find one or two project management (PM) tools that will meet your needs in the following sections.

What kind of project does a system for managing projects have for your company? In contrast, almost 8 out of 10 executives think that project portfolio management affects business success, while 94 percent of organizations think that project management helps businesses grow.

55% of firms invest in technology, and 46% put a lot of importance on project management to create a productive and effective workplace. Companies that use tried-and-true project management tools waste 28 times less money than those that don’t have a PM strategy and support resources. In addition, businesses have benefited from implementing a project management system and following best practices and techniques for project management.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a central platform for project management, you could fall victim to the usual reasons why projects fail, like poor communication, changing priorities, and wrongly collecting requirements.

How Do You Choose The Best Project Management Software For You?

Check if it provides tools for team collaboration, file and document sharing, cost management, and reliable reporting and documentation. The software should also be simple to understand and use. You might want to look at our guide to project management software to learn more about what it is and how it works. This post will show you how to choose the best software. Here is a list of the best 10 project management platforms for your consideration.

Project Management Tools

Project Management Tools are explained here.

1. Wrike

Why does Wrike rank first on our ten best project management tools? Some helpful tools it offers are task management, task prioritization, a real-time news feed, an interactive timeline (Gantt chart), and workload management. These tools allow decentralized and centralized project teams to work quickly and well. Using this solution, your team can plan, discuss, and prioritize their assignments. They can also see how things are going in real-time. In addition, the company makes it easy to test out the software’s main features before purchasing it because they offer a great free trial plan.

Wrike lets you keep all of your work in one place. It makes it easy to use the system because it’s easy to operate, which is a big plus. The software has great security features that ensure only authorized people can access important data. Using its native mobile apps, your team members can work from anywhere and anytime. You can meet simple project management requirements by signing up for the free plan. Paid plans start at $9.80 per user per month for the Professional plan (billed annually).

2., the best team collaboration and communication software, sync all information into a single, easily accessible hub. This lets agents and team members work together to collaborate on important decisions. Its most important ability is making it easier to contribute, which helps teamwork and collaboration between departments. In addition, team members can keep track of projects and daily tasks using to collect and show progress data clearly and logically.’s many unique features, such as easy access to the platform and continuous monitoring of team and individual performance, enhance any company to do better. In addition, easy collaboration lets everyone participate and contribute, reporting and analytics that can give you actionable metrics immediately, and customization lets you set up the platform according to your own rules and standards.

This is one of the best Project Management Tools. The software has simple communication and collaboration tools, such as notifications and updates, tagging teams and individuals, sharing documents, and interacting with apps from outside the software. This keeps everyone on the same page and up to date. In addition, there are four affordable ways to subscribe to The Basic plan starts at $49/month.

3. Smartsheet

Smartsheet’s goal is to change how teams work together on projects and activities completely. The platform’s user-friendly and cutting-edge spreadsheets and charts make it simple to manage operations, track marketing campaigns, and plan events. In addition to spreadsheets, it offers team discussions, visual timelines, automatic workflow elements, and collaborative file sharing. This web-based tool is ideal for keeping an eye on your business’s schedule, inventory, and money and managing all of these things.

You can get to the software from any device, which makes you more productive. Some of the most important features that Smartsheets does are planning, tracking, automating, and reporting. These features were created to enhance your team’s morale and make the most of your resources. Therefore, it makes ideal for your company’s most important projects and work processes. Using this flexible solution, you can make it easier to run your facilities, cut costs, and improve the customer experience.

4. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage is a cloud-based solution that offers a single platform for project management and other important business tasks like marketing, purchasing, sales, and customer support. It is a powerful tool for management capabilities. It lets you make your work plans, project templates, project time, and billing for it, and do other things. All necessary information is kept in one place, which can be organized based on your business’s needs and requirements, making it easier to find the information you need. You can also use dashboards to keep track of KPIs and your company’s overall health. This is one of the best Project Management Tools. The help desk solution is a unique feature of ConnectWise Manage that makes it easier for your staff to answer questions and complaints from clients quickly. With ConnectWise Manage’s wide range of reporting options, you can make smart business decisions based on data, especially when making the most of corporate resources and cutting operating costs.

