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Top 13+ Employee GPS Tracking Apps To Try In 2022

Employee GPS Tracking Apps To Try In 2022: Employers can get the most out of their employees by using a tracking device. It’s easy to keep track of the hours and activities of people who work in an office, but it’s easier to do the same for people whose jobs require them to travel a lot. An employee GPS tracking app can help with this. It works great as a tracker for employee checks, whether for a small company or a big one.

Why Have A GPS Tracking System For Employees?

GPS tracking apps help both companies and their employees. It makes work more efficient, helps organize it, and has other benefits:

Planning – This helps ensure that meetings and deliveries are always on time, which is especially crucial when client relationships are crucial to the project’s success. You don’t want to lose customers or clients.

Location Tracking – GPS software helps keep track of traffic and roadblocks related to planning so that your employee can choose a different, faster route to avoid being late.

Lowering Costs – This is a result of planning and keeping the location of where you are, and it helps travelers spend less on gas, tickets, and other travel-related costs.

Safety For The Business – The company may monitor how employees act and ensure they don’t inflate expenses.

Payroll Processing – An payroll integration ensures that workers are paid enough for their work.

The GPS tracking app makes it easier to reach customers because it saves time and money and makes it easier to get in touch with them. But, depending on its industry and how it works, every business may find other ways to make money.

Which GPS Employee Tracking App Is Best?

There are apps with GPS that can assist your workers in doing their jobs. Just be careful to choose ones that fit the needs of your company, your team, and the program you’re using. So what app should you use to ensure it will help your business? Here are some of the best GPS tracking apps for keeping track of your employees.

Employee GPS Tracking Apps

Employee GPS Tracking Apps are explained here.

1. TSheets by Quickbooks

GPS Tracking Apps

Most people know TSheets as a time tracking program. It is now part of the Quickbooks group. It gives detailed reports on what each employee is doing, no matter where they are. Because of its features, TSheets is a great way to keep track of a mobile workforce. It works for small and large teams, people who travel a lot, and people who work from home. With TSheets, every manager can keep track of where their employees are and what they are doing. TSheets by Quickbooks is one of the best GPS tracking apps.


1 – Tracking someone’s GPS location lets you know in real-time who is working where and on what.

2 – Real-time collaboration: GPS lets you know which team member is closest to the next job location so that you can give them the right tasks.

3 – The mobile app keeps an employee’s location all day and sends out updates.

2. TimeCamp

GPS Tracking Apps

TimeCamp has GPS tracking, which makes it one of the most advanced free time tracking programs available today. It’s the best option if you’re looking for a tool to assist you in saving time and money! Using TimeCamp, you can keep track of your employees’ hours and where they are to improve teamwork, communication, time management, and workflow. In addition, it is an excellent centralized solution for project management because it automatically keeps track of things.


1 – Automatic, real-time time tracking with detailed reports on projects and all your employees’ performance.

2 – Use accurate timesheets to keep track of when your employees work.

3 – GPS tracking capabilities. 

4 – Attendance management to monitor the track of absences, vacations, and more.

5 – Budget oversight. 

6 – It works with the most popular productivity, CRM, accounting, and other programs.

3. HoursTracker

GPS Tracking Apps

HoursTracker comprises a GPS tracker, a time and cost tracker, and an attendance app. It has a lot of advanced capabilities that let you automate your work from anywhere and take care of any part of it. HoursTracker is a great GPS time tracking app that any staff can use to keep track of the shifts of mobile employees. HoursTracke is one of the best GPS tracking apps.


1 – The software uses location data to record time entries automatically.

2 – Tags help in organizing entries using keywords.

3 – Use tags to create filters that show or hide jobs and entries.

4 – HoursTracker sends an alert when the number of hours set for the day has been reached.

4. Gleeo

GPS Tracking Apps

The Gleeo Time Tracker combines a GPS tracking device and an app that keeps tracking of time. It lets managers get all of their team’s information in one location. It makes it easy for all users to keep a hierarchical structure and is simple and easy to use.


1 – Time tracking with a start and stop buttons that are easy to use.

2 – Use the Automagic Premium app to track time, staff, and location.

3 – The timesheet can be set up at different levels of a hierarchy.

4 – CSV exporting data. 

5 – A timeline with animation shows information for each day, week, and month.

6 – Locations are written down.

