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How To Fix Nintendo Switch Dock Not Charging?

If your Nintendo Switch dock won’t charge, you won’t be able to play games without any problems. To fix the problem as soon as possible, you need to figure out what caused it and take steps to fix it. Don’t worry; this guide will explain the possible reason for the “Nintendo Switch dock not charging” issue and give you troubleshooting instructions to help you resolve it.

Why Is the Nintendo Switch Dock Not Charging?

Several things can cause the Nintendo Switch dock to stop charging.

Faulty Power Supply Or Wall Outlet – If the power source is damaged or turned off, the dock will not charge. Further, the dock won’t charge even if the power source is fine, but the wall outlet is broken.

Faulty Power Adapter, Cable (USB-C), Or Port – Check if the power adapter or cable (USB-C) is broken. Additionally, ensure that the port is not damaged or covered in debris or dust. The dock might not charge if any of these things happen.

Overheating – The Nintendo Switch dock may stop charging if it is overheating. An overheating problem could happen if the area is warm or the air holes are covered.

Firmware Compatibility – Even if the firmware on your dock or console is outdated, it can lead to a console compatibility error, resulting in the Nintendo Switch dock not charging issue.

How To Fix Nintendo Switch Dock Not Charging?

The following steps must be taken to resolve the charging issue with your Nintendo Switch Dock.

Reset AC Adapter 

No technical steps are required, but most of the time, it helps resolve the dock charging issue. Please wait at least two minutes after unplugging the AC adapter from the power outlet to reset it. After that, hook it up to the dock and a wall outlet.

Check The Power Cable Or Wall Outlet

Check to see if the USB-C cable or power adapter is damaged. If you’re having charging issues now or in the future, you should switch from a third-party adapter to the original one. Ensure the charging port is not damaged or covered in debris or dust. Be careful to clean the port. Another thing you can do is switch the power outlet to make sure it’s not broken.

Power Cycle The Dock

  • Take the HDMI cable off the dock and unplug the power adapter from the dock and the wall.
  • Wait between 15 and 20 minutes.
  • Connect the power adapter to a wall outlet and the HDMI cable to the dock.

Update Console’s And Dock’s Firmware

The dock might not charge if any of the firmware on the console or dock needs to be updated. This is called a compatibility issue. Thus, ensure that the most recent firmware changes are present on the Nintendo Switch console and the dock.

Contact Nintendo Support

Contact Nintendo Support if you need help with charging your dock. You can get a free dock fix or replacement if your gadget is still under warranty. The address to check to see if your Nintendo Switch is still under warranty is


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