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Top 8 Best Money Management Apps for Android 2022

We’ve all heard that it takes a lot to make money but very little to spend it. You can run out of your wealth without a healthy budget, no matter how rich you are. Spending has been considerably more controlled since the introduction of online payment methods. A Money Management app can be of tremendous help in such a case.

Money management apps function as a virtual accountant, keeping track of your daily, monthly, and annual expenditures. Furthermore, these useful apps can manage your assets.
All of the functionality in these apps are automatic and simple to use, making them suitable for users of all skill levels.

We’ve purchased you a feast of Android Money Management apps. These apps can be used for personal finance management as well as accounting for small businesses. So, if you’re a big spender who wants to get your personal finances in order, today’s list will come in handy.

1. Goodbudget

This software employs the traditional way of recording daily income and expenditure accounts. The app was designed to help you manage and track your money, as well as prepare an appropriate home budget. Goodbudget provides an easy-to-use interface and can track costs in real time.

The best aspect about Goodbudget is that you can spread your budget across multiple devices such as Android, iPhone, and iPad. This allows you to share your accounts with other members of your family. You don’t even have to worry about losing your data because it is constantly transmitted via the internet.


2. Expense Manager

Expense Manager
It is a basic yet effective method for keeping track of your money on a regular basis.
Expense Manager has garnered a lot of popularity due to its user-friendly layout and valuable functionality. Its functions are roughly defined as spending tracking, budgeting, organising, and so on.

Your budget and tracking are linked using cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. This allows you to access the data from multiple devices. The programme is free to use, however it has advertisements in its interface.


3. Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators
Financial Calculators is one of the best Android money management apps. It features cross-platform support and can be accessed via web and iOS devices. The Financial Calculator’s design makes it easy to use for all types of users.

The software has useful features such as multiple account support for account balances and transactions. Budgets can also be backed up in Excel sheets. If you can bear the app’s many advertisements, it is completely free to use.


4. Money Manager Expenses and Budget

Money Manager Expenses and Budget
Money Manager Expenses And Budget is our next addition, and it is an excellent money management app. Personal budgeting, business transactions, general spending reporting, and asset management are all combined in one software. Money Manager Expenses And Budget also includes a credit card and debit card management system.

Furthermore, the software has taken extra care to secure its interface by including a passcode. As a result, each time the user wants to access Money Manager Expenses And Budget, he must provide a unique password. You can view the statistics created by it after successfully entering every detail.


5. Money Lover

Money Lover
This is an excellent money management app that will manage your wealth while also managing your income and expenditure. Money Lover contains practically all of the financial aspects that a person may require in their daily life. Furthermore, the user interface is nicely designed to allow you to simply manage your money.

Money Lover allows you to add many bank accounts and manage them all at the same time.
The automatic computation tool simplifies your task by eliminating any accounting difficulties.
You can also use a graphical representation of your income and expenses.


6. Moneycontrol

Moneycontrol will assist you if you are interested in Stock Market Trading because the software efficiently handles all of your investments and keeps you up to date on the newest shares prices. With a single click, you may establish a Portfolio and gain access to all of the features.

The app tracks your investments and recommends the best funds to invest in. You can also join their forum, where professionals analyse the potential of new equities. Moneycontrol will be a crucial option on the list due to all of its excellent features.


7. MoneyWise

It is a relatively new addition to the collection of Android Money Management apps. However, the software has done well in such a short period of time and has attracted users. The MoneyWise app is well-designed, with simple functionalities.

MoneyWise, like many other money management apps, enables numerous bank accounts, allowing you to track your whole worth. Furthermore, the revenue and expenditure accounts can be exported in CSV format. Your data can also be synced to cloud storage platforms.


8. Walnut

Walnut is yet another amazing Money Management programme that has all of its tasks automated. The programme is so strong that it can extract data from SMS messages and update your income and expense statement. You may also export all of your accounts in CSV and PDF format.

In Walnut, all online payment apps are supported. Users receive regular reminders to pay expenses such as credit card bills, electricity bills, and so forth. You can also use the split the bill option to share expenditures with your buddies.



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