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Exploring the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and Dragonflight Add-Ons

Both add-ons are quite difficult for beginners, and many players prefer to order wow SkyCoach boosting in order to quickly catch up with other players in strength and dive deeper into the unique worlds of World of Warcraft. About what you need to know about these add-ons before playing, we will tell you in this article.


Shadowlands takes players to the afterlife – the Dark Lands. In the new location, the heroes must choose one of the four Covenants and fight against the evil Jailer. The Covenants in Shadowlands are the factions that control the four main locations in the Shadowlands: Bastion, Maldraxxus, Ardenweald, and Revendreth. The Covenant choice depends on the class, playstyle, and preferences:

  • The angelic Kyrian will suit fighters like the Demon Hunter. Kyrians allow you to restore part of your health and remove negative effects in battle using the Call Steward skill, as well as various class AoE abilities and other useful combat skills (each class has its own).
  • The Undead Necrolords pair well with the Warlock class. Necrolords grant the ability Fleshcraft, which allows you to create a protective sphere of flesh and bone that absorbs damage, as well as a class ability that increases damage against enemies.
  • Venthyra vampires will suit Death Knights. From the Venthyr, you can get the skill Door of Shadows, which allows you to teleport to any point within a radius of 35 meters, and a class ability that weakens enemies.
  • The Druids will like the Night Folk. Cavenant will give Soulshape ability. With it, you can turn into a foxtail that runs fast. They also teach martial arts.

For beginners, the addition may seem too complicated and confusing. Yes, and the veterans of Shadowlands caused conflicting impressions. Therefore, we recommend going through the Shadowlands story campaign to get to know the world and characters, but not go too deep into the systems of Covenant, Spiritual Bonds, and Guides.


Dragonflight is the 9th and final expansion to World of Warcraft to date. It takes players to the homeland of dragons, where the heroes must help the tribes of flying lizards against the evil dragon commander Sarkaret.

Dragonflight has added a lot of new content:

  • The new maximum level is 70. Previously in Shadowlands, level 120 was reduced to level 50 (and the maximum was level 60).
  • 4 new zones. Green Island, Red Island, Blue Island, and Black Island (Dragon Islands).
  • New PvP zone – Dragonfire Arena.
  • New endgame zone – Neltharion’s Laboratory.
  • 8 new dungeons and 4 new raids.
  • New class/race – Draktir Awakener. They are dragon-like creatures that were created by Deathwing from mortals and dragon blood. They can use the magic of the flying lizard tribes and turn into them.
  • The art of dragon-riding. It allows you to quickly move around locations, as well as participate in air battles and races. Players can choose different breeds of dragons and customize their appearance and abilities.

On the one hand, the add-on adds a lot of interesting and varied content that can keep the player busy for a long time. On the other hand, it also has a couple of obvious drawbacks. The plot of the add-on may not seem very original and exciting. Many characters and events repeat analogs from previous additions and even other games. As for dragon riding, players can only fly in special zones or events. In addition, dragon control is not very convenient and accurate, especially in air battles and races.

Recommended Classes

A shaman is a wise and respected mentor who communicates with the spirits of nature and the elements. Can use Earth, Fire, Water, and Air magic. The shaman has 3 specializations: Elemental (ranged combat), Enhancement (melee combat), and Healing (restoring the health of allies). He can also use totems that give various useful effects: strengthening himself and allies, weakening enemies, and others. It is a very flexible and versatile class that can adapt to different situations.

The hunter is a skilled and cunning adventurer who is proficient with a bow, crossbow, or gun. He can use different types of ammo, traps, and perks to fight enemies. The hunter has 3 specializations: Marksmanship (ranged combat), Survival (melee combat), and Beast Mastery (summoning and controlling animals). The hunter can survive in any condition and cope with any opponents. He also tames pets to help in combat and keep you company on adventures.

A demon hunter is an elf who sacrificed his sight and part of his soul to gain the power of demons and fight them. Can transform into demons and use chaos and fire magic. Demon Hunter has 2 specializations: Havoc for melee damage, and Vengeance for protecting allies from enemy attacks. The Demon Hunter is a highly mobile and aggressive class that can jump, slide, and teleport across the battlefield. He also sees hidden enemies and traps with his magical vision.


World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands and Dragonflight add-ons have captivated players with their immersive worlds, engaging storylines, and diverse gameplay elements. Despite some minor drawbacks, both add-ons provide countless hours of entertainment for World of Warcraft enthusiasts. So, whether you’re drawn to the mysteries of the afterlife or the allure of dragon-filled skies, these expansions are sure to deliver unforgettable adventures in the World of Warcraft.


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