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Best 6 Education Software Development Companies In Singapore

Education Software Development Companies In Singapore will be described in this post. I discovered the top six education app developers in Singapore by happenstance when looking for the best education app development firm. These individuals are incredibly creative when it comes to delivering education online. The fact that Nimble AppGenie came in second place on the list didn’t surprise me.

Best 6 Education Software Development Companies In Singapore

In this article, you can know about Education Software Development Companies In Singapore here are the details below;

Allow me to give you a quick rundown on the EdTech industry in Singapore before we get right in to learning about the advantages and disadvantages of their educational software development services.

EdTech market in Singapore

According survey Insight Partners, Singapore’s e-learning market was estimated to be worth $792.97 million in 2019. It is projected that the market would reach $2,228.74 million by 2027, growing at a 13.6% CAGR.

Education software solutions are highly sought after by Singapore’s schools and higher education establishments. The necessity for self-learning and LMS (Learning Management Solutions) solutions is driving up the popularity of educational sector software in Singapore.

The digitization of the school sector is being actively pursued by even the Singaporean government. The government introduced eGov2015, a master plan, a few years ago. The plan aims to integrate the systems, procedures, and service delivery connected to educational infrastructure inside the economic environment.

Alright, so we’ve spoken a little bit about Singapore’s EdTech market trend. Let us now, without further ado, examine the leading education software development firms serving the Singaporean market.

Top 6 Education Software Development Companies in Singapore

Top 6 Education Software Development Companies in Singapore

1. Dev Centre House

A software development firm located in Ireland, Dev Centre House has offices in the UK, USA, India, and Israel in addition to its Dublin headquarters. Having been established in 2012, the company employs around fifty software engineers. According to their Clutch profile, educational software development makes about 35% of their service concentration. Also check Best Budgeting Apps

Kurdshopping, Mophie, ZAGG International, BMW Ireland, and Ei Electronics are some of the company’s principal customers. According to their website, they have experience in Swift, Kotlin, Java, NativeScript, React Native, and Go.

2. Nimble AppGenie

Nimble AppGenie is a London-based education software development firm that specializes on creating ROI-focused software solutions. Despite the company’s 2017 founding, more than 50 projects have been delivered successfully. There are currently 44 excellent software developers at Nimble AppGenie who have practical experience creating educational apps.

The business is present in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the USA. Among our clientele are the following: DafriBank, CUT Wallet, Declutter on Demand, Frontisti, Dynamic Running Therapy, Medu4 (a platform for medical education), Student Castle (an app for students), and IviiNights.

We just released the Medu4 app, which offers cutting-edge capabilities including tailored practice sets and intelligent search. Read the case study we just produced to find out more about the project.

Nimble AppGenie

3. Professional Soft-Tech

Professional Soft-Tech, an Indian company based in Gujarat, is endorsed by numerous well-known companies worldwide, such as eBay, Toyota, Volkswagen, Best Buy, and Boost. The business is present in both Singapore and the United States. There are 10–49 software developers working for the company, which was started in 2010.

A major drawback that any EdTech platform firm considering hiring Professional Soft-Tech should take into account before making the decision is that, while Clutch has ranked the company among the top education software development companies, the company does not specialize only on EdTech.

4. Quodisys Development Services

Quodisys Development Services, also referred to as QDS, is a software development firm with its headquarters in Singapore that specializes mostly in online development. Founded in 2013, the company employs between 10 and 49 people who are also available for employment by other businesses. Also check How To Use Apple Music Sing

Among their principal patrons are UNICEF, Omega, Victoria’s Secret, and Citibank Thailand. They provide personnel augmentation as well as online and mobile app development. On their website, they claim that their developers are skilled in creating corporate portals, eCommerce platforms, marketing websites, SaaS platforms, and iOS and Android apps.

5. Kin + Carta

Kin + Carta is a Chicago-based mobile app development company that specializes in manufacturing and fintech. Founded in 1964, the company now employs over a thousand people globally. Since the business operates on a larger scale, the majority of its clientele are enterprise level.

Businesses such as AstraZeneca, Santander, Expedia, Barclays, Gordon Foods, Unilever, Toyota, Heathrow, Citi Bank, BainCapital, Trek, and John Deere are among its clientele.

6. Appville Software’s

Appville Softwares is an Indian technology service business with headquarters in Coimbatore that specializes in augmented reality, virtual reality, and extended reality. Less than ten software engineers make up the small staff of this 2013-founded startup.

Germany Indian Railways, India L&T Valves, Italy ITC, and India Indoshell are some of their principal customers. But after browsing Appville Softwares’ website, I discovered that they are mostly interested in IoT and industrial 4.0 solutions.

Appville Software

Factors You Should Consider Before Selecting Education Software Development Companies

Not every developer of educational software will be able to meet your unique EdTech development requirements. Perhaps you need a similar app because your app idea has already been implemented successfully. Or perhaps you want to hire an EdTech solution development company that is innovative at its core since you have an inventive app idea in mind. Every circumstance calls for a different set of skills, thus you should choose your EdTech development business accordingly.

Before choosing an EdTech development company to provide education technology solutions for your business idea, you should be aware of the following information about them.

  1. Inquire about the company’s prior experience working in the educational sector.
  2. Recognize their methodology and way of thinking. (To learn about their ideas and perspectives, check out their blog area)
  3. Inquire about their strategies for working together.

It’s always a good idea to get in touch with a few development businesses and compare their offers if your first pick doesn’t seem right. When contacting them, you should inquire about the following:

  • How much will development cost?
  • How much time would it take for the various development processes?
  • How will they go about managing projects?
  • How are they going to guarantee quality?
  • What kind of payment plan will they have? Will it be paid in full or in installments?

Remember to execute an NDA with the development firms. It is best to disclose your app or business concept only after the NDA has been signed.


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