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Top 10 Best Free PDF Editors For Windows 10

We compiled this list of 10 Best Paid & Free PDF Editors For Windows 10 after trying and testing dozens of Apps to View and Edit PDF Files (2022). All of the software has an easy-to-use interface and a number of functions that allow users to effortlessly edit, manage, alter, sign, annotate, and distribute PDFs. Advanced PDF Manger is one of the best PDF editing apps in our opinion.It is an appropriate alternative for both managing PDF files on your PC.
For more options, see our entire list of the best PDF Editors. Let us know which one is your favourite in the comments section below!

Is PDF Editor Software Required?

To edit Portable Document Format (PDF) on Windows or any other device, you must need a specialist application. You can edit the contents of a file, such as text or images, add a signature, watermarks, fill forms, strikethrough, and so on, using the correct PDF Editing Software.

What Can I Change In A PDF File?

You can use PDF Editor Software to change or delete text, update fonts, and replace, move, or resize images on pages. You may also use the advanced collection of tools to create watermarks, annotate PDFs, divide and merge certain pages, highlight essential information, and more.

10 Best Windows 10 Apps for Viewing and Editing PDF Files (2022)

1. Advanced PDF Manager

Advanced PDF Manager
Tweaking Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s Advanced PDF Manager This is the best PDF software for Windows 10 and other operating systems. This useful programme allows you to read and edit PDF files on your computer. To edit a PDF file on Windows 10, simply open the file and then manage pages, rotate pages, split or merge the documents. It will also modify the orientation of the PDF files and replicate entire files or specific pages. It, like a good PDF Editor for Windows 10, allows you to password-protect your PDFs so that you can simply share and transfer them. Advanced PDF Manager includes a multi view option that allows you to see all of the pages at once.

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Because it is from Adobe, you would expect Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to be one of the best programmes for editing PDF files (Pioneers in Portable Document Format). To some extent, this comprehensive PDF Editor Software meets users’ expectations. It includes a full collection of PDF reading, editing, and manipulation tools. Not only that, but it also allows users to edit scanned documents.Its built-in OCR engine can easily convert scanned data to text, allowing you to search for specific elements and make changes.

You can even convert PDFs to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other file types using this PDF Editor App for Windows 10. Its editing features include the ability to reorganise, rotate, annotate, crop, and split pages as needed.

3. PDFelement


PDFelement is an excellent PDF Editor with advanced features for manipulating PDF files as quickly as possible. While it does provide a free trial, it is mostly paid PDF Editor software for Windows and other operating systems. It essentially provides everything you need to easily create, convert, and edit PDF files. It enables sophisticated paragraph identification to fit diverse font styles, unlike other commercial and free PDF editors for Windows. It even gives you access to a large collection of ready-to-use templates, which is really useful for creating simple PDFs.

What else? Not only does PDFelement have significant customization features, but it also incorporates advanced technologies that allow users to execute any PDF editing and modifications without affecting the formatting and aesthetic of your PDFs.

4. PDFsam Basic 

PDFsam Basic 
PDFsam (PDF Split and Merge) is a completely free PDF editor for Windows and other operating systems. The application is open-source and easily allows batch conversion. With this freeware PDF editor for Windows 10, you can quickly combine, split, and create PDF files.
Not only that, but PDFsam allows you to extract pages from PDF documents, rotate, re arrange, and re-organize the pages based on your demands and requirements.

5. Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro
Nitro Power is a well-known PDF reader and editor for Windows and other platforms.
It is absolutely dynamite for power users, because to its lightning-fast performance and plethora of functions. You receive a complete set of content editing features with this best PDF Editor Software, which allows users to examine and markup PDFs for effective collaborations. Not only that, but with Nitro Pro, you can design, fill out forms, sign papers, and add an extra degree of security by password protecting crucial documents (with permissions). Nitro Pro also assists in the creation of PDFs from over 300+ file formats and allows users to export them to PowerPoint, Word, Excel, and other programmes.

6. PDFescape


PDFescape is a very popular online PDF Editor and Annotation application. You can use any of the leading online browsers (Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on) to get started, making it simple for all types of users to edit single or several PDF files at once. It provides a robust collection of tools for adding, highlighting, and striking through text. It even allows you to add new images, text to a document, online links, and form fields. This fantastic PDF Editor for Windows 10 offers convenient capabilities such as zooming, rotating, reorganising, cropping, adding, annotating, and more for a hassle-free experience.

