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Top 10 Best AI Development Companies In 2024

Best AI Development Companies will be described in this article. Nowadays, business and personal worlds rely massively on Artificial Intelligence Development Companies. As a result, companies try to create more creative technologies to provide their consumers with better services. While people use intelligent mobile apps to meet their requirements via using AI mobile app development.

Top 10 Best AI Development Companies In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best AI Development Companies here are the details below;

In this digital era, on the front line of mobile app development, we see a mobile phone almost in every single hand. People spend their significant time browsing or downloading smart mobile apps according to their personal requirements. Users, however, change their choice for using applications based on the mobile application functionality. If an updated version of the existing app is released on the market, they will attempt to download and use it.

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Technology

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence DevelopmentThis blog discusses different types of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, and how they are a core technology for modifying every industry, like finance, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, marketing, and advertising. Previously, mobile app development companies are also widely adopting technology to provide more personalized Artificial Intelligence services.

As a result, smart mobile apps with intelligent features will ensure strong revenues for Artificial Intelligence Development Companies. In this blog, I’ve put together a few AI app development companies that are developing AI-based mobile applications to stay competitive in this digital market and win over the competition.

Artificial Intelligence Market Size Globally

Artificial Intelligence Market Size Globally

Artificial Intelligence DevelopmentIn 2020, the artificial intelligence market size globally was valued at USD 62.35 billion. Moreover, it is anticipated to grow to USD 25.0647 billion with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of the 40.2% from 2021 to 2028 according to Grand View Research.

Top Artificial Intelligence Development Companies

1. Nimble AppGenie

Nimble AppGenie is one of the fastest-growing Artificial intelligence app development companies in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2015, and since its inception, the company has been helping several organizations strengthen their IT infrastructure. The company has a team of fifty plus (50+) experienced developers devoted to creating great web and mobile applications with agility in their core, to ensure timely efficient delivery of all projects. As a result, they lead their industries and provide excellent value to their users.

Nimble AppGenie

As we can see, AI is ruling worldwide, and we can also say that the effect of AI on nearly every industry is set to increase exponentially over the next five years. Nimble AppGenie’s expertise helps businesses to be at the forefront of this transformation. Moreover, the company has been rated 5 out of 5 by its customers on Clutch.

In addition to Artificial Intelligence, the company has also fueled tech transmutation in various other industries, including Healthcare, Food, Recruitment, Education, Transportation, Logistics, and many more. The Digital Bank of Africa (Dafri), Medu4, CUT Wallet, Pearl Cab, Curvacious, and DRT are among the top clients of Nimble AppGenie. Thus, their portfolio indicates that they help many startups. Furthermore, they’ve also helped established traditional banks and financial institutions achieve digital transformation.

2. Miquido

Miquido is an Artificial Intelligence Development that excels in the creation of data-driven applications and Web services. They enable a smooth reliable digital transformation by providing comprehensive services that embed technology into business. As a result, they have delivered 100+ digital products in the market related to m-commerce, FinTech, streaming music & video, and many more sectors. Their experienced developers provide many services including, R&D, UX / UI Design, Web and Mobile Development, Artificial Intelligence, Business Data Science, Digital Transformation, and many more.


For example, to stay competitive and win over the tough competition, an exciting global travel company needed to improve its mobile applications. So Miquido helped the travel firm develop a mobile app to improve the experience of their customers. Moreover, they seek out and utilize the latest technology to create better, more effective solutions to provide their clients an unparalleled competitive advantage. Also check Voice Changing Apps And Software

3. MobiDev

MobiDev was established in 2009. It is an Artificial Intelligence Development Agency with headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. They have a 200 + employee team that offers custom software development, mobile apps, the development of things on the internet, and web development. They have set their goal as working software that brings returns and further profits to the Customer. The stable core of the MobiDev team gathers experience and involves new resources to reveal their potential and creativity in AI software development. Moreover, they have completed over 100 challenging and successful projects for their clients from 12 countries globally including many long-term clients in the USA, Europe, and Australia.


For example, MobiDev provided outsourced development for a company using the dating app. Their expert team developed the front-end and back-end of the app using PhoneGap for iOS and Android. As a result, the app quickly became one of the top 100 apps Google Play Store.

4. NMG Technologies

NMG Technologies

NMG is a software development company building advanced websites, software mobile apps using the latest technologies since 2008. They are proud to develop strategies and processes that help their clients in achieving their goals. Moreover, they work with 300+ entrepreneurs and business owners looking to take their businesses to the next level. Their prime mission is to help business owners drive measurable growth by using online application solutions that autonomously build a seamless process for internal employees into actionable insights, which then power end customer interactions at scale.

Furthermore, they have a very passionate and innovative team of 100 people, including nerds, engineers, consultants, and creative types from many diverse backgrounds. Their experienced developers love working and learning.

5. Master of Code Global

Master of Code Global

Master of Code Global company was established in 2004. It is headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., practices in designing and developing web, mobile, chatbot, and AI-Powered conversational solutions. Moreover, they also have offices in Seattle, Denver, San Francisco, Canada, Winnipeg, Cherkasy, and Ukraine. Their whole team is very passionate about mastering interactions. They thrive every day on making each conversation impactful and powerful. To do this, they develop Artificial Intelligence-powered conversational solutions that have been recognized globally.

Furthermore, they have delivered 350+ projects and have 15+ million users engaged by their chatbots. Also, 94% of their customers recommend them in the market. For example, a Master of Code Global has helped an electronics manufacturer by developing an Android app and backend of the website. They have also tested existing products for the customer. The work of Master of Code Global helped the electronics firm to sell 6,000 product units.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

1. Reduction in Human Error

Reduction in Human Error

Artificial Intelligence DevelopmentWe all know human error means humans make mistakes. But in the case of Computers, if they are programmed properly, they do not make these mistakes. The decisions are taken from the earlier accumulated information applying a certain set of algorithms with artificial intelligence. As a result, the chance of the reaching accuracy greater degree of precision is possible, and errors are reduced. Also check Best Steps To Build Employee Time Tracking App

2. Takes Risks Instead of Humans

Takes Risks Instead of Humans

Artificial Intelligence DevelopmentBusinesses can overcome many risky limitations of humans by developing an AI Robot, which can then be given risky and dangerous tasks. Let it be going to mars, mining for coal and oil, defusing a bomb, exploring the deepest parts of oceans. Therefore, it can be used effectively in any natural or man-made disaster.

Wrapping Up

The demand for smart applications is exponentially increasing. This can be seen especially with the rapid development and advancement of technologies like IoT (Internet of Things), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud, Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) technologies.

AI-driven tools have shown significant success in businesses, but to receive these benefits, it is important to hire expert AI development companies.

To provide you with the best results, I’ve mentioned a list of the top ten artificial intelligence application development companies and the benefits of AI. I hope everything is clear now, but if you still have any doubts, please contact us.

We, at NimbleAppgenie, have our conventional practice to build robust, faster, secure, and more efficient AI products. In addition, we are an extremely professional artificial intelligence application development company, which provides innovative development services to companies globally.


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