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Top 10 Best free PDF Merger And Splitter Tools

We frequently receive PDF files, and no matter how simple it is to access them, we cannot merge or split them to meet our needs. What do you do when you require a specific page from a PDF file? What if a few pages of the PDF file need to be removed? The PDF cutter and joiner tools come in helpful at this point. This blog will discuss the best PDF mergers and splitters for Windows PC.

What Exactly Is A PDF Cutter & Merger?

On digital platforms, PDF files are the most often utilised file formats. It is easily downloaded and opened on any device. They are available for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Linux. The PDF files can be altered without the need of any special software. They only have options to watch and share. If you want to update anything, you must utilise the dedicated programmes. A PDF merger & splitter is a tool that can execute both the duties of cutting and combining a PDF file or files.

What Is the Purpose of a PDF Splitter and Merger Tool?

Although we receive a large number of online PDF mergers and splitters, they can only be used with a strong internet connection. As a result, we strongly advise you to install the PDF merger & splitter tool on your device. We have outlined the benefits of using PDF splitter and merger software –

  • PDF page extraction
  • Combine PDF pages
  • PDF file reduction
  • Take out a few PDF pages
  • PDF page splitter
  • Simple and convenient solution

Don’t you want one for your pc right now? The tools are listed in the blog to assist you in determining which one is best suited for you. So, if you frequently modify PDF files, you should take a look at the list below.

Best PDF Splitters & Mergers For Windows 11

1. Advanced PDF Manager

Advanced PDF Manager
Advanced PDF Manager is an excellent PDF Splitter and Merger application. It is simple to use and navigate on the PDF editing tool for Windows PC. The Split PDF and Merge PDF tools are included in this user-friendly PDF programme. It is a short programme that allows you to swiftly convert original PDFs into new documents. It will also allow you to manage pages, allowing you to reorder, delete, add, move, and duplicate pages. Additional features include the ability to create a copy of an entire PDF document and the ability to apply a password in order to protect your file. The recently opened documents may be found on the home screen, making it an excellent alternative for users.

2. EasePDF

EasePDF is a free online PDF merger and splitter. It can be regarded as a single answer to all PDF issues. Because the online tool may do PDF modifications in a variety of methods. It can perform everything from compressing PDF files to converting them to other file formats. The best thing about this best PDF splitter is that you don’t have to waste time learning how to use it. Simply browse to the website, select the appropriate function, and begin. It includes the necessary automatic deletion feature.

It also employs encryption to ensure that you may use the online PDF merger and splitter safely. It can also perform additional tasks relating to PDF files. You receive a free trial, but you can also subscribe and use all of the features for a reasonable price.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
Adobe Acrobat is a well-known brand. One of the first to be developed to conduct various functions on PDF files. There was a time when the only software available for such activities was Adobe Acrobat. It has its reasons for being so popular. We ranked it third only because the software is more expensive than the others, making it less reachable. This is also not available for usage online. Adobe Acrobat has a number of handy options for editing PDF files.
Among other PDF file conversions, you can convert pictures to PDF and vice versa. It allows you to post comments, change text, convert webpages to PDF, and share files.

This is one of the most well-known PDF file splitter programmes, and it also allows you to extract and insert PDF pages. The combine PDF tool is also useful for joining PDF files.

4. PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a Windows PDF cutter and joiner application. If you need to conduct numerous actions on PDF files on a regular basis, this is an excellent application for your computer. With a few functions, this PDF splitter and merger free download is accessible for trying. PDFelement allows you to read, produce, edit, scan, compress, and sign PDF files.
It performs text editing tasks on PDF files using optical character recognition. Batch file editing is also accessible, which is a highly useful function for professionals.

5. iLovePDF


ILovePDF is a free PDF merger and splitter. It is accessible via a web browser on any platform. Additionally, Windows users can download a desktop software to assist them in editing PDF files. This software includes a number of tools for performing various activities on PDF files. PDF cutter and joiner, PDF compressor, PDF converter, rotating PDF, and more. The intriguing aspect of this PDF utility is that it can also be used to protect your PDF. It makes it easy to encrypt PDF files because it allows you to encrypt PDF files while sharing them with a password.

This is not only a good practise, but it also assures the safety of your crucial documents.
If you’ve ever wondered how to sign PDF files, iLovePDF has a solution for you. Overall, if you’re seeking for a solid PDF merger and splitter programme for Windows, iLovePDF is the way to go.

6. PDFsam


One of the PDF content splitters available for Windows is PDFsam. It is an open source programme that can be used for free to merge and divide PDF files based on your requirements. When you need to eliminate a few pages from your PDF files, use this tool.
Its splitter feature will make it simple to eliminate the pages. The merger function on PDFsam can be used to combine two or more PDF files for you. It also enables command line use, making it one of the best free PDF splitter programmes. You can also include a bookmark and a footer in your PDF files.

7. EaseUS PDF Editor

EaseUS PDF Editor

One of the most useful PDF mergers and splitters for Windows PC is EaseUS PDF Editor.
The application is a little pricey, but it has a lot of functions. With this dedicated application on your PC, the PDF splitter will effortlessly assist you in working offline.Add the e-signature to your PDF files and use it to produce new PDF files. You may also use the PDF converter to convert files into other formats. With the help of EaseUS PDF editor, PDF files can also be password protected.

8. PDFEscape


PDFEscape is an efficient PDF merger and splitter. It is available for free online and may be used to conduct many activities on PDF files. You can also get a PDF merger and splitter for your Windows PC. This is a fantastic programme that may produce excellent results when modifying PDF files. For those who are working on it, the print and scan features are really beneficial. The PDF page splitter can also save files online for up to 7 days. It can also use PDFEscape to alter text and graphics in PDF files.

9. SodaPDF Pro

SodaPDF Pro

SodaPDF is a PDF splitter merger that works both online and offline. To split and merge PDF files, you can use the Windows desktop software. This also has a slew of other features, making it a viable option for professional users. The PDF splitter tool is simple to use because it has tools that will help you complete the operation quickly. It can also be used to edit, compress, convert, and add electronic signatures to PDF files. However, because the merge and split functions are also free, this is a free PDF splitter tool.

10. Icecream PDF Merge & Split

Icecream PDF Merge & Split
Icecream PDF Split & Merge is a free PDF splitter and merger that may be downloaded.
For additional capabilities, you can alternatively utilise the premium edition of the Windows application. This is a PDF splitter and joiner that may be used to easily alter PDF files. The application has useful capabilities such as the ability to change the characteristics of PDF files.
It can be used to enable or disable specific actions on the PDF file, such as merge and split permissions. The simple Windows application is available for download from the website. Then you can do the merging or splitting operations on your files rapidly.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q1. What exactly is a PDF combiner?

A PDF merger or combiner is a programme that joins two or more PDF files. After picking the appropriate pages or files, a good PDF file splitter will also include a PDF merger to combine them.

Q2. Is the PDF merger and splitter safe to use?

Yes, if you get a PDF file and don’t need most of it, you can alter it. The splitter is required to remove the unnecessary pages from the PDF file. The merger can also be used to join the various portions of PDF files. Use a reputable PDF content splitter that includes security features such as password protection.

Q3. Is there a free PDF splitter available?

Yes, there are a number of free PDF splitter tools available. From the online splitter and joiner to the PDF splitter freeware for Windows PC, you can discover one that meets your demands. We recommend iLovePDF for the most useful and convenient features.


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