5. TrackView

GPS Tracking Apps

Users who care about their privacy, especially those who work alone or need to monitor an eye on their staff, are the best people to use TrackView. With this program, you can keep an eye on your workplace and gadgets to ensure nothing gets lost. TrackView is one of the best GPS tracking apps. Even though it’s not a GPS tracking tool, it gives you full access to your office and gadgets when you’re away on business and want to ensure everything is fine. In addition, it is a powerful GPS tracking tool with tracking of useful capabilities that can be used to keep track of employees.


1 – Remote location tracking in real-time.

2 – Remote audio & video surveillance. 

3 – Intelligent event detection with your choice of immediate device alerts.

4 – Intelligent event detection with your choice of immediate device alerts.

5 – Google Gmail integration.

6 – Extremely low power use: The gadgets use less power because they can be used while they’re sleeping.

7 – Remote switch for the front and back cameras.

6. Timr

GPS Tracking Apps

Timr is a good GPS solution for people who must simultaneously keep track of time, projects, and locations. The app has all the features needed to monitor the track of all the steps needed to finish projects on schedule and in the right location. Use it if you need to set up a central system for tracking track of a group of people and use GPS to monitor the track of where your staff is.


1 – Keeping track of time spent on projects and hours worked.

2 – Keeping track of mileage with GPS.

3 – The admin dashboard is in one place.

4 – Adaptable reports.

7. Timeero

GPS Tracking Apps

Timeero is the best tool for tracking time, mileage, and GPS for organizations and teams of all sizes. It is a great mobile workforce management app that gives you information about how your team members or employees use their activity. Timeero is one of the best GPS tracking apps. Teams can use Timeero to track time, mileage, and GPS as well as make schedules. Your employees get apps for iOS and Android that let them clock in and out and keep tracking their time, location, and mileage. The apps also work when they’re not connected to the internet. With Timeero, you can watch your team members from anywhere.


1 – Real-time location tracking and GPS tracking. 

2 – Keeping track of time.

3 – Keeping track of mileage.

4 – Geofencing for timekeeping that happens automatically.

5 – Planning for Team messaging. 

6 – Personalized fields, approvals, and advanced tools for keeping track of time.

7 – The app on the kiosk.

8 – Time and mileage can be exported to well-known accounting and third-party apps, such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, ADP, Gusto, Rippling, etc.

8. TimeSheet Mobile

GPS Tracking Apps

Timesheet Mobile is a great option for teams that need to work on the go, like field workers. Even though people are in different places, mobile devices can connect them. Using GPS, managers can keep the team of how productive their employees and teams are.


1 – Geofence time tracking: This simple timesheet tool lets managers know immediately when a worker leaves the job site. The Punch Prompt geofence technology reminds employees to punch in and out and keeps timesheet mistakes from happening.

2 – A drag-and-drop feature for making plans.

3 – Planning vacations and looking at vacation, sick, and vacation reports.

4 – Timesheet summaries. 

5 – Group messaging. 

6 – It works with Xero, Sage, ADP, FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Desktop.

9. Chronotek

GPS Tracking Apps

Chronotek is the best option if you’re looking for a solution to monitor the track of your employees’ work and whereabouts. Anywhere they are, it allows your staff to clock in and depart. With Chronotek, you can track when and where mobile workers clock in and out if they left the job site, if they were early or late for work, if they stuck to the schedule, and if they returned your calls and messages.


1 – A free employee location tracking system that uses geofences.

2 – Employee messaging. 

3 – Integrating Google Maps makes it possible to automatically calculate the integration and mileage of time it takes to get from one job site to another.

4 – Timelines for jobs. 

5 – Dashboards for reporting in real-time and keeping track of time.

6 – Financial management. 

7 – Reporting on the costs of a job.

8 – Individual alert setting. 

9 – Compatible with various payroll apps.

10. Labor Sync

GPS Tracking Apps

This employee GPS tracking tool is good for keeping track of time and attendance. In addition, mobile devices help monitor employees’ whereabouts and working hours. Labor Sync is one of the best GPS tracking apps. Labor Sync helps your company save time and money and improve how it does things. Use this company’s GPS time tracking to track where your employees are and what vehicles they are driving.


1 – Payroll. 

2 – Estimating. 

3 – Project administration. 

4 – Administration of jobs in general.

5 – Adaptable reports. 

6 – With GPS-enabled time tracking, you can make accurate reports that show how long each people spend on each task site and their travel routes.

7 – Real-time GPS tracking lets you see what each staff member is doing at any time.

8 – Messages and notes from the field.

11. Connecteam

GPS Tracking Apps

With the employee location tracking app Connecteam, your team will have access to many options in one place. It works well for teams that don’t work at a desk but still need to keep track of time and where people are. Connecteam is one of the best GPS tracking apps. Connecteam is one of the employee GPS tracking solutions that ensures teams with remote employees have access to real-time GPS tracking and one-touch clock-in/clock-out. This device can also be used to track how long employees work.


1 – A clock-in/clock-out tracking that tracks employee hours automatically.

2 – Real-time GPS employee tracking.

3 – Payroll integration.

4 – Resources for employees.

5 – Working as a team.

6 – Simple task management.

7 – Tests, prizes, and praise encourage employees to get involved.

12. Logify

GPS Tracking Apps

If your business needs a reliable tool for mileage reports, you should look into Logify. In addition to reliable GPS tracking, this app has a lot of other capabilities, such as tax deduction, trip data analysis, and business reimbursement. Logify gives users access to GPS mileage tracking information, which is crucial for effective employee movement management. Logify is one of the best GPS tracking apps. This employee GPS tracking program can be used in two ways: as a web platform for mileage reports and as a GPS tracker on a mobile device for tracking mileage. Also, the business sells USB beacons that you can use to connect your vehicle to an app and start without using your hands. The autostart automatically works out which vehicle is connected to a starting device so that it can work with various devices.


1 – Using GPS to track employees.

2 – Trip reports. 

3 – Autostart (start/stop can also be done manually).

4 – Keeping track of several vehicles.

5 – The number on the odometer.

6 – Automatic cloud service upload. 

7 – Sending reports out.

8 – Manual addition of trips.

13. Hellotracks

GPS Tracking Apps

Hellotracks is one of the best GPS tracking apps. It is a GPS tracking tool for employees that will help businesses look for people to work in the field. Using this GPS tracking software, you can give jobs to staff members based on their skills and the best way to get the job done. With the employee location tracking app, you can drag and drop job assignments and see where your employees are. It connects to the user’s favorite turn-by-turn navigation program. In addition, with Hellotracks, you can make mileage reports and look at people’s clock-in and clock-out times at work to see how well the team is doing and make a correct payroll list.


1 – Tracking employees in real-time with GPS.

2 – A location of where employees have been.

3 – Using GPS location tracking to schedule jobs.

4 – It works with Slack and Google Calendar.

5 – Picture uploads.

14. Homebase

GPS Tracking Apps

The staff tracking app Homebase gives businesses tools like employee location, clock in and out, online scheduling, and team communication on the web and mobile devices. With a mobile time clock, a location can quickly find an employee’s location. Homebase is one of the best GPS tracking apps. Along with GPS tracking, Homebase helps businesses find and train new employees. With the help of its payroll tool, you can quickly calculate accurate wages, make a payroll list, and send employee payments.


1 – A GPS tracking app for mobile phones.

2 – Timesheets on the web and mobile devices.

3 – A timer with paid breaks, time off, and overtime.

4 – Keeping track of employees’ employee schedules and vacation time.

5 – Getting new employees started and help from HR.

6 – Integrations.

15. AllGeo

GPS Tracking Apps

Do you need a GPS tracking system for field service made just for your employees? Choose the allGeo tool, which has a variety of ready-made apps. You can use this tool to develop a unique process for your team that will update or improve some parts of field operations. AllGeo is one of the best GPS tracking apps. The allGeo team’s employee GPS tracking app is very flexible because they know that different companies have different needs and need different solutions. You can keep track of time, log clock-ins and clock-outs, track employee locations and service mileage, and monitor the safety of field workers.


1 – GPS tracking for employees and a mileage counter.

2 – Keeping track of time.

3 – Keeping track of locations.

4 – Route selection. 

5 – Integrations.

Conclusion: GPS Tracking Apps

Employee tracking software is a must-have these days, especially if it can help a business get the best level of service and meet various needs with its features. There are several options when it comes to the best GPS tracking apps. From simple GPS tracking apps with just the basics to time tracking software with GPS tracking or specialized tracking equipment, there are many features to keep track of your location. When choosing a GPS tracking tool, the most important things to think about are what your company needs, how each employee works there, and what you need to be able to track an employee’s device.


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