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Top 9 BestSites like Eneba And Eneba Alternatives

BestSites like Eneba will be discussed in this article. Eneba Alternatives: Being a PC gamer comes with a good variety of benefits, one of them is being able to buy game keys at entirely affordable or cheap prices, as long as you know where to look for them. Now, where to look for them? Nowhere else but at sites like Eneba!

Eneba is known as the fastest-growing gaming marketplace for gamers. It is an online store where you can find thousands of games in gift cards for PlayStation, Xbox, BC, and Nintendo at affordable prices.

Eneba is indeed a good option to buy cheap game keys, but what if you didn’t find the game key you were looking for? In that case, the list of the best Eneba alternatives mentioned in this article is sure to help you!

Top 9 BestSites like Eneba And Eneba Alternatives

In this article, you can know about Eneba Alternatives here are the details below;

1. CDKeys


CDKeys is one of the best sellers for video games where you get as far as 90% off. At CDKeys, you don’t need to overpay and enjoy the latest games at promising prices.

At CDKeys, you get to search for games from a variety of developers and gaming titles like XBOX,, PSN, GOG, Steam, and many more.

CDKeys is known to have a huge variety of games. While you can search for old games, it also has a section for upcoming games and games latest in trends.

Key Highlights

  • Immediate Digital downloads: For every game, you get a super-fast download right after purchasing. You don’t need to wait for the email to arrive with your download link.
  • Regular Deals: there is a ‘daily deals’ section on the website where you can find regular deals going up to 75% off on trending games.
  • CDKoins: CDKoins is a type of reward you get after purchasing anything from the website. These coins will further help in big or middle purchases.

2. Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is a popular digital storefront delivering video games. The platform offers games from its original collections where the price is low and split between game developers and charities.

Humble Bundle offers a wide variety of games along with books, software, and more things. It works to support charity while providing customers with high-quality content and goods at competitive prices.

At Humble Bundle, you get to shop from games and book sections through categories like top platforms, top genres, popular, etc, and from exclusive collections like Humble Games Collection, February Choice, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Bundles: The website has certain bundles of games, books, etc where you’ll be charged as low as $10 for a set of 5 to 10 items.
  • Negotiable: The bundles are specifically for raising funds and so, even if the value of the products is $100, the bids will start from only $10 and you can always pay more.
  • Regular Offers: The site refreshes offers frequently. These offers usually have interesting games played on popular platforms like Steam.

3. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is a trusted e-commerce portal. The platform has hundreds of affiliations with game publishers and developers to help you get the best and most popular PC games at the cheapest price available. This is another Eneba Alternatives. Also check Odoo Alternatives

Green Man Gaming is a well-known official gaming retailer for Xbox and PC game keys. You get as far as over 70% off deals on regular days from games at famous platforms like Steam.

Green Man Gaming has a special loyalty program where the more you buy, the more XP points you’ll receive with every purchase. These XP points have multiple benefits like free games, store credit, key giveaways, extra XP discounts, and more.

Key Highlights

  • XP tiers: The loyalty program has 3 XP tiers for 3 types of customers. When your XP reaches 10 points, you’ll get access to all the benefits from bronze. Likewise, 500 XP for silver and 1000 XP for gold tier.
  • Coming Soon: from the ‘coming soon’ section on the site, you can have a look at all the upcoming games on the site available for pre-purchase with the date of arrival.
  • Variety: mostly, you’ll get both the original standard and digital deluxe edition, more if there’s more variety, of the game.

4. G2A


G2A is a digital entertainment platform where you get to explore the biggest globally famous marketplace for digital services and products. This is another Eneba Alternatives.

At G2A, you can buy and sell, deal in a good variety of categories such as video games, software, gaming gift cards, subscriptions, etc. As expected, the platform has old as well as latest-in-trend games and products at competitive prices.

At G2A, you find offers on every item with discount deals starting from 1% to over 60% on regular days. At G2A, you’ll directly buy from original developers and verified sellers without any hidden costs and third-party involvement.

Key Highlights

  • G2A Premium: G2A premium subscription plans are here to help you get the lowest price possible along with a good set of benefits. The pricing only starts from $2.08 per month with benefits such as 1 free game per month.
  • Verified Sellers: you’ll only buy from verified sellers and if you’re doubtful, then you’ll get to see the percentage of positive feedback and the number of orders completed by the seller on their profile before buying.
  • Bundles: these bundle deals are the best because it helps you save a good amount on the purchase of 2 or more games in a bundle.

5. Kinguin


Kinguin is a global digital marketplace selling game keys with instant delivery, like digital downloads right after purchasing. The site is filled with multiple great deals for PC gaming platforms such as Steam,, Xbox, etc. This is another Eneba Alternatives.