5. Celoxis

Celoxis is a cutting-edge platform for management features. It has a full set of tools for managing projects and powerful tools for managing resources. Many people see it as a full business solution because of its unique features. However, Celoxis can also be used by any organization, regardless of size or industry. It is very flexible. It does this because it has a set of automation tools that customers can change to meet the needs of their organizations. Customers can also use custom data, routing rules, and escalation mechanisms to build their workflow apps on the platform.

The most important features are task planning, finances tracking, performance analytics, portfolio management, and a helpful client portal. It offers users more options for capacity planning than other project management systems because it has resource management features. These include customizable dashboards that can be shared, timesheets with built-in timers, expense trackers, and reports on expenses. The technology automatically warns users when they are nearing capacity danger zones, such as when they are overloaded. Even the features for allocating human resources can be based on factors like availability, demand, and skill level. This is one of the best Project Management Tools.

The platform also works well on mobile devices. Because of this, Celoxis can be used anywhere at any time on any device. In addition to being a web app, Celoxis has a version that can be installed locally on a computer running Linux, Mac, or Windows. Both versions work well with other enterprise software like Zendesk, Google Drive, Salesforce, and Slack, to name a few. The price per user per month for the Cloud version starts at $25. The one-time monthly cost for the On-Premise version is $450 per person. For both options, you need at least five users for a subscription.

6. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is the go-to project management tool for many professionals in various fields. This is because the platform is highly customizable, so you can change it to meet your needs and tastes. People also say that the software company has great customer service. After you sign up, you can be sure that agents will assist you in getting everything set up. But the software is pretty simple to use, so you might not need help setting it up the way you want.

This is one of the best Project Management Tools. Collaboration tools like file sharing, comments, group chat, and kanban boards are important parts of project management. In addition, there are many tools for reporting accessible. Gantt charts are just one type of visualization. Time monitoring, budgeting, keeping an eye on how much money is being spent, and user authorization controls are also very important.

The service is also accessible on mobile devices because it has apps for both Android and iOS. Doing this can get things done even when you’re not at work. Since it is part of the Zoho family of programs, it works best with other Zoho apps. So, if you already use Zoho, your first choice should be Zoho Projects. But Zoho Projects works perfectly with other software programs if you already have your own SaaS digital infrastructure. It works with JIRA, Slack, and Basecamp, among other things.

7. Project Manager

This is one of the best Project Management Tools. The award-winning online project management tool ProjectManager was made to make planning, budgeting, scheduling, executing, and reporting on projects more productive. This tool, one of the most well-known project management programs today, can help you start and finish any project, whether big or small or long or short.

This platform focuses on and has useful tools for the three most important parts of a project: planning, monitoring, and reporting. It also has a wide range of modern add-on features. For example, with ProjectManager, you can manage tasks from afar, create new ones, and have team members update existing ones while they’re out and about. Other features include dashboards that show information in real-time, emails that are sent automatically and quick report creation.

8. elapseit

The elapseit software is a complete project for planning resources and management projects. Businesses can use it to use the best use of their resources, make sure projects are finished on time, and get detailed projects about their performance to improve their workflow in the future. In addition, it has several tools for reporting and ways to display data, which keep the team informed and make it easier for them to work together and talk to each other.

Resource allocation, task management, and time monitoring are some of the most important features that elapseit can do, but it can do much more. For example, it has billing and cost management tools to make managing money easier. In addition, elapseit makes it easy for managers to manage employee workloads by tracking capacity and distributing backlogs.

Using elapseit makes it simple to maintain organization. Users can build parent tasks and assign child tasks with the help of features like task hierarchies and dependencies. They can make the next steps of each task happen automatically. In addition, it has tools for visualizing projects, like Gantt charts and Kanban boards, so you can track project progress in the project that works best for you.

9. Jira

Jira is a project and problem tracking tool for software teams to use when preparing, monitoring, and launching high-quality software systems. With the app, you can create issues and stories and give tasks to different software team members. Jira lets every team member know what is being talked about, what has changed, and where the project is in development. Then, when it comes to shipping, you can do it calmly and confidently because you know that all the information has been updated to the most recent version. This is one of the best Project Management Tools.

Jira is based on the idea that each team has its way of getting software into the world. Because of this, the system lets you choose from pre-made workflow elements or make your own. So, you can either create a workflow that will work for your team or use a ready-made solution to get things done faster. In addition, Jira can be used with even more Atlassian products, like Confluence and BitBucket. You can also use thousands of extra apps available in the Marketplace.

10. Easy Project

Easy Projects is a full solution because it has tools for project management, team collaboration, business information, and financial management. As an all-in-one piece of project management software, Easy Projects makes it easy for managers and teams to streamline and control workflows.

Easy Projects has features for project management that make it possible to plan and carry out projects smoothly. It works with Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and project schedules. Managers can use this tool to show how tasks depend on each other. It predicts when projects will be done using an AI-driven algorithm.

Easy Projects has features for business intelligence that assist managers in analyzing and visualizing data. The service offers accounting tools that make billing and spending tracking easier. It lets you connect to more than 2,000 other services. It can be used easily with other business and management tools.

How To Find Project Management Tool: Tips

When looking for a project management platform for your company, finding one with good features and getting your team to agree with your choice might be hard. Even though there are a lot of great ideas online, a good PM app fits with the business’s goals and works with the way people work and your organization’s culture. So, instead of asking yourself a tonne of questions, you might want to follow this short but effective list of suggestions that most experts would probably agree with:

1 – Check out the ways to work together. Check to see if your team’s PM software can offer them the capabilities and freedom they need to collaborate. Then, choose the one that best fits the way your team works and talks right now.

2 – Find out and confirm the price. Make sure that the time and money you spend on this platform are worth it. Any software that seems to cost a lot of money and time upfront but gives your team the productivity and efficiency it needs, in the long run, is a good investment. A PM software that might be good in the long run costs a lot but pays for itself.

3 – Try out a variety of tools. Compare this PM tool to other options to see if it fits your needs. A tried-and-true way to test out several options without spending much or anything is to use a free trial or ask the seller for limited access. Most PM vendors are happy to offer you a short demo, trial, or some training.

4 – Listen to what your team has to say. Verify to see if your team will use the PM tool. Check to see if it can help them get rid of their problems. Even though it can be fun to download apps and determine around with them, you need a clear place to figure out how the tool fits into your workflow and agree on goals with your team.

5 – Create a plan for putting your plan into action. Find out your part in assisting your team using the new PM app. Even on the most experienced teams, members have habits they stick to, so it’s important to plan how you’ll incorporate the new software into your team’s work.

Why Working From Work Can Be More Productive With Project Management Tools

Project management software can make businesses much more efficient, especially during an epidemic, by letting people work from the business. Even though remote work is becoming increasingly popular, it is not without problems. Physical distance and absence are known to cause problems like passive employee behavior, communication problems, and a lack of responsibility for the fact of staff. Project management software can assist solve these problems by resolving remote teams with a better work-life balance, lowering their stress levels, giving them more time to spend with their families, and cutting down on commuting time.

These tools also help with communication problems by ensuring everyone knows what’s happening and what’s being said. Lastly, because project management systems keep track of every work, everyone on the team is responsible for delays and even low productivity. Finally,, our best tool, is great for working from work. This infographic shows the most important facts about remote work and how it makes people more productive and happy.

Wrapping Up: Project Management Tools

Well, we hope this post helped you find some good Project Management Tools. You should at least try them once. We’ll keep this post about Project Management Tools up to date, though. So tell us if you know of other good Project Management Tools.


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