PDFescape provides both online and desktop software for use, however the web-based version is the only totally free PDF Editor on the market.

7. Foxit Phantom

Foxit Phantom

Foxit PDF Editor is a fantastic PDF Reader and Editor for Windows and other operating systems that you should use in 2022. The application is an excellent choice for commercial and professional users who require a wide range of editing and manipulation tools. You should be aware that there are three different editing products available: PDF Editor Online, Foxit PDF Editor, and Foxit PDF Editor Pro. Both can be considered depending on the application.
Foxit PDF Editor is appropriate for home users, while Foxit PDF Editor Pro is appropriate for professionals.

Foxit PDF Editor, like other paid and freeware PDF editors for Windows 10, allows you to edit various PDF elements, add text and objects, manage/delete pages, convert to and from major file formats, add password security, sign PDFs, and so on.

8. Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda, as an online PDF Editor, works on any operating system that has a modern web browser installed. You can surely expect the quickest PDF editing experience while using this simple tool to edit PDFs. It focuses on adding e-signatures (you can draw your signature with the mouse, write your name, or upload an image of your signature), changing hyperlinks, adding form fields, annotating, and other features. The sole disadvantage of this PDF editor is that it lacks an OCR engine, so you can’t use it to edit PDF files made from scanned documents.

To get started with this fantastic PDF editor, simply go to the Sejda website > upload the PDF you want to edit > utilise the toolbar to make the necessary changes to PDF files.

9. PDF Candy

PDF Candy

If you want the best free PDF Editor for Windows 10, try PDF Candy. Although its text-editing capabilities are limited, it shines in PDF creation and conversion. It also allows users to annotate documents, cut and resize pages, password-protect PDFs, and watermark individual pages. When your chores are finished, you may download the document to your smartphone and save it to popular cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox.
You can use the PDF Candy web-based version, just like any other online PDF Editor, to ensure the complete security of your files (as it uploads and downloads PDFs with encryption).

After uploading the files, you can begin PDF editing by adding sentences, highlighting essential portions, drawing shapes, inserting images, strikethroughs, and adding e-signatures, among other things.

10. Icecream PDF Editor

Icecream PDF Editor

Last but not least, meet Icecream PDF Editor, a widely used free PDF editor for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7. The software allows you to easily produce and edit single or many PDF files.
You only need to use the four basic editing modes it offers: Edit, Annotate, Manage Pages, and Fill-In Forms. You can use these modules to change content, add pertinent notes, reorder pages, merge, and so on.Furthermore, the PDF Editor Software for Windows aids in the password protection of crucial PDF documents.

What else? Unlike other Best Windows 10 Apps for Editing PDFs, Icecream PDF Editor allows you to create custom stamps for faster and more accurate PDF proofreading.Isn’t that great?

Questions and Answers (Top PDF Editing Tools 2022)

Q1. Is there a PDF editor in Windows 10?

Well, Windows includes a pre-installed Edge browser that allows users to view PDF files natively. You can open the PDF file in the MS Edge browser by double-clicking it.

Q2. What is the best PDF editor for Windows 10?

One of the best tools for viewing and editing PDFs on Windows 10 is Adobe PDF editor.
Aside from Adobe Acrobat, you can try PDFelement, PDFescape, and others.

Q3. Is a free PDF editor available for Windows 10?

PDFsam Basic is a straightforward PDF editing application for Windows that is available for free. You may effortlessly merge, divide, extract pages, rotate, and mix documents with this completely free PDF editor programme. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Q4. What is the cost of a PDF editor?

A competent PDF Editor Software usually starts at $20/Year. However, depending on the features and benefits, the price might range from $50 to $150.

Which Is the Best Software for Reading and Editing PDF Files? (2022)

If you are seeking for a PDF manager, Advanced PDF Manager is one of the best PDF applications for your Windows PC. Adobe Acrobat is yet another option for a PDF Reader and Editor for Windows. That place has undoubtedly been earned by the application. By providing a comprehensive collection of PDF reading, editing, and transformation features, the full-fledged PDF Editor Software surpasses all users’ expectations. Not only that, but it also allows users to edit scanned documents. Its built-in OCR engine can easily convert scanned data to text, allowing you to search for specific elements and make changes.

You can even convert PDFs to Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and other file types using this PDF Editor App for Windows 10. Its editing features include the ability to reorganise, rotate, annotate, crop, and split pages as needed.
If you want more, you can upgrade the application to one of its other editions, which may be more suitable for your personal or commercial needs.


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