Kinguin has a huge variety of games, with over 15,000 game titles to buy at the cheapest prices. Along with that, the site is also updated with the latest gaming news and guides blogs frequently.

At Kinguin, regular deals go as far as over 85% off and you get to buy from best sellers and popular games in the market. Additionally, it also offers a huge selection of in-game items from popular games.

Key Highlights

  • Categories: it offers a wide variety of categories such as software, PSN card, FPS, action, adventure, VR games, etc to shop from.
  • Product Guide and help: every game comes with a key activation guide, notes, and language the game is available in. Also, the helpline and feedback panel of the site is always open for interaction.
  • Ratings and Feedback: you get to check the ratings and positive percentage feedback of every game before buying.

6. Gamivo


Gamivo is here to deliver the cheapest video game keys. Whether you are searching for an old game, or are interested in something new, filled with action and adventure – Gamivo has a good variety to present.

Gamivo offers multiple deals and discount offers regularly. It believes in instant delivery where you’ll receive the game key right after purchasing. Low prices are guaranteed and it mainly deals in RPG and FPS games. This is another Eneba Alternatives.

At Gamivo, you can search for video games by platforms such as PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc with all types of genres like simulation, RPG, MMO, strategy, action, and many more.

Key Highlights

  • Gift Cards: Gamivo has plenty of gift cards sorted by region, price, popularity, E gift cards, and special gaming gift cards for you.
  • Reviews and Feedback: you can check the review and rating for every game before buying and can give feedback in a similar way for other buyers to check.
  • Variety: since Gamivo is a marketplace, you can find more than one buyer selling the game key, and you can check the promoted offers panel to get the lowest deal available.

7. GOG


GOG is a digital distributor of video games and films. This online store has a well-curated collection of games, all at interesting prices, especially for PC.

At GOG, discount deals start from 10% off and goes up to 80% off. The deals and offers are refreshed frequently with the best sellers and most popular games arriving rapidly.

At GOG, you can search for old games like SWAT 4, The Settlers, etc, or find the best sellers of February 2023 like Wolfenstein II, Hidden Folks, etc.

Key Highlights

  • DRM-Free: all the games on the platform are DRM-free. You don’t need any online connection or activation to play most of the games.
  • Safety and Satisfaction: All the sellers at GOG are verified, and the site itself supports the 24/7 service policy. Apart from that, it supports the 30 days refund policy.
  • Feedback: you get to check feedback from other gamers for every product before buying. You can also give your feedback after buying the game.

8. GG Deals

GG Deals

GG Deals is a platform to compare the prices of games from more than 40 stores. You can compare prices, find the best deal for the game, and pay securely online to get instant access to the CD key. This is another Eneba Alternatives.

GG Deals here is famous for offering all types of CD keys for PC games. The prices are competitive and the brand is trusted. Also check Google Bard Alternatives

GG Deals is more like a catalog to help you find the best deals on trusted platforms. Moreover, although it’s not exactly a store, it still has a huge variety of games to present.

Key Highlights

  • Best Prices: when we say best prices, we mean it. Because GG Deals have game keys starting from literally only $1.79!
  • DLCs: almost all products support DLC where you’ll get the game with another game in a bundle for a great deal.
  • Game Freebies: GG Deals have a good variety of game freebies, games that are available to play for free forever.

9. Voidu


Voidu claims to be an official store for PC games. It deals in CD keys from a good variety of popular platforms like Steam, Rockstar, Epic Games, Origin, UPlay, etc. This is another Eneba Alternatives.

Voidu has a fair assortment of games to offer. You can select your favorite game from popular genres such as RPG, indie, fighting, adventure, action, FPS, horror, and many more.

Voidu, like Eneba, supports instant download of game keys where you’ll find almost no trouble in activating the CD. The keys are 100% official and it offers a one-click 100% secured purchase.

Key Highlights

  • Rewards: with every purchase you’ll get reward points. Like, after buying One Piece Odyssey for $64.19, you’ll receive 272 points – $2.91, added to your wallet, which can be used for further purchases.
  • Guide and Details: every game comes with activation guide. You’ll also find additional detailed information like operating systems, Steam deck supported/unsupported, etc right below the listing.
  • Join hands: All types of game developers are invited to become a partner where with just one click, you can send a request to become partners with Voidu.

Final Words

All the key shops presented in this article are trusted key shops offering several types of game keys for your favorite games. They offer secured payment and few even deliver loyalty points with every purchase.

With this, we hope our article containing the list of best sites like Eneba has helped you decide which is your favorite key shop to shop from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sites are like Eneba com?

GOG, G2A, Voidu, Humble Bundle, Kinguin, GG Deals, Gamivo, and CDKeys are a few of the best sites like Eneba com.

Does Eneba have an app?

Yes, you can download the Eneba marketplace app on iOS devices like iPhones and iPad from the App Store.


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