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How To Fix HP Monitor Not Detecting HDMI Problem?

Have you connected your HP monitor through HDMI, and the monitor is not detecting the cable? To solve this issue, keep reading this guide! No signal detected, No input signal, or “No input signal detected” errors may appear on your HP monitor when it doesn’t detect the HDMI cable. Any of the three errors listed above show on the display of many users experiencing this issue. By fixing a weak cable, the error is typically quickly fixed. But this only sometimes works. The “HP Monitor Not Detecting HDMI” issue is explained in this guide.

How To Fix HP Monitor Not Detecting HDMI Problem?

Fix a loose input and check both ends of the HDMI cable for any damage if your HP monitor is not detecting anything through the HDMI link. Look at your monitor’s power cable. Many users found that switching the HDMI cable ends worked better. Restarting the cable link, changing the input source, updating the GPU drivers, and factory restarting your HP monitor can all help solve the issue.

Reset HDMI Cable Connection

  • Do not use your monitor.
  • Take both ends of the HDMI cable off.
  • Leave it alone for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Turn on the monitor after plugging the cable back in.

Switch Input Source

  • A lot of HDMI ports are built into HP monitors.
  • In the monitor’s settings, choose the right input source.
  • Open the OSD options on your monitor.
  • Select the appropriate input source option by going to the Input menu.

Check & Swap Ends Of The HDMI Cable

Check both ends of the HDMI cable and make sure your monitor’s power cable is not broken. In that case, the monitor won’t get enough power to work right, and you must replace the broken cable. Try swapping the HDMI cable’s ends. Many users have found it useful.

Update Graphics Drivers

  • Open the Run box. (On a machine running Windows 11 or 10, press the Win+R keyboard shortcut.)
  • In the search bar, type devmgmt.msc and press “Enter.”
  • To make the part on Display Adapters bigger, click it.
  • Click your display driver and then right-click on it.
  • You can choose the “Update Driver” option and let the computer search for the driver.

Factory Reset HP Monitor

  • Do not use your monitor.
  • Pick the “On-screen menu” option and then “Factory Reset.”
  • The monitor should be turned on after 10 seconds is up.

Final Words:

The HDMI cable should now be fixed, and the monitor should detect the HDMI issue. Thank you for reading this guide on how to fix HP Monitor Not Detecting HDMI. Let us know how this guide works for you! Thank you